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Ventura County, California

The Ventura County Family Courts don’t care about the child’s best interest. They just want to cut the child in half between the two parents, like the story of the two mothers and King Solomon. This is not just my opinion. I have talked to more than a dozen people that have experienced the same results that I have seen. One 2-year-old little girl was divided in a 2-2-3 fashion. She lives 50% of the time with the mother and the other 50% of the time with the father and his three 20-year-old men roommates. This is a recipe for disaster! Another mother that I know has to drive 200 miles twice a week to get her son from his father. A third mom told me that she had to drive to another state every week to collect or return her children from their father on a week-on/week-off visitation schedule. I have also talked with a lady who worked with the court system for almost 9 years and finally quit because she saw the horrible decisions the judges made and just got sick of it! I believe the courts need to start thinking about the child first. Young children should not be shuffled back and forth like a yo-yo. There should always be a primary parent with visitation (when appropriate) for the other parent. Children need stability and the Ventura County Courts think that as long as the parents have equal time, it must be okay. This is so wrong! The rating of one star is too high for the Family Courts. It’s too bad that there isn’t an option for negative stars.

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