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Warren County, Virginia

Despite the very negative comments (though I cannot attest to the level of justice or corruption here), it was a nice place to stop by in the centre of town. There is the monument to the Confederate dead, which garnered enough controversy to warrant a voter referendum this past November; the voters overwhelmingly voted to keep it on the grounds essentially ending the debate around it for the time being. Nearby are the WWI/WWII, Korean, and Viet Nam war memorials honouring those who passed during those wars as well, and a stone for those passed in the September 11 Attacks, the first I’ve seen at any VA courthouse but I greatly appreciated it nevertheless. Currently, there was a flag display for the survivors of sexual assault for April’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and lastly, nearby is an historical marker for the court’s past in particular during the War Between the States. Another marker tells when Stonewall Jackson retook the town in 1862. Would recommend a visit if in Front Royal like I was, cheers.

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