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The probate court with controlling jurisdiction is generally within the state and county where one primarily lives.

AWFUL - UNHELPFUL. If any of these people had REGULAR job none of them would be employed. Excuse after excuse. I always thought public offices were there to help. Well. Lesson for me. Anyone reading this, BEWARE.

Specifically asked them about having to pay sales tax in order to get the title and they told me no. Then when the title was done, they told me to go pay sales tax and I said thats why i asked about the sales tax. They just kinda brushed it off and said there is no way you can get it with out paying sales tax. I told them i dont have the money for sales tax thats why i ASKED ABOUT SALES TAX. Seriously just answer the questions honestly, especially if its a law. Dont lie to the public. Not the first problem with them either.

The secretaries were nice, but Rawlins is an armpit city in an armpit state.

Business hour would be great! This is the only one so far that do not have their business hour on there website.

Be aware the Phone number listed is wrong. The number given is not for the Courthouse, it is for Emergency Management. You won't get "the courthouse".. .use something other than this site to get your info.

Never had to go to court here been to a wedding once. Thinking it's a district court. There's one more court room in the main courthouse up stairs. Was on jury duty once didn't get picked. Out of 30 some county folks.

They don't care about father's and they base custody on gender. 2 officers of the court told me that. They have illegal ex parte communication with the families friends or the GAL (Wally Stock) in my case. Then when he lies and committed fraud. The court and the judicial ethics committee does what whatever they can to cover it up. The GAL a family friend wrote the order for the judge and he flat out lied and didn't even have his facts straight. There is a major good ole boys club in the district. Beware if you call them on it they will abuse your child to cover it up. Just like in my case docket # 180-814

I’d say it and subsequent “workers” are useless but that inherently Implies the faint possibility of them actually being useful at any level of society.

My new husband and I came in for a marriage license and were treated with joy and friendliness and hearty congratulations. Strongly recommend this court clerk staff for LGBTQ weddings.

i got a ticket when i was camping here. i called the 1st day trying to see if i can dispuge my ticket over the phone. no answer. called the next day and a very rude lady answered the phone and gave me short answers to all my questions. for being a court VERY unprofessional.

My husband went in to pay for taxes on a car. I don’t know who the lady was but he was treated very wrong. She was rude, would not turn around and acknowledge he was even speaking. Told him to go one place and then told him to go to another. Went back to where he was suppose to be and she turned her back on him again. We won’t go back to this courthouse again.

We were just married here by Judge Haws. Beautiful courthouse and a lovely ceremony. Thank you Judge Haws and ladies!

Super fast service in getting our car registration and license plates. Jana in the registration department was outstanding - efficient, friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you. Brian

Nice and gorgeous building too bad they're mentally ill and make something that should take 15-30 minutes last over an hour and a half to 2 hours or more

I believe in our legal system & want to support it, but it's not easy to be a potential Juror for 12 months. Right after I was summoned as a potential Juror for Circuit Court, I received a questionnaire (not a Summons) from the Clerk of the US District Court. Oy vey. I subtracted a star, because I don't think the Clerk's office communicates in a timely manner with their Jury pool. Additionally, the eJuror website isn't helpful. (Trying to be fair here, I'm sure they have complaints about the lack of communication from their Jury pool too. Also, to be fair, the Clerk HAS given me the Temporary Excusals that I asked for, in writing.)

Judge's are unlawful, had my lawyer resin due to a conflict of interest yet Judge Greer says its okay to continue. I had doctors written orders that I could not make any legal choices, they didn't look at the documents. I stood infront of the Judge with stage 3 Hodgkin lymphoma cancer, to have him look me in the face and say I looked fine. If you have to deal with any legal actions in this County make sure you have a Lawyer! they are not about rightfully convicting someone, they are there for a pay check! I might also add that every single person I talked to about my case and situation in your building all had different answers. Might need a little team meeting!! Or maybe some drug screening for employees!?

I've paid $ to this court over the years for traffic fines & I must say, the staff is more than helpful & friendly even when they aren't taking $. They are just good people.