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Guide to Funeral Flowers and What Each Means

Emma Addington-White

Top Funeral Flowers & What Each Means

From the moment you hear about a loss, or experience one firsthand, it can be really difficult to know how to show support for the bereaved.

Kind words?...

Acts of service?...


"Yes, I'll send some lovely funeral flowers."

While flowers are often one of the first things that comes to mind, choosing the appropriate flower to give or display during these emotional times can often feel overwhelming. 

Truth is, all flowers are beautiful and help provide comfort, hope and healing to survivors throughout the grieving process.  

But did you know that certain flowers or plants can actually convey different meanings?

Pretty cool! 

Let’s take a look at the top funeral flowers most commonly used to express condolences, show sympathy or otherwise honor a loved one so that we can be certain we're conveying the right emotions. 

First up:

The White Stargazer Lily 
Single long-stemmed white stargazer lily blooming during funeral

The White Stargazer Lily signifies purity, innocence, and sympathy, making it the perfect choice for a bouquet of condolences or as part of a funeral display. 

The Pansy
sympathy bouquet of purple and white petal pansies for funeral

Pansies are said to exhibit thoughtfulness and remembrance and come in a large variety of colors. These make a great addition to a sympathy bouquet and are also a lovely choice for a burial plot.

The Lemon Balm
vibrant lemon balm prepared for bouquet of funeral flowers

Lemon balm, while not a flower itself, is a great counterpart to a bouquet of funeral flowers and is known to indicate sympathy and has numerous other healing benefits.

The Remarkable Rosemary
fresh rosemary in bloom with fragrant purple flowers for funeral bouquet

Rosemary is another great flower to include in a funeral arrangement or sympathy bouquet. The delicate flowers of the common herb signify remembrance and add a comforting scent and touch of color.

The Delightful Daffodil
handful of eight white daffodil flowers blossoming in sympathy as bouquet of funeral flowers

Daffodils are a lovely flower that signifies new beginnings. These cute white blossoms are a great choice for a funeral arrangement or burial plot to bring comfort and hope to families suffering from the loss of a loved one. 

The Zinnia
elegant single-row white profusion zinnia flower blossom with 13 single petals surrounding vibrant center with yellow and orange pistils prepared as funeral flower

The Zinnia plant is the perfect flower to send to a bereaved friend or family member as it means “never forget absent friends”. Not only will you be displaying your condolences by sending this flower, but you will also send a message that the dead live on amongst the memories of their loved ones. 

The Red Poppy
open field of vibrant red poppies in bloom near graveside burial site memorial

The Red Poppy flower is a great flower to plant at a burial site because it signifies remembrance and its rich color stands out as a beautiful decoration. 

The Purple Hyacinth
tall purple hyacinth bloom with vibrant lavender and indigo petals in upright funeral flower arrangment

The Purple Hyacinth flower is a wonderful addition to a sympathy bouquet or funeral arrangement as it most commonly denotes sorrow and forgiveness. 

The White Tulips
a dozen white tulips lying together in blossom as prepared for a bouquet of funeral flowers

Tulips are a great flower to include with any sympathy bouquet, funeral arrangements, or even to be planted at a burial site. These elegant flowers signify worthiness and forgiveness and go well with almost any other flower you may want to include in your arrangements. 

Flower Meanings

Now that you know the most common types of funeral flowers, what each looks like and what each flower symbolizes, you'll be better prepared for choosing the right flower for the right emotion.

Particularly during emotionally sensitive times like comforting a grieving friend or honoring the memory of a loved one who has passed.

But also keep in mind that people are just as unique as flowers, so perhaps certain memories or people remind you of particular a flower?

Or perhaps you have a favorite flower that has always brought you comfort which you like to share with others?

If so, we'd love to hear more about your favorite funeral flowers & those traditions in the comments below.

Either way, don't let creative thoughts keep you from making a unique choice in honoring a loved one.

As you can see, every flower is beautiful and represents a sincere, heartfelt act of love and intentionality.

Just like the lives and legacies of the one's we love.

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