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Bergen County, New Jersey

Visited this morning to take care of my father's will. The entire process probably took 10 minutes. This might be the single most efficient government agency on the planet. In addition, their website fully explained the process. I could not be happier.

I have been dealing with a civil case for over a year now. There have been multiple reschedulings, and I have taken 4 days off for these proceedings but so far there has been 0 progress on my case. Each time I have showed up for a proceeding, I am told the staff cannot locate my documents so the whole case needs to be rescheduled. These documents were sent to a court staff member by e-mail, so I'm not sure why they can't just be reprinted but when I suggest such an option I am almost yelled at by someone so I just do as I'm told (last thing I want to do is jeopardize the status of my case that's been going on for so long). In addition, every time someone is supposed to give me a call back, I never get one back. Same thing with e-mails. When I call to follow up days later, someone different answers and I am given different instructions/information each time. It makes me wonder which instruction/information is or was correct. Given the pandemic, I understand that courts are closed to the public and may not run as smoothly, but the incompetence of court staff and their unwillingness to help are unexplained. There doesn't seem to be a set system or a method of communication between offices and the Judge's chambers, and the court staff is very rude to anyone that calls with a question. This is unfair to every self represented litigant out there who may not be familiar with the court's procedures (also not made very clear on their website, which is rarely updated). Sadly, this review will not make a difference, but I really wish the court would set up a better system and kindly remind the court staff to respond or get back to self represented litigants who may be waiting for days to get a call or e-mail back.

very grateful to the ombudsman who has responded to my multiple questions and subsequent follow up questions. They have been available on the weekends and very helpful! Thank you!!!!!!!!