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Mecklenburg County, North Carolina

I just completed my first day of jury duty today. If I have to offer one suggestion, it would be to have some signs as people enter the lobby to let jurors know which floor to go to. The building is beautiful and it’s easy enough to see how to get through security first thing. But once you’re in there really isn’t any direction on where to go as a juror unless you just stop someone and ask. OK, maybe two suggestions: have some decent coffee available! Aside from that, there were probably at least another 200 people that had also been summoned for today. You get the feeling that this is a pretty regular amount of people, and they have the division of all parties into their assorted court rooms down to a science. I think the main reason I wanted to leave such a positive review isn’t just because the facilities are very nice, and for a day of public service the creature comfort’s are not bad (they even played a Kevin Hart movie while we waited!) but because the staff working in all areas of the process are very sympathetic and friendly. The front desk check in staff walk everyone through the parking validation process and where to sit when checked in with a friendly and even demeanor. Orientation is thorough and backed up with a video that helps participants understand a bit more about the process. My section wasn’t called until the end of the day, but the deputy and the judge we’re both very sympathetic to the fact that everyone had given up a valuable workday to come and perform their civic duty. The prosecutor and defense attorney on the trial were also very cordial and I was extremely impressed with how everyone still managed to keep an upbeat attitude even at the end of the day. I’m not sure if we all were just lucky, but each person in the process that was assisting us - from security checking bags upon entry to the judge presiding over the case- had a really good sense of humor. I actually had fun at jury duty, would highly recommend it! ;)