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The probate court with controlling jurisdiction is generally within the state and county where one primarily lives.

I had an order signed by a judge in a name change case that I represented myself. I had the order filed and when I filed it I was asked if I needed a copy and I said no because I thought I would get the original back. Turns out they don't send anything and if you call them to ask any questions they are extremely condescending and disrespectful.

Went to pay on a fine for someone and had never been inside the building before so I stood in front of the assessors door and she just continued to talk on the phone and didn’t even acknowledge my existence. So I moved to the next room which was the right room. At first no one would even look up or speak, then a woman finally helped me while two other woman were on the computer trying to figure out how to look up someone on Facebook to look at a picture of their dog! Rude and unprofessional!

Mrs Betty Neal has always been a major help in anything I've had any questions about , she is a God send !! Thank you mrs. BETTY FOR ALL YOU DO!!

A dozen giant magnolia trees surround the old courthouse... I'm sure they are even prettier when in bloom! I love the huge murals around the square...

A perfect example of exactly what is wrong with local government.... I needed an affidavit recorded with the county, but live in Montana. I called to get requirements for recording a document, was told to mail the doc with a check for the amount, $15 for the first page, $5 for each subsequent page. After spending $31 to mail a document, a check for $30 (for four pages), and a prepaid return envelope (sent via UPS), I just got everything back with a letter stating I provided insufficient funds because they require a cover sheet..... $5 short! Please note, i sent a memo with my contact info, including my phone number. You guys didn't think to call me before blindly throwing everything back in the mail?? So here we go again, spending another $30 to try again, and waiting another week, hoping I followed the myriad of uncommunicated rules. Maybe when I did my due diligence to call to make sure I had everything in order, a simple "add another five bucks for a cover sheet" would have sufficed. Had to also record in Van Buren County, no issues there.... 🤨

Have tried calling all day constantly busy. ***UPDATE*** You can now pay your ticket online. Follow the link provided by Google.

I have been waiting for 3 years now to get into court. I have been given 2 court dates that have been cancelled. I understand we have to take special precautions over covid19 but me and my husband have been waiting since 2 years before that. It is a civil case but if it was criminal we would have been locked up 3 years ago with the key throwed away. But when your in the right its like pulling eye teeth to get in the court room. I'm very disappointed in the justice system grant county represents.

Everybody's time has value. I value yours so please try and value mine. I know that it would be a great idea if everybody just took the plea that came at them but if you're not guilty it is your constitutional right to not take charges that aren't yours I'm a felon and went to prison because I thought it'd be easier to just take charges that weren't mine the truth is the truth facts or facts. If I have to sit on that bench every day from the time Court starts until they close and lock the door behind me that's what I'll do and I will continue to do it anywhere else Stones were thrown. Notice respect whatsoever and I apologize I have trouble sitting still please take the time communicate with me cuz trust me I can talk forever I talk to myself as you can see.

Was pulled over in star city and found out my licence was suspended. I called in a few days later after taking care of my licence and all tickets were dropped. The police officer, court clerk, and judge were very cordial as well as professional. I wish more towns in South Arkansas treated out of towners that way! Thank you Star City!

Good place to go to pay your personal taxes..,🤷🤷, i don't know how to review the Courthouse y'all! But I can say Mrs Laura Bates and all The Tax Collection office ladies are always soo nice.

If there was a such thing as a -0 rate it would be well deserved for this place. The receptionist was very rude and I felt rush off the phone before I could ask a question. I truly don't understand people who apply for these types of positions just to spread their misery on people who are just seeking help/assistance. It truly took away from which should have been an exciting moment. I pray that young lady will experience some type of Joy and become more nicer/respectable to the people she has to work with and assist.

Everyone in this courthouse is rude and unhelpful. They are snobby and unintelligent, they speak completely improper and unprofessionally. They are also unempathetic. It’s completely ridiculous for me to say, “have a great day” and get hung up on in mid sentence after you’ve been nice the whole call, while they are being rude! Zero stars!!!!

Beautiful building however its layout is quite confusing and poorly layed out. Staff is well informed, friendly, and overall helpful.

My driver was pulled over for following to close but on the ticket it’s states he was a car and a half length behind the car in front of him. I was training him and he was no where near the car in front of him. They new we were from out of town and hoped we wasn’t going to make it to court for the ticket but we refuse to be scammed out of 294 dollars. Beware of this city they will pull you over and try to put anything on you.

Doing a good job, under a lot of pressure of COVID and the closure of the Court House.

my family was the sheriff of Jasper for many years and I know how things run. We also own half the mtn. so I’m not a stranger to Ark or they’re crooked Ways or the Crooked county! Cops on duty sign tickets for cops off duty for out-of-staters! Then when you get home after your birthday weekend of celebrating and spending your money in their blink of an eye and miss it county, they won’t answer the phone at the courthouse for three WHOLE days! Literally back to back every couple minutes for days !!! I even screen recorded it so That I would have a timestamp I learned when I was a kid was document document ! I took off work for two days Because even though my family all lives up there I have been married and moved and don’t live in State. Not to mention I was dealing with my daughter in the middle of a hurricane in Florida during this entire incident which is why I needed to reach them on the phone so desperately!! I was only able to call five times on the first day with no success to even rise thought maybe I just called during your lunch break or Potty breaks but a telephone needs Answered on the telephone number that’s listed on the ticket I was given by the police as a witness to nothing but “knew that police officer that was off duty and did supposedly witness some traffic offense for 20 some odd years!” made sure to put their name in very super light pressed print when the rest of the ticket is in dark press print! the date on the ticket is different than the date on the website that they want me to pay and both listed two different offense dates 2 months apart for supposedly the same crime, and it’s OK for the off-duty lady in her Cadillac to do 90 mph to catch me when I’m trying to figure out why there’s a crazy lady is driving behind me and I’m actually just wanting to get away from her to the point that I pulled into the gas station so she could go away but instead she pulled in and was screaming like a banshee woman About she wanted these men arrested for a (improper lane passing)WOW! are you dead serious?! in the middle of a public parking lot disturbing the peace And quiet of the little town itself, But it’s OK for her to do so because she’s an officer! But they won’t answer the phone so Im going above their head and I’ve already reported them on federal and state levels! So when you call another number of the courthouse they tell you it’s not their department and they have no way to reach them and just keep trying to call the number (even though it’s probably the lady sitting at the desk right next to her) So then when you finally are fed up and you call the sheriffs department {the ones that issued the bunk ticket} that you want to inquire about just like it says to do so call if you have questions on the ticket itself.. apparently they don’t want to hear anything because when I called to inquire how to reach someone at the courthouse after three days of non-stop calling ... they hang up on you! They trap you into forcibly coming back to their state even though you’re dealing with your daughter in the middle of a hurricane and won’t talk to anyone on the phone!! Its a money trap ! Good thing when grandpa was sheriff, he didn’t run Jasper that way! Just goes to show stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason! And as far as him knowing his coworker for 20 years and taking her word for it, it’s a good thing my lawyer knows people up there in Clinton that he’s known for 20 years too let alone all grandpas good old boys That I used to sit play Gin rummy with when I was a kid but I’m a go on up the ladder One email after another because as Americans and taxpayers and citizens we are owed more at least for you to answer the damn phone and not have your sheriff deputy hang up on who’s calling to inquire about why no one answers the phone ! I drive a karma bus with no breaks! Sometimes people put quarters in the machine not even knowing they’re about to play with a very diligent crazy mother trucker I don’t scream in parking lots, I scream ALL OVER the Internet SO EVERYONE SEES IT!

Everything we experienced in this little town was great from the court clerk who issued our marriage license, the coffee shop, and even the friendly people on the street. Visit El Dorado Ar whenever you get a chance.