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The probate court with controlling jurisdiction is generally within the state and county where one primarily lives.

Calling the court highlights the fact of how poor customer service is with a majority of companies because when you hit zero someone immediately answers the phone in the clerk's office, they speak English and are of great help. Wish all company customer service agents or as helpful as the court clerks here LOL

They had violated my first amendment right would not let me record inside the courthouse tell me it was not legal for me to be able to record inside the courthouse when it was my first amendment right they violated my civil rights and now looking for a civil rights attorney to go and go after the officers who violated my civil rights

Very large, comfortable and well planned building. Everything seems to run pretty smoothly and the marshals are quite helpful. Parking can be tricky, but there are plenty of spots if you look. Public defenders truly seem to try their best with every client.

The girl who answered the phone Sharon Grant Was so rude and unpleasant She was no help what so ever and when I said I wanna talk to your supervisor she said oh yeah well here you go ahead I lost family members in this past couple of months and was so hard for me to make this call and this is what I got Definitely not professional

They are so rude and don't know how to treat people they need to get new guards Took my friends knife away from him but it was a pocket nifevand on top of it one of the officers told them to let him take back to the car but once the black guard opened it he said naw we keeping this or you can leave with hand cuffs SMFH