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I lost custody of my son after ten years of him residing with me due to residing in a family shelter in Massachusetts. And his father no longer wanting to pay child support for said child. Now my child resides in Rhode Island with his father and wife. I don’t feel that I was given an equal opportunity to express my self nor my situation in this court matter which is the reason for the low rating. Please feel free to reach out I would love to hear about how I can be better prepared in this custody battle.

It is ridiculous that you can't get help from anyone in this building because of covid. Covid-19 is becoming an excuse for organizations businesses to raise the price of things refuse to help other people and all around make it difficult for people to do the necessary things that they need to do in life.

Odd, uneven service. Some people there are actually happy to be there and help and assist the public where and when to go to what office. The fake coughing clerks in the office not so much. Weird service.

The lady that answers the phone when you call is so unprofessional and is very rude. It like she is have a bad day everyday.

Was again my abuser was able to check into the same room that I was in but then when I walked into the courtroom the court officer was unable to locate him.

Unpredictable. Avoid Essex Probate and Family Court. There is a very corrupt operation happening in this court. The judge appointed an attorney with conflict of interests, but luckily recused herself, having to ask for 11 restraining order extensions in 5 years, the judge allowed illegally obtained medical records, and your hearing time always means you will be in court until 4pm waiting to heard. Guaranteed that this court will be unpredictable.

You do not want to EVER go here. This is a horrible place. They sometimes decide that you have lived on your own enough and throw you into this huge group home that has armed guards. If you enjoy S&M, this may be the place for you, otherwise, stay clear.

Let's see, how to give a review of a courthouse. . . Awesome place to visit. Everyone should go there at least once in their lifetime. Heck, make it a regular part of your routine. Start working on your criminal rap sheet today! Crime pays!

This court house is extremely clean and not like the average court house. This was recently renovated and they did a great job. You can actually bring your cell Phone in still, which is great, but you can’t like most courts have any drinks inside the building. The staff here has always been very kind and personable, and the DA is absolutely understanding and super fair! This is actually one in very few court houses I don’t mind going as much. Location is in center of town and parking is always available.

The women in the adoption department did an amazing job helping me. She took my case and did everything she could to help me and was able to give me the resources I needed in order to get my adoptive birth records. She was very professional and extremely fast with her response time. I am very appreciative.

I don't know about you guys but they Hampden county superior court is the bestest because it helps out a lot of people, so before you knock it think very very very carefully about the way you talk about the court house because you can end up in front of a judge.

Great court house very clean and swift service however there are no legal advocates and parents who have no knowledge of the court system have no chance in this court house. The Chief of Probation is sweet with the females but tough on the males and usually sides with the single moms rather than the fathers who are trying to be an active parent in their child’s life so beware gents you should probably lawyer up if you have to come here and ladies your all-set just ask for the Chief of Probation he will help lead you in the right direction to winning or obtaining a court order and motion.

Even tho things haven’t gone in my favor I would like to point out one particular individual who’s helped me more than he knows. Kevin S in probate. His program is great and works he’s not judgmental he helps you to understand, I’ll always be grateful to him and his program that’s helped me so much!!

Had 3 separate false accusations made on me for a restraing order never got a fair hearing keep getting the same corrupt judge have brought numerous amounts of evidence and have gotten them all overlooked im tired of this place its corrupt im having my rights taken away and my life being ruined I wont rest untill all those are held accountable period.

They don’t care about the person who’s paying , and they only operational Monday through Friday. For regular people who work hard , we have to work weekends but the world stops spinning for them . They are quick to garnish your checks but when you need help as the person who’s checks are garnished , you are left on hold or treated like you are not important. A lot of us work weekends , so if the place is not operating on weekends , don’t take my weekend earnings . Or hire me to work the weekends since no one wants to work the weekends .

Only Place I Know Where Judges Give Out Restraining Orders Like Free Samples . No Proof Or Anything . Its Sad Nobody Cares Still

There is one women is the clerks off that we’ve dealt with now twice over the phone. The first time I did. The second time my significant other did. She was extremely rude. How the courts hire people like her is beyond me. Time to clean house & this particular women needs to be the first to go.

If I could give this court negative stars I would! They seem very sexist toward men! When I have been there in previous yrs due to DV they were very nice & gave me all info & pamphlets for help. My husband has been dealing w/ this court for 10 yrs for support & visitation of his daughter. Turns out my stepdaughter was being abused/neglected by her mom during COVID lockdown- DCF got involved she was placed with us. We filed to modify custody & child orders in 6/2020. We went to the Sheriffs Dept to have the other party served & the woman was served w/in 2 wks. This court kept telling us that we had the other party served at the wrong address & went as far as to say that she lived at a non existent address- we had to go back & forth for 6 months w/them until the Sheriffs Dept clarified w/ them they served the other party at the correct address. Over the past year every time we have called we have been hung up on &/or given the wrong info. They are not adhering to the system the Gov set for COVID at all. We went in once in Feb to file to terminate just the child support aspect of the case because paying child support for a pre teen girl & also financial supporting said pre teen girl was getting expensive! They said they would contact me back in 1 week. It's been 4 months & I am still waiting for a court date for custody & to hear back about child support as I continue to pay so I don't get my liscense suspended. When we were there, I realized why our phone calls go unanswered or why we get hung up on- the woman who was suppose to be answering the phone- was literally just sitting there maskless & on her smartphone! They laugh at you when you say you will report them because there really is no accountability there. The powers at he need to Do Something about this ! Get some people who actually would like to serve the community !

Everyone very pleasant. The clerks office is quick, efficient and knowledgeable. The magistrates know their stuff and are quick and agile at making things happen what need to make happen. The parking is close and local and also expensive. But expensive parking is what we all expect in Boston and has no relationship to the good work of the good people at the courthouse.

Unprofessionalism at its finest. Name changing took me almost a year due to a great deal of incompetence and misinformation. Worcester residence deserve better! Staff should be re-trained and/or new staff should be hired that actually take pride in the work they do. I am presently having all my calls disconnected after two rings and during this pandemic I am left with no real options other than to continue calling. The department that handles name changes should be ashamed and/or audited for quality of service.

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