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The probate court with controlling jurisdiction is generally within the state and county where one primarily lives.

One of the worst places I have work I work for the Big Horn County detention Center run by the county commissioners the corruption in this Organization is absurd.

Trying to get info on a Will probate and left several detailed messages with no one getting back to me. I called and got someone who answered the phone and she listened to me explain what my call was about and after explaining to her she abruptly said “ I’ll transfer you to that department “ I again left a message and I’m still awaiting someone to assist me by returning my call. The customer service needs to be looked at and also they are dealing with people who have lost loved ones and are stressed and hurting and it seems no one cares or takes their job to heart.

Doesn't care about father won't look at proof of anything and won't pay back after having ors take too much. Let mother argue with judge. This is a sad place! No justice.

The old guy at the drivers license desk is super crabby. Poor attitude and condescending. I hate to go there.

Julie Straub is a welcoming individual. She is kind and courteous, especially during COVID-19

The nicest and most patient government employees I have ever met. Also, if you go in at 7:30am or 8:00am you can be in-and-out in 15 minutes.

So poorly ran. So many toxic control issues and lack of education with the courthouse and the health department. Very disappointing. Havre deserves better!

They need to update . One says the address is 408 Mineral Ave an another one says 418 Main Ave ? So if I write a letter to judge Honorable J. C. Sheffield were do send it ?

Very poor experience with having to work with the Lincoln County District Attorneys office. An employee of mine embezzled thousands of dollars, I made a deal with the DA then did not follow through. I won’t see anything if the thief is not supervised by them. We need a new District Attorney

Zeeda or whatever her name is should be fired. She is a embarrassment to this court. Betsy in the office is so nice and helps answer questions but this "Zeeda" is absolutely rude and smart and treats you like "How dare you call me to ask questions". Horrible, HORRIBLE experience today over the phone with this lady.

We were traveling in from Minnesota going to St.George, Co on the 17th of Sept. We stopped in to the Sheriffs Office and we were pleased how helpful and friendly Erica was. We were escorted to the livestock area to spend the night w our horses. Thanks for all your help and professionalism!!! Maybe we will see you again!! Tha Granthams😍

This is the worst, unorganized courthouse. By all means, continue on writing the schedules for no particular reason.

Doing my own divorce. Staff is very helpful and very grateful for them during a difficult time of my life.

I have no way of finding out about an old ticket. Email or calls not returned so im kind of stuck with a hold on my license because i dont know how much i owe or how to pay. Its been 8 years so im n out understanding this. Please get back to me with some help because i cant make it to montana