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The probate court with controlling jurisdiction is generally within the state and county where one primarily lives.

I've only had the pleasure of meeting with the County clerk's office but they are great. Super nice everytime I see them and very accommodating.

Corrupt system that only wants money, they don’t know right from wrong only dollar signs.

December 30, 2020 at 2:00 pm I called the Court Clerk’s office and spoke to a very nice person identified only as “Holly”. I needed a 30-year old document. Holly professionally asked the proper questions to gain necessary for my request. Within 30 minutes Holly called me back and the requested 30-year old document was in the mail. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated Holly,s efforts. I do not know what position Holly holds but whatever it is, she’s An outstanding ambassador for The Court Clerk’s Office. Jimmy McAlester Former Durant 0Resident

I have dealt with the employees in the County Clerk's office on multiple occasions over the past several years and they have been nothing but helpful and courteous. I'm thankful that they've been willing to help with my questions not only in person but also via telephone.

Do not expect any kind of assistance as far as divorce procedural questions. They will only refer you to an attorney because they are not licensed to give legal advice. I understand now that those are the rules but for anyone else hesitant on spending an arm and a leg on an attorney for a noncontensal divorce, you may not have an option.

Monica (judge Shepherd’s Baylif ) Was so kind and caring . She was the only one to care about my situation & helped me get my court fees in on time .

There is no phone number how can that be possibele this is so frustrating

Does Deputy Davis suffer from mental health issues? I ask this question, because I don't consider "locking" a reporter inside the courthouse a sane or reasonable thing to do. The last I heard, Garfield county is "not" part of North Korea, so please discipline the deputy, as he appears delusional and paranoid. Photography is a first amendment protected activity. If he has other issues, then they should be addressed without the use of cursing and foul language. Deputies like this are why good officers are hurt on the job... just pathetic.

Grady county courthouse has a weird operation of doing things a friend of mine had went to court down there for two years straight never saw a judge or the DA his lawyer took his money kept putting off court dates. Here it is three years later almost this case steel has not been resolved. Now with his new lawyer been calling Grady county DA office and no one hasn’t returned his call Grady county court system is unprofessional all the way around. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau behind Grady county courthouse.

They were very helpful and friendly when my wife and I needed to look up info for oil and gas land work.

Unfortunately i have to pay fines here, but emily in the court clerks office was very helpful she saved me from co.ing back to court. Thank you Emily!

About to become one of the poorest counties in Oklahoma. Their Judges seem to not know the law and think it's ok to bypass the system. Good luck with that civil law suit.

I called and asked why tax notices were so late getting out, again. I was told quite bluntly that I should know when my taxes were due and the tax assessor should not have to tell me. When I asked how I was supposed to know how much, I was told to pick up the phone and ask. I asked since the notices came out with only 3 weeks to pay would there be an extension and was told absolutely not! Since Leflore county has some of the highest taxes in the state of Okla maybe they could spend some on some customer service training.

Was told my court date was 4/29/2020 then was told 5/27/2020 I called one week in advance and was told they're not opening until June first i call the first week of June the phone lines are down all week I call again Tuesday 6/9/2020 and was told there's a warrant for my arrest. I was literally never given a chance to go to court and then told there's a warrant for my arrest. Can somebody explain how that's a "due process" and my case doesn't even have a victim. I'm wanted for weed and their bill boards beside the casino says they allow you to have weed in Oklahoma! Can somebody tell me what's going on with this corrupt courthouse?

Okmulgee, County has some great people that can and has, given the chance to help you they have helped me. With my fines second chances and even getting the help you need. You have to ask . Iam not ashame to àsk for help nor tell people lm from Okmulgee it is s great town and has alot of great places to go. As for.the court house it has a lot of history.So make this short lf you need help just ask .

All the women in the office need to be fired! Rudeness level is outstanding, if a worker is reading this, stop yelling out every customers business.

I was passing through Pawnee on my motorcycle and I am always on the lookout for the city's local veterans memorial. I found this gem at the Pawnee County Court house. It is a very nice memorial for a small town. I encourage you to stop and see it if your ever in the Pawnee area. I was amazed by the brick walkway, each brick has the name of a local veteran and which branch they served in.

If you’re looking to submit your passport application and accompanying documents, don’t even waste your time at this place. Just like others said, these people are extremely rude. Here’s our story... Upon getting to the office, two woman attempted to help us, but we were told we had to wait for the one particular lady who worked with passports. After this lady was finished typing with her two pointer fingers, she finally got up to help us. She looked at the application for about three seconds and refused to accept it based on the photograph, which she claimed was not acceptable and needed to be retaken. She then told us to come right back after we had a new photo. Yeah right! I knew that the picture was perfect (because I thoroughly read all the fine print that came with the passport application), so we just took it to an OKC acceptance facility. Clearly they’re more informed up there. They gladly accepted it and so did the U.S. Government.... we received the passport today :) So, to the supervisor of the woman who does the passport acceptance of Pontotoc County, please train your employee in the current government laws regarding passport photos. And, while you’re at it, suggest she take a typing class on how to effectively and efficiently use a computer keyboard.

Cathi Edwards was so patient and kind trying to help navigate me through the site! She helped me get the forms I needed and even showed me where to look at sample forms.

I can't sorry I'm afraid repercussions if I do say something they would not intercede to help me but just the opposite

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Washington County Court is a joke. It doesn't matter if you pay your fines or not ,they still harrass you..... And terrible customer service. Very rude. You're too much of a small town for so much attitude. Judges being fired for lack of professionalism, and the District Attorneys are horrible. CHEAP

I had an amazing experience at the Washita County Courthouse. I would recommend anyone that likes amazing experiences to visit the place.