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The probate court with controlling jurisdiction is generally within the state and county where one primarily lives.

They need to improve there customer service. also they refuse to work with out of state people who move to AL. I can't help it if GA has electronic copies of our tags...

Poor customer experience by being treated as an intruder instead of taxpayer asking for assistance.

my husband called today and talked to Theresa.He called to give her some information and she tells him she doesn't care what he has and it will not help with our situation, he told her she was being rude! and she tells him well I'm busy!I'm sure her supervisor would not be happy to hear how she talks to those that call.she better be glad it wasn't me that called,u would've been rude right back to her!!!

Very nice historical building. The entire staff is always polite, friendly and helpful.

Prompt and courteous service. They were all very nice and the lines weren't bad at all. The parking was easy and the whole place is wheelchair accessible. No concealed weapons allowed and there is a metal detector right when you go in.

Walked in only person in line around 9:00am. I was here to buy my tags and was there a total of 3 minutes. I have learned not to go at last minute. Go before last day. Work has been done to courthouse. Looks very nice.

This is the worst experience ever. Everyone is so rude, they don't know anything when you ask questions, and at all cost avoid the African American lady because she has the worst attitude towards everyone she comes in contact with. Making good money to treat the public like trash.not a good place to visit

Great always good service and the employees all out to make thing go smooth and work with you. I have no complaints here for sure. Hope them all well and health.

I needed a copy of my property taxes to use for income tax prep. I called and everyone was very pleasant and kind. A great way to run an office!

The ladies in the land tax office are supper sweet and Deserve a five star but the probate office Nicky, Very rude and Kurt! Very fake!

Closed today?? Oct. 12th? I guess my calander messed up, i called it says closed for holiday?

Sent off for replacement title over a month ago on a vehicle I sold because lady lost the title before switching it over so I requested that it be sent to their office when returned. Today I was told that it had been misplaced and I would have to pay for another one if not found and the supervisor wouldn't even speak to me on phone . Very unprofessional and unorganized losing important documents and they need to get it together up in there because they get paid to do that job and no one should have to pay for their mistakes it should come out of their check.

While improving.. I agree some of the office you walk in.. staff look at you like you are in the wrong place.. tax collector's office is one of those however, tax collectors staff one of the best

The employees are extremely disrespectful, rude and uneducated. Please respect the first amendment.

There is one person working in the license department. You are required to sign in and line up against a concrete wall and stand. No chairs are provided and sitting on the floor is prohibited. There were several elderly people that had been standing well over an hour when I arrived. I have a broken ankle and had to stand an hour and a half to find out I couldn’t get what I needed. A young man came in for a cdl study book while I was there and the employee refused to simply hand him a book. He was told to sign in and stand in line.

Terrible experience. They turned our marriage certificate down because it was handwritten and its their "internal office procedure". My wife has impeccable handwriting so it was just them being lazy. They couldn't produce any written rule about handwritten forms whatsoever and the young lady was just unconcerned with processing our form. Keep in mind this was at 3:30pm...30 minutes before they close. It says nothing of such on the website. We ended up driving over to the Bessemer Courthouse and had zero issues with the same document. Bessemer was extremely nice and helpful.

Jefferson County court house floors 4th is failed.They don’t provide the interpreter for deaf communication access. Asking for the write down on the paper. They kept talking for three hours! Can’t they understand what I was say on the paper that ... I’m American Sign Language? Please use the da$@ common sense!! Sooo frustration! That’s alerts (warning) 🤷🏽‍♀️ Ingrid Edwards.

I recently went to file a deed, the service was fine. However, I have a 10 month old and after and hour drive she needed a diaper change. This place offered public bathrooms but NO changing station. What kind of public building doesn't offer that. It is truly sad no counter no changing table.... NOTHING other than the floor and I refuse to have to change my child on the floor......

I was not able to talk with anyone presently. The main operator was nice, and the extension I was trying to reach was busy at the moment. The voice mail was clear. This is normal this day and time they probably need more staff.

People were so kind and helpful. Thank y'all for the respectful and professional help. God bless you.

Horrible service! Not honorable judge! Side with dishonest shop because they are in town and tied to voters unlike people who lives in other county’s! Just a warning! The proof was fool proof worst judgment ever! Horrible horrible! Also did not know it was legal for a shop to give a customer car with no Tag! Apparently in Madison it is!

Needed to get a copy of the deed on my house and property purchased 42 years ago. The two ladies there were very friendly and helpful in finding the information I needed. Great help!

21 back to back calls over the span of 4 hours. No one ever answers the phones. Worthless bunch of employees.

this UDDERLY changed my view on life. i cant belive that something like this would exist. how could one place outpizza the hut like this. i am udderly dumbfounded. THEY EVEN HAVE A GAMER HEADSET ON SALE (sponsored my squarespace) this is so crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow you guys should subscribe to vapor moose on ut4ube. its cool and crayz. anyways, this place is a good place to clip your toenails

This is such a well run office. Nice, professional, and so incredibly efficient. Thank you.

They do not answer the phone. Don't bother calling. Don't leave a message. You have to go up there to get any info.

My experience with this courthouse has been negative each and every time...whether it be a tag or business license ...they have the same attitude as that of a poorly trained fast food attendant

there's not enough handicap parking. I had back surgery and I had to park across the street in another business parking lot Even though I got to the court an hour before my divorce hearing. I could barely walk by the time I got to the courtroom. Now I get to go tomorrow still in pain and deal with child custody. When I have to walk half of a football field to get to the door I'm in sweating mode. and it's not because I'm hot it's because I am hurting so bad that I start sweating. The place is dank for better word to explain old and uninviting. there has been renovations going on in that place since I was getting my driver's license when I was 16 and I'm 40. It's a beautiful building on the outside and it's just historic building but they need to do something about signage on the inside, parking in general and especially handicap parking. Like they could offer a valet parking for people with disabled tags or window tags. It's hard enough for us to deal with the regular parking lot and all of the spaces be taken up. No one will ever listen to this no one will ever see this but as somebody who has been going down there for the past two years dealing with divorce and child custody it would be nice to have a little bit of comfort. You go into the courtroom and you're sitting on bare wood.

Been trying to get my license renewed for over two weeks and they are always closed...States on the door open till 4:00 yet can't take in anymore people :( I have left my work early at 3:00, three different times and always closed :( My License are now expired since March 21st :( also couldn't do the online because it was red flagged by my Synovus Visa bank because it was fraud!!!!! I don't know what else to do to this point :( Any clues????