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The probate court with controlling jurisdiction is generally within the state and county where one primarily lives.
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Sam helped tremendously. Everyone is afraid of Probate court but I tell them not to be since I did this with Sam at the probate court for my sister. She deserves a big raise if she is still there..thanks

I have passed by this building countless times. The Chaves County Magistrate Court is a really beautiful building with well-kept grounds. This would be an ideal place to take photos.

Customer service was excellent. Tonette is very helpful and knowledgeable as in giving valuable information. I called and she was very nice and professional. Thank you. Gabrielle Dee Olguin

I had a family member arrested and was trying to get information. The lady answering the phone was rude and combative. I am not the criminal lady. Hopefully after covid is over they offer them some customer service training.

I officiate civil weddings and I have found all the staff in the building very pleasant and helpful. Lea county is very tolerant to the use of the grounds and faculties for special events. Pictures are of a fall pumpkin people event. Many displays will remain for several weeks.

Each time I've called I had spoken to Adriana who was very rude and unpleasant to deal with. You would think calling to get information about a traffic ticket would be easy but it was not. She treats you like if you are a felon on the run which is uncalled for.

Had to go for Jury duty. Guards were extremely nice and helpful. All of the staff were great and y was just glad I went in that capacity and not as a dependent. But everyone I came in contact with was pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable.

My experience with this 'kangaroo court', has been 😝. This judicial system is the most biased, prejudice set of 'elected-appointed' officials I have ever had to witness. This does not deserve 'one' star, how about, -zero star. The audacity of there pick and choose who they will be prejudice against. I recommend that citizens do not catch a case in this county of Quay. You will be railroaded.

VERY FUN AND ENERGETIC JUDGE . I had a ticket for speeding but I was alone driving the dark road. Suddenly this car headlights started gaining and gaining behind me...I started pressing the gas pedal when I saw that he would not change to the passing lane. I started thinking it was some crazy person wanting to tailgate me..I kept pressing the gas pedal and reached sixty in a 45 mph zone..Then the siren went off and the lights also I realize it was a state police. I pulled over but he still did not forgive me. I went to court. Luckily the officer did not show up for court and the Judge said "dimissed have a nice day"

If you need forms go to supreme court law library. They don't have forms here, they don't have manners here, they are just a group of bitter Betty's, and a waste of your time.

for a courthouse and being a place that is paid by the state, this place is very bad at their job! I got a speeding ticket about five months ago and just received the letter in the mail for my hearing, which has already passed! so I now have a warrant out for my arrest when the people running this whole system or not doing their jobs correctly! i’ve been trying to call the front desk for two days now and I get no answer every single time! this place really needs to step up or needs new people working there they really don’t know what they’re doing and it’s making the whole community upset not just myself this is one of the reasons why people are so upset with the system and how things are going, they’re not being run right at all nowhere close to it.

EMERGENCY, EMERGENCY,EMERGENCY COURT PLEASE SEE PUBLIC HEARING ON FACEBOOK PAGE LUKIS CRUZ MARTIN REGARDING SANTA FE POLICE DEPARTMENT EMERGENCY, EMERGENCY, EMERGENCY It all seems pretty useless. When the police and Ambulance are creating accidents with the lights to give themselves work, there's likely no hope. EMERGENCY, EMERGENCY, EMERGENCY

No information do not run like any court I’ve ever been too very unprofessional and can’t get ahold of them to pay court ordered payments. Did not send any paperwork out and can’t tell me how to get anything done or get ahold of the judge or the copies of the court orders have to find myself. The Albuquerque courts are more helpful

I had to get my paper work fixed it took me about 2 weeks to get it amended and I finally did. Samantha the clerk her was very helpful and patient with me becuse I sure did call alot!... Lol The last time I called she explained to me that I was in the computer system and it was fixed she had me drive down here to Los lunas she put a seal on it and made my day that you so much Samantha your awesome!!!!