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The probate court with controlling jurisdiction is generally within the state and county where one primarily lives.

Not only do they not answer phones, voicemails, emails or mail , they treat the other governing depts. the same. They put an erroneous arrear judgement on my acct (that has always been a payroll deduction from day 1!) on my acct. Never answered to clear things up and get things straight over the past 6 months. Now put a hold on almost $1k on my tax return due to their error! I wish there was a way for me or my local offices to get a hold of them.

Very frustrating! Kept getting told one thing from one person and a completely different thing from someone else. We are trying to transfer property over to my father and this office keeps giving us the runaround plus they NEVER answer their phones! We reside in Phoenix so it's not exactly convenient to come here to take care of this matter, which we have been trying to do for months! I am very unhappy with how things are run here.

Everyone at clerk office was great, respectful and they make time and hear what I needed. Thank you and may God bless you and your family and friends. You all the best!! Keep up the good work.

It's been my experience as of late that there are a couple of Superior Court judges that have been less than fair. I'm filing a complaint in the morning. Not here nooo, Phoenix. Judicial misconduct is a very serious thing. Especially when a certain probation officer lies to a superior court court. She walked into my house, unannounced and asked my 9 year old granddaughter questions. She never had me or my sign a paper stating this was his residence. She also lost jurisdiction oover my son when she called mess probation and had them check on him. Bad move judge, real bad

Maybe the most beautiful building in this small town, 5000 population, clifton. The greenlee county is located in Clifton, with the greenlee county population of 8000. Greenlee county has the least population among the 16 counties of Arizona

Friendly and helpful staff. They provide a service to the Community, polite, helpful and friendy.

Great place and first time in Arizona. So 35 years ago someone used my name on a traffic violation. Putting a hold on my license for the last 15 years. Seen judge and case dismissed.

One of the security guards there patted me down to excessively, on purpose! The lady that works at the information desk is really nice and helpful. This Court House offers a lot of different services. There is construction going on in front of the court house. I would recommend parking down the street and walking!

Mark Marnati is the magistrate that oversees the small claims court he has no experience other than being a San Bernardino county sheriff. My experience with him was that he used a good old boy mentality to make his judgement which is not fair to anybody.

My judge didn't pay attention to the final hearing at all. The only time she looked up was to read her verdict. We asked for help and she declined. 💔

Absolutely unprofessional judge. McKayla didn’t help my family at all. Even when the opposing lawyer was extremely rude towards the judge, she didn’t seem to mind at all. Backwards po-dunk town. I feel badly for anyone who has to go to court there, you will lose simply because this court house is ran by hillbillies.

I am have been very impressed with the Pima County Probate Clerk's staff. I have been in on a number of very complex (to me, at least) matters and have found every single person with whom i've spoken, on the phone and in person, patient, very knowledgeable, helpful above and beyond what anyone might reasonably expect. Obviously, folks are brought to this counter at difficult times. The professionalism, kindness and courtesy I have personally consistently witnessed helps families, lawyers and the Court get things done in a correct, prompt and efficient manner. Pima County is fortunate to have the great leadership and staff in our Probate Clerk's office!

This is the worst court. The clerks have no empathy for people. I went in with my 3 months old baby to submit her passport application and they told me that starting TODAY they will taking only appointments. I requested that it's my 2nd time and I have a 3 months baby and I have all the documents ready, so please just take my application and it wouldn't take long because I don't want to risk my baby by coming here again and again. But they didn't listen. It is a pathetic place with pathetic people. Shame on you.

Yesterday I was doing a service job shopping for someone who had just had surgery. Due to Covid and all things at hand the individual was stocking up! I had two full carts and was probably very entertaining to watch push across the parking lot. The one cart had 10 flats of water 4-12 packs of cokes, and 2-8 packs of gatos. A gentleman that I believe called himself HAL OSGOOD saw me struggling to get across the lot to my truck. He had just come from a local courthouse still in uniform as I believe the deputy bailiff. He rushed to assist me to give me a hand to the truck and then even went the extra mile to assist me with loading the flats in the back of the truck. Thank you, thank you , thank you, for your kind service and for taking action to assist with my large load. Hal, When I delivered the groceries to the lady was extremely thankful and I heard her yell it from the door as her son gave me a hand in unloading. Hal, you rock! Thank you for your service to the community the court system and to me and also the lady that is recouping. In any pandemic more than ever do we need to learn to come together and it all starts the healing process when we reach out to serve and assist one another. Hal, you wear that badge of honor with integrity, pure heart, and you take action when you feel the urge. Love and light to you and your loved ones! 🙏🏽 thank you brother. J.W.

Went to refinance my home only to find the court had issued a judgment against me. It was another person with my name. Called the courthouse and spoke with jp’s office. They offered no help other than to tell me I needed to contact the attorneys involved. So much for constituent services. They don’t remember who they work for.

Covid guidelines are followed and taken seriously. Court clerks are courteous and helpful, as are the security staff.

The worst ever i have been rescheduled 3 times now making it a full on year since i have filed my paper work for custody agreement for my son ive had to call the sheriff multiple times for my sons mother cause problems for me trying to get my son the sheriff do nothing but favor her and for yuma county superior to reschedule for yet a 3rd time and the fact they do this every single time they wait right until my date is close and then send me a message or letter saying they changed my court date 3 times in a row is rediculous and excessive and honestly seems like they are taking my case as a joke somehow i am going to find a way to file a complaint with this court and at this point im going to ask for this to be transfers to phoenix where i reside cause at this rate by the time i get before a judge it’ll probably be years thats how it feels but im sure if it was the other way around for the women the court would bring me before a judge within a month this is just unfair and not right