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The probate court with controlling jurisdiction is generally within the state and county where one primarily lives.

Would never advise entering this Courthouse if not required. Filled with discrimination and bad attitudes. Definitely one of the most unprofessional employees I have ever seen in a Courthouse.

I wrote a letter to the court asking about an old case and received no response. I know they received my letter as the spelling of my name had been corrected, which I had mentioned in the letter. I had written to Linn County Courthouse with a similar request and I received a letter back the same week. I waited over a month to call Benton County Courthouse and see why I had heard nothing back and was told that they received my request and the answer was no. It would have been nice to receive a letter back.

Went in to get my plates/tags renewed on my vehicles. The department was clean with multiple markings for those worried about Covid. The staff was quick to assist me and friendly the whole time. Very quick and allowed me to go about my day. Great work.

Joey Speers drove onto my propery and issued me a ticket for something I didn't do. He testified that I deserve my ticket because I was driving carelessly on the 10ft easment part of my property. The judge had to know he was lying but still ruled in his favor. So, I am not allowed to use my own property but others can? They told me others are allowed to walk their vicious dog that has almost mauled my son on it but I can't use it... There is no innocent until proven guilty here. Just criminals running a criminal empire. Again, this whole area needs to be investigated.

I had traffic court there once before and it was like a free for all. No numbers to see who got to the waiting area 1st. Judge basically said whoever wants to come up just come up, so people who had JUST walked up was trying to go 1st. Is a number wheel out of the budget?

The courthouse itself is fine. The people are very helpful in all areas and I have generally not had many issues - Except regarding court hearings. Since it is a small area, the judge isn't in regularly. This also means a date could be scheduled, but the judge may not have been clued in on this. So - everyone takes the time off, shows up, and no judge. That was awful.

Clay County did I wonderful job with decorating the front lawn of Courthouse. Many of tax dollars have been spent in tribute to our veterans, who fought for the freedom we all enjoy, but get caught in the system. We should show Clay County to spend the taxpayer money on ways to aid them with the struggles, instead of jailing them and watching the flags wave them goodbye.

I visited the DMV first thing in the morning. Every time I've called or interacted with the staff, they have been extremely helpful and kind. This is the best experience I've had with government employees! Your best bet is to get in early and come prepared with the right forms - in and out in about 15 min.

Just stopped by to enjoy the architecture. Nice area with some monuments on site

Built in the 1930's and it is apparent. The technology and demands of today are not well suited for the confined spaces and as we arrest and prosecute more and more people courthouses need more space. Hot and stuffy in courtrooms. Lack of parking. We have services and resources that are lacking attention due to space constraints.

The clerks were very nice and professional over the phone very helpful and answered all my questions about taking care of my warrant and my OFP. Thank You Dickinson County Stay Safe!

Decent place to go if you ever need something, Veterans department does it's best and works with it's veterans in the best way possible.

Cant stand some of the people... So rude! Idk why they're working with people .absolutley no people skills. N this is a every time visit .. Not just 1x experiance ...

When I moved to Harrison county from a different state, I had to get my car licensed but I didn't have the title. The title was held electronically in the state I moved from and trying to get the title transferred was taking so long but the employees at the Logan courthouse were so patient and helpful with getting everything taken care of!

Just visiting for the architecture. This one is old built in the 1880's. It has been updated, the brick is painted and the roof is metal, but it still has the original look.

Worth a visit for native American history and artifacts. The display of arrowheads is like none other.

Hello judge! How ya been Russel? I noticed yesterday you've had ta carve a couple more holes in you belt?? Ha! I'm kidding!What I think would help speed things up a little for everyone, would be ta have a virtual judge on the spot system.. virtual of course

A tough one to review. They don't make them like this anymore. It harks back to a time when people really took pride not only in their community, but in their government as well. It's a fun place to explore, yet at every corner you see that there is need for refurbishment. And, structures like this are not easy to upgrade. So it is a mixed bag. Certainly a place worth noting. But also a place you wish they could upgrade in a way that would not diminish its historical demeanor.

I had the BEST experience ever at the DMV getting my Real Licence. You folks in Marian County are doing something right and you need to teach Polk County a thing or two!!!. The 2 ladies working in that office are a delight. I for one will never step foot into Polk Counties office again thanks to you .

My sister had court today for getting pulled over for not having a license plate during a pandemic when in Des Moines everything was closed for the longest time so she was unable and the cop still gave her a ticket.. and today she goes to court and her license plate gets stolen while she in court (pretty ironic) the cops nor court can do anything about it she just has to pay out of pocket. Needless to say that town is absolutely TRASH

This place has a pay to pal program,the Monona,county,police run. The Truth.

Laura from Payment plan needs to be fired. Lady gave me a hard time for an address update which i had official documents from state and energy bill and she refused to update address giving her manager a call. I am a professional so updating an address should not be a problem. Obviously to her its too much, very UNETHICAL person to deal with. Calling her supervisor.

You just got rid of the only truck parking in a 20 mile radius. Soon your not going to get any truckers to accept loads to or from here. Then you'll wonder why your major companies are closing down and thousands losing jobs because of it. Your city needs to get ahold of loves or flying j and sell them some land so they can park the hundreds of trucks that come through your city every day.

Polk County Courthouse is a wonderful building as far as esthetics go. Beautiful archetecture, with superb craftsmanship make this a building worthy of a thorough walk through just looking at everything.

This has got to be, by far, the most friendly pleasant and professional government office I have ever been to and I have seen a LOT of them. The employees are thorough, professional, knowledgeable, and very nice. I have been here many times and it is the same every time without fail. Thanks for being awesome treasurer's office!

Everyone there has always been nice, courteous, and has always helped our family with numerous questions that we have had

Ugly, ugly building - looks like a maximum securuty prison. Ruins the whole look of our downtown.

Just visited for the architecture. One of my favorites. Clock tower is under construction. :/