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Oh and they even found a way to hide the photos I took and upon looking in to more detail. Look how close and ready this lady was to grabbing her fire arm Instead of her taser pretty scary3 separate occasions I needed assistance i was told no several times, i can get marriage certificates and tons of other services at this court house. But with advance notice, I have been told numerous times they will not treat me and provide services equally. But this facility lacks clear competent officials. As well as per executive order of making a covid prevention and guidelines for re opening. But not a single option to receive service from dear old aitkin county court house. Go anywhere else but here

It is difficult finding out where to go to take care of anything. Be ready to ask a lot of questions to get directed to the right place to take care of your business.

I understand that office hours are monday through friday. But in that case there hours should be posted. And there is literally no way to leave a voicemail if you miss the time

Amazing professionalism, helpful above and beyond what I knew I needed. I called to get the time of a court hearing. They told me there was no hearing on the day I asked about. They asked "would you like me to look to see if the person has any other hearings scheduled?" Oh my goodness! I hadn't even thought to ask for that! The results have made the next 6 weeks of my life unbelievably less stressful. During COVID when everyone has all the stress they can handle I really appreciate this extra help.

No body calls me back. Can't leave a message, not user friendly at all. Very unhappy with this answering system.

Completely unprofessional with unreasonable expectations. Keeping someone in jail and rescheduling on them twice now at the last minute for something like an intake is out of the realm of fair and just. Being able to get ahold of ZERO people in the entire probation department for nearly two days is entirely unprofessional. I’m not sure how they expect anyone to look at them as an authority figure, or better yet, a resource for getting their life back on track when no one even answers their phone or calls you back after leaving multiple messages. If someone is in custody, that person should become a priority for a multitude of reasons. I am starting to wonder what the focus of this county is, to simply lock people up or to help people. I hope to God it’s the latter since it is peoples lives that will suffer or thrive because of it.

Staff and security very helpful! Was in to get birth certificate. Service was fast and definitely better than the county I previously lived in!

What a joke, Tried to file for divorce. Called and was told to fill out a forum online, went to file it and was told it was the wrong one. sent us down to the library the librarian was not educated on her job or area of service pretty much a baby sitter of the computers. After the new forum went back up and was told once again was wrong forum. Tried again filled new one out and the ink was spotty so they couldn't accept half the papers. Lastly Got it all filed after hours. later to find out in court by the judge that we filled out the wrong forums. They need better training, the lack of knowledge is sad for a place people go to get help.

Extremely rude people. I was not too happy about the people I had the pleasure of interacting with. By far one of the worst place I've had to be in.

Impressed with this buildings appearance,I couldn't tell if the statue of Lady Justice on top of the dome has an exposed breast or not.

I would like to thank Jackie for all her help with my record information. I am sure it took some time to find it and look up all the costs finial ruling. Being down in Florida its very hard to get things done in Minnesota. Thank you again Jackie for the extra effort to resolve this issue. mike

I only stopped by to pick up a copy of my birth certificate, but the entry hall ("lobby"seems an inadequate term) was spacious and airy. The vital records department only takes cash or check, so come prepared. My document request was processed quickly and with a smile.

Always enjoy stopping in here to pay property taxes and deal with things of this nature. Very covid safe with excellent helpful staff. Wonderful old, well maintained building. Great facility for our county business.

Atrocious marriage ceremony by the office of Judge Sara West I called Judge Sara West's office to schedule a marriage ceremony on a Saturday. I specifically asked the staff member whether the building would be open on a Saturday and where. The staff member assured me that it would be. On the day of, we arrived and all the doors on 4 fronts were closed. It was -20 degrees outside and we had to wait 20 minutes knocking on doors until a security guard saw us. For a service of more than 200 USD, I expected to at least get inside the building, but the lack of coordination leaves a lot to be desired.

Great place. Saw this on our way during our roadtrip. Wonderful architecture of the building. We didn't visit inside. Surroundings are beautiful.

You’ve been warned: don’t apply for any maintenance positions here. You will be walking straight into a hostile/toxic work environment. The pay starts out really good and I’m telling you that it isn’t worth it.

the whole county is corrupt as hell!! i have been a victim of there chaotic nonsense! i encourage anyone that is done wrong an to hold them accountable or it will not change unfortunately i have to give them one star to post this review!

Needs a complete overhaul in supervisors, and up. They dont care for a person as a whole. They focus on illness not wellness. Dont care about medical issues in combination with mental health symptoms. Dont listen to me, my doctors, treatment team. Numerous rights violations. They keep wanting to pass the buck. They can't seem to make any decisions without an act of Congress. I used to be a huge advocate in this county and I asked for help and they keep putting me through all these unrealistic expectations and due to medical and psychological issues my body is giving out. I will never advocate for this county again. They will put any whistle blower through the ringer and even accuse you of doing things that aren't true.🤮

They were very helpful. It has to be a difficult job dealing with such matters. I appreciated their assistance.

One lady works here and she doesn't know what an inside voice is. Screaming peoples business is not professional but that's TRF. Overpaid and unprofessional.