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The probate court with controlling jurisdiction is generally within the state and county where one primarily lives.

Thank you so much Sharon M. You just made my week! Thank you for being so helpful and the politest, fastest responding court in six counties across three states. Thank you so much! I appreciate you greatly!

What can I say, it is a court house. Haven't found a non friendly face yet. Everyone is so helpful.

Necessary for City and County Business, kind of smells like Pine-Sol and old people, not that there's anything wrong with that, but not a fan. Would benefit from giant murals detailing the history of Plattsmouth through bloody and explicit paintings that may or may not have actually happened. Just an idea. Not sure of actual rules, but kind of has the vibe that spontaneous dancing would be frowned upon. Should make residents upbeat and eager to visit, not sad they were required to enter for mundane requisites. A person inside a town mascot costume would help achieve this, IDK, Perry the Plattsmouth Puppy? Or disco music playing in the halls for when visitors have a long walk through the building, or are required to wait behind others at Treasurers/Clerks offices. Literally any variance from the decades long unchanged atmosphere. Or not. What do i know about operation of government buildings? No experience, and my opinion was never solicited 🤷 I am available for hire though as a Private Consultant in these matters, if P-Town wants to change the way it's bureaucracy gets down. 💯 Holla

I love going to traffic court, it doesn't happen often, my file was last in the stack. Judge was polite and fair kept process flowing along. I overheard one guy on his phone complaining about he wasn't treated fairly. It's court dude you don't know don't plead guilty. Don't have any home work car. Public defender could have gotten something better. Alot of times policemen will load up the charges, mine didn't I was able to let him know what time it was. Halls of justice use your head, don't plead guilty to less than a ounce of marijuana. Look at Biden's cabinet. 5 people fired no job, cause they pled and paid a fine. I knew a kid that got a curfew violation 500 $ switched the charges to "menacing a black squirrel" same fine. They can still get a real job. No record, well unless your the VP then it doesn't matter. According to the timeline she was deputy prosecutor at the time. Oh well Tulsi Gabbard for President.

Most piece of c*** of a courthouse ever. Judge dismissed charges on a 6 year old little girl before it was ever taken to trial. Then, they wonder whats wrong with our future generations. It's like saying 2 my daughter "you have no voice!" Or "we will not protect you from harm!" Or maybe the judge is just as disgusting. Because of the lack on interest in the well being of my child. I will never put trust in any court ever again in my life. And i pray to God that judge feels one day the pain that has been inflicted on my child. Because for some reason pedophiles are always sliding through the cracks. Because nobody believes these innocent children. I don't need this non moral judge 2 determine ones guilt. Because we know. My daughter and i that its true and my six year old is not a liar. So, either this judge is heartless or truly has no feelings! I dont know how anyone with morals like that could sleep at night!

Ladies behind the counters 1st and 2nd floor are great. Very kind. The atmosphere and vibe that the building gives off is defiantly cold, not the cleanest place ever and it's pretty undesirable by nature.

well preserved county court house from the 1900's located in the town square - surrounded by brick paved streets....classic mosaic tile floors & intricate woodwork & stairways - red stone exterior is classic with finial details - best part after traveling all day are the public rest rooms!...classic! -

I have to say that this is a beautiful dwelling and friendly police officers and the judge that sits in circuit court is SO awesome and easy going. I have never dreaded having to go in this courthouse.

Called ahead about a motorcycle endorsement driving test and they said they could do it and then got there and they said there were too big of potholes in their test route to even do it....very disappointed!

Have had a very professional and excellent communication and direction from court personal. Difficult situations more tolerable. Thank you for taking the time with me being in Colorado

I worked with Gina in the Treasurer's department. She was awesome! She was so very helpful and informative. I bought a new-to-me vehicle, though plates and taxes weren't a new process for me, she explained everything, and walked me through what she was doing and all the price totals. She even offered to renew my tags due next month on my other vehicles, before I even asked! She was polite and was honestly so very pleasant to work with. I wish I could request her next time I come the treasurer's office, not that anybody else there is unpleasant. Awesome experience on this visit!