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West Virginia

Very impressed with the service we received from the Clerks. they deserve a 10 star rating... fast, efficient and great

I can't stand that place! Went there to pay a citation fine and had to deal with some evil witch, when I asked about the fines amount and payment options, she made a stupid face and shrugged her shoulders, evidently these people forgot the meaning of civil servant.... Evil witch!

Courthouse had many changes due to pandemic. Few employees . Not many people around. I miss our old courthouse with people talking, employees working. Overall it was very clean and employee I talked with made my day

Was in town for personal business. Was fortunate to see the Courthouse and learn some of its history. What a beautiful place. The Police and other workers were very accommodating and showed well deserved pride. Thanks for your kindness and service.

Exhausting user experience paying ticket over phone. Redirected several times. Unfriendly and unhelpful clerks.

I had never been inside an old county courtroom before, so I walked into this one to look around. Court was not in session, so I sauntered right in and talked with a few public employees that were in it. Outside, the courthouse is "guarded" by a Doughboy statue in memory of those lives lost during the Great War, and to his left is a large clock which looks kind of neat. Would recommend a stop by if in Romney or passing through on US Route 50. Cheers.

I just like sitting here and watching the people lol and talking to the people. But can't sit here cops will make you leave everytime say you are trespassing and if it weren't for the people there wouldn't even be a courthouse. The courthouse belongs to the people, it's not privately owned like cops would like you to believe. Smh clarksburg is a ghost town cops are making sure of that next they will be telling us its illegal to walk down the street!!

I spoke to a lady in there that helped me more than the Parkersburg & ohio courthouses could!

Clerks are rude as hell. They deserve to be fired for treating people the way they do. Surely you can find people who need employment with much better customer service.

They do not care about the fathers rights I’ve paid lawyers to help me and they said Logan county is the worst place they have been

Most crooked town in the United States. All business owners are family, and are related to most politicians. If you don't live here, don't come here.

Please use the directory to find phone number for the specific office that you need to contact.

This department wields Civil Forfeiture laws to steal from people without being charged with a crime. Absolutely disgraceful behavior from a police department. I'd expect this kind of behavior from organized crime not the police. They are as bad as the criminals they arrest when they use civil forfeiture to steal from people's pockets without charging them with a crime. If you don't believe it just search "West Virginia state police seize". You'll find out just how corrupt this department is.

Driving through from PA back to Ohio following traffic flow not knowing I actually was 13 miles over the 55 limit when I was anxiously looking for an exit to use the Men's room after I took the water pill for my diabetes condition. Called the court and told the lady to plead no contest. She made me holding for like 5 minutes, and said it is $180.25 penalty finally. I asked why no contest on the citation choice to plead and no explanation was needed to give. She said no contest is as guilty. I guess the Ohio County just want your money. Drive carefully through that county, and of course all. I guess Ohio County is a poor county needing the money, just like the poor city of Lockland in Hamilton County generating a lot of money through ticket writings a few years ago. I'll drive more carefully.

Signed in with no greeter and 30 people waiting. I just want to dispute this bogus ticket

Always able to get my automobile registration renewal done here without waiting like at the DMV. Excellent people with much better attitudes than the DMV also.

Polite staff . But , the judge who did my family court, was unfair , unjust , and now year's later , I can't even get a second chance. I know many people given more than 4-5 opportunities to prove themselves. This judge uses his own personal feeling n my case , and I as well as others believe I deserved at least a 2nd Chance. Family destroyer is what I feel he is. No names used but I'm sure it's not hard to figure out which judge I'm talking about. Circuit , family , etc. I have every right to feel the way I do. Especially when things were made out to be worse than they were.