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After getting pulled over for an expired registration, I was given a ticket. This is the second time I’ve been pulled over and the first time I’ve been given a ticket. The officer was so nice and said, “I don’t want you to worry about this. Just renew your registration, take it to the courthouse, and this will be a “fix-it ticket”. He also said I was so polite and honest about the situation. Well, I go to the courthouse and when I ask them about my “fix it ticket” they say sorry we can’t do it. I HATE to be lied to. The officer made it sound like this would be a forgiven ticket and my record would still be clean. Well, he lied to me and now I’ve lost my faith in the police just like everyone else has.

I called on behalf of a client. Sue was very helpful, very professional. She gave me the information I needed. I would highly recommend this office and I will refer people here without hesitation. Thank you.

I had a hard time communicating with them from out of state on a traffic violation. The customer service was lacking and the process was confusing. I think they have a lot of potential to improve and they could be excellent!

Ii renewed my drivers license there wow they were amazi,g pleasant polite very kind what a joy. They look like very happy people thank you

I don't say it that I loved it. It was ok as usual other than seams to always cost me money once I step foot in the door. Sometimes my fault, sometimes not. But not very often!!!!

Extortion experts, telling people there court date is over the phone and changed their little minds on the day of the zoom call, very proficient in extortion.

It's the courthouse that being said the security guys at the front door were super friendly and helpful. The court officer was really friendly too.

Judge misconduct. My case was a divorce. I filed for divorce first in Utah. Later, my ex husband filed for divorce in Idaho. Judge Kress (probably not spelling it correctly) seemed to act as an attorney for my ex by calling the Utah judge to say my divorce case should be held in Idaho. My ex did not file a Motion to Dismiss the Utah divorce case. He didn't file anything in Utah. So not only was a judge doing work for my ex but displayed misconduct. . . This judge signed a default divorce when I did not receive notice of default. He signed a Motion to Continue on the day of the scheduled trial. I took off an entire day, rescheduled my kids' dentist appointments and traveled for nothing. Also, I informed the judge that my ex was friends with a clerk (a blonde who attended the same church). I also informed him the clerk working that day (brunette who fake bakes) was extremely rude and kept making dirty looks towards me and my friend. The judge started yelling at me for my statements. My friend was too scared to tell the judge she also saw the clerk's rude behavior. The judge told me information about my ex's last divorce and that he also attends church with my ex. Can anyone say Conflict of Interest? Talk about Jerry Springer. I filed a complaint against the judge. Soda Springs' court needs to get its head out of its butt. Rules should be rules regardless of it being a small town or not.

Robert Crosland's aquittal after feeding a live puppy to an illegal species of snapping turtle is a haunting indictment of Idaho. Potatoes, militias, and puppy killers. Can't wait to never go there.

A classic and historic government building with many architectural features. Stop by to see the stained glass, artwork, stone and wood details. A treasure for this area of the country.

Julie was fantastic. She was extremely helpful with our passport applications and went well above and beyond what I expected.

Student tenants rights are violeated in Moscow Idaho Idinity apartments at 1006 s main street Moscow Id 83843 complexes City of Moscow Idaho allowed to move in students tenants in unfinished complex, the complex which did not have final Permits of occupancy. They work was not done for the last 4 months which is 120 days . City of Moscow building department are informed about violations. Currently as of 2/8/2019 work started again , all trash, broken glass, unfinished kitchens, sharp plastic are being removed from unfinished stair ways, In four complexes. City of Moscow allowed student tenants to move in without any final permits, violating tenants code for all students who moved in in complex A,B, C and D. The cleaning company are not paid over $322,000.00 over last 120 days. Students who feel your rights as tenant were violated please hire an attorney's for the reemberstment of paying rent for unfinished units. When the called inspectors Right away they called identity owners and the receive a call from lawyer from identity trying to settle with us full on corruption from inspectors side trying to help identity cover their mass very wrong shouldn't happen in Moscow Inspectors of city of Moscow are in bed with identity's apartments Mayor must act now before we get senators involved As well as Congressman Attorney General Fire department City department ViolationWhy are lations RI vious by the pictures were taken and sent to the right departments

This court is one of the worst I have ever been to. The judge (Daniel Dolan) doesn't let you speak to hear the side of your story. When I tried to tell my side of the story he yelled at me and told me to be quite. He doesn't know how to do his job as a judge. Worst judge ever. He's a total idiot.

Probably the best Courthouse to be in. I love the Clerks, Judges, Attorneys, and the Jail.

On the right side of the law, the Payette Co Sheriff is a collection of good people attempting to serve our county and its people. On the wrong side, you will find people who do nothing but complain and whine that they are mean. That YOU are not IMPORTANT. Well, get over yourself. You are NOT important. WE are. Be a PART of this county and you will become a part of the solution instead of part of the problem. Those that choose to be on the wrong side should just shut up. Let the grown ups do the reviews. Thank you for all you do and sacrifice for US. FIVE stars because you CARE enough to place your lives on the line for this county. And we should care back.

These people can not move to save their lives! Been waiting for 6 hours for paperwork to get my fiancé’s bale done and we have already paid and they still have done nothing!

Twin Falls Justice system is a far cry of being called justice. In October of 2018 I was passing through Twin Falls from Las Vegas back to my home in Washington state. Unaware that I had put my marijuana candy bar that i bought in Vegas in my purse and was heading to a marijuana unfriendly state, i headed off to Idaho in hopes of getting home safely. In Twin Falls I was stopped for speeding. A routine traffic stop and was asked if we had any drugs on us. Of course I said no because it did not cross my mind. When the officer asked if he could bring a k9 unit out to sniff for any drugs and if they would find anything my heart sank and I realized that yes indeed I had a half marijuana laced candy bar and the butt of a joint in my purse. Scared that I would be arrested for not being honest and causing any delays in my trip back home, I voluntarily gave my possessions to the officer who then searched the rest of the car and obviously did not find anything else. He gave me a ticket for speeding and a misdemeanor for posession of marijuana. I would like to emphasize that I did not even have one ounce of marijuana, not even a gram. We are talking a minuscule amount of milligrams. But in Idaho none of this matters. Any amount is illegal. And if you are travelling from one state where it's legal to another it is still illegal. Of course I did not have the funds to hire a private attorney and was forced to get a public defender. The incompetency of my attorney was astonishing. After she read the police report she asked if she could just send me the form to plea guilty and be on my way. I had told her no I wanted to fight it and use the defense that I was detained for an extended amount of time by the officer and his detaining had drifted away from the original purpose of his stop which was for speeding. My attorney had told me that defense would not fly by the judge because I voluntarily gave my marijuana candybar to the officer and had I not, and didn't give him permission to search and sent a k9 anyways I may have been able to get away with that defense. So fullheartedly taking her advice of being honest and fessing up I voluntarily pleaded guilty hoping the judge would cut me some slack but this did not happen. I was charged with almost $700 in fines and court fees as well as court ordered unsupervised probation and 100 hours of community service as a condition of a witheld judgement. As someone who has had no criminal record I feel as though this sentencing was excessive for just being a candy bar and a butt of a joint and they were just looking for their payout. I am not saying I don't think i should be held accountable but i am not a threat to society and putting these conditions on someone whose life will be affected dramatically and will be put on my record forever, I don't think this was justice. To top it all off, my public defender was cracking inside jokes with the court reporter whispering and giggling while at the stand before the judge started my trial. I felt she saw my case as a joke and thought this was beyond disrespectful to me as a client. And she did not ask the judge for witheld judgement which I had discussed with her multiple times. Had it not been for me speaking up I would have been convicted on the spot. I would also like to state that she caused me to almost have a bench warrant out for my arrest because she did not bring my absencia paperwork to my pre-trial and the court was in the process of filing it. Thankfully I had a copy of my receipt of fax that showed indeed I sent it in on time prior to my court date. She apologized profusely and passed off the blame onto the public defender receptionists. All I'm saying is if you are looking for an attorney, learn from my mistakes and hire a real lawyer that will put thought and consideration into your case and won't make a mockery of it. These charges affect me from finishing my college degree until I complete my probation but I am thankful for the witheld judgement which basically just puts my life on hold. This is not justice. You have been exposed.

I have had many dealings with the court and Valley County offices, all have been professional and courteous. The speeding ticket review was more appropriately directed at the appropriate law enforcement office not the court. or it’s personnel.

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