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The probate court with controlling jurisdiction is generally within the state and county where one primarily lives.

We really enjoyed seeing this courthouse. We were headed between prairies in Oklahoma and Kansas on the Flint Hills scenic byway and saw this on the tourist info. We just walked in and wandered around the building and through the old jail upstairs. Our kids got to sit inside the tall oval window at the top. No one ever asked us what we were doing. There was another family going through when we were there. We felt free to respectfully roam through. The kids especially loved the jail and the cells in it. It was a very unique jail in my experience-walls and everything made out of metal or painted to look that way. The courthouse and stairwells truly were beautiful. I noticed a little vintage collection box and put in a few dollars to help preserve it, but no one asked us to and there is no charge to go through. If I ever came back to the area again I would definitely stop in and encourage others to make the stop. Check hours, though, as I believe it is closed on the weekends.

Now that sheriff Bates is gone this town is awesome. Get rid of the crooked DA and your good.

Don’t ever try to call this place and ask for help all you get is a complete rude attitude, sarcastic and judgmental remarks! They need to get some new people in here who actually like coming to work and get the people who hate their job out!! It’s been like this for years I just called back for the first time in two years and it was the same as it was. So happy I don’t live in Cowley County anymore!

I went in to pay my property taxes. As usual, My purse, my cane, keys and whatever wast in my pickets went into the photo booth. Then when I walk through the body keto detector, the buzzer goes, I just tell them, prosthesis on the left side, replaced knee, hip, and a metal ankle on the left side. He says something about me being bionic. All in all it took longer to get into the building than it took to pay my tax bill. It was a good day. Lots of parking, and handicap parking.

Went to renew tags and new license plate, great and friendly staff. No wait. Very polite. All around great and friendly service

Like other people reviews about this clerk, ive had negative experiences. With that being said, my negative experience with the clerks was due only to my lack of knowledge and preparation . Today I filed four motions, last week two motions all pro se. I had a very positive experience with a clerk who gave me every ounce of help she could legally provide. She was fantastic. She was collected and wanted to be sure everything was right . she made my stressful situation less hectic with her demeanor. Do not blame the clerks for your lack of knowledge. Prepare yourself accordingly and you will prosper. Edited:4.16.20. I currently have been undermined in this court system and its truly embarrassing that although I represent myself, all hearings and motions should be same method regardless if I have representation or not. This really is a one star system that needs to be criminally investigated.

Do not trust this court. They are crooks. I called and told them I was sending my payment for a ticket and instead of waiting for it to get there they suspended my license to get another 122.00 from me. For all im concerned they can all go to hell.

My identity was stolen in texas,the thief was arrested under my name even though his real name was found out. And now whatever crime he committed is on my criminal record. Ive never physically been to dodge city kansas. How stupid are these people not to correct this mistake. Ive been trying for more than 15 years to find out what crime was committed under my name by the man who stole my identity.

Staff are always friendly and ready to help. Only issue i have is theres very limited days they can do driving tests which is pretty important.

We were referred to the Harvey county court in order to get a marriage license in early May 2020. Saline county was still shut down due to Covid-19. Harvey county was able to email easy to follow instructions and getting our license was a breeze. Thank you all at Harvey County court house for assisting the public during the pandemic.

A nice, well kept and clean building. Staff are usually kind and helpful. A very safe place to be as well.

The Jefferson County Court House is Oskaloosa, KS is very nice. They handle all the records of Jefferson County.

No one can ever seem to give me a correct answer on anything. They always tell me I need to talk to X person and then X person tells me to talk to Y person and then Y person tells me to talk to Z person. The employees are also very hateful every time I call just to inquire about something and get information. On top of that they never even have the info I need. Apparently anyone can work for a court house and needs no knowledge of the inner workings of one or knowledge of the law.

Well. I'm sure the courts would be lovely this time of year. But, well. I didn't go so I guess I won't really know. Oh I will just have to imagine it... the BAM BAM BAM and the order order order in my court... WOW Wish I could have been there. 🥺 but hey. I'm somewhere on a beach. Drinking something and why leave. It's a $90.00 fine. I'll pay it next week...

Phone calls rarely get answered. I've called for a week and a half straight actually talking to someone twice, and have left 4 messages that go unanswered. People that you need are rarely in the office.

I went to small claims court on August 11,2020 and the defendant didn’t show up and all the judge could say is there’s nothing we can do since we don’t know if defendant received papers. What??? The way I see it is he failed to appear my claim should be mines period! If things don’t get handled properly I will have them investigated!!

Osborne County Courthouse is a beautiful architectural structure with carved stone and a clock. An old jail is present. Amazing old pioneer records can be observed for research. The nearby Carnegie Library is also a great place for genealogical research.

The people here are beyond rude and prejudiced on the phone. They are also not that bright or able to understand. It took so long to try to get answers that I called a lawyer who explained what I needed to know in 30 seconds. Sad really.

Very helpful friendly people work there. They are very busy so you have to be patient but they will get to you when it's your turn.

September 18th 2018 we won our grandparents rights. Judge Rose court ordered our ex daughter in law Ashley Marie Vance Knight to give us visitations, three months updates and Skype with our grandson Baby Maddox James every Thursday at 5:30pm. We did everything that we won!! Today even though we had proof and filed it Dec 5th 2019 to fight for our grandparents rights that were being terminated from our ex daughter in law today. I flew from California to Kansas many times and today, we Skype and Judge Rose that approved our grandparents rights sided with the mother. Judge Rose said, "How can Skype help with a baby." I am thankful or hope Judge Rose never has to Skype a family member. It did wonders for our daughter when her daddy/my husband was at war. Our daughter was little, but it did wonders. I don't understand how a Judge can say this and next say something totally different that she approved of in the first place. Judge Rose knew on 1-6-2020 she already decided she was going to terminate our grandparents rights, that is why she took us off SKYPE at her court room and put us over the speaker phone in her chambers, claiming she could not hear me on Skype in her court room, when she knew she didn't have the GUTS to tell me face to face. Judge Rose knew it would destroy me and I cried and cried and she DID NOT want to see it. I truly wish my ex daughter in law the best with our grandson!!! ❤ I hope Judge Rose will never know how a broken heart feels being forced to give up on a grandchild.😭 If we were rich, we would of sued Judge Rose. Very wrong of her to grant us grandparents rights and then tear them away at anytime. 😭😭😭 I truly hope that Judge isn't a grandmother. Taking out our son sins on us. It isn't right. What my son and ex daughter in law chooses to do as ADULTS is on them. We just wanted to love our grandson. We went many times to California to Kansas and for court dates and to spend time with our Baby Maddox James. ❤ We did everything with our grandson, when we were there. Grammipie and Grandpa loves you very much!! People will lie on the stand and people truly don't care about others. If I die young, it will be because of a broken heart. We will always love our first grandchild, Baby Maddox James. May God always watch over Ashley and Baby Maddox James. ❤

Zero stars if I could. Faculty is rude and think they are God's gift to earth. They also like to add random things to your fines so you have to pay more for no reason.

Everytime i go to the records dept., the ladies there are so nice and helpful!! I appreciate their kindness!

Supper rude mid sentence hung up on me if I could give a 0 star I would not just once I asked for a supervisor they laughed and hung up it seems they need new job

These people are awful. You call the help desk and they refuse to help you and will ha e attitudes over helping you. Ive never been treated so badly and i just needed a a time for my divorce hearing. If yall are gonna be there at least be helpful.

They fail to communicate clearly, one time I had a warrant I didn't know about because of it, and most every other time I complete anything court related, I end up coming back a year later, paying even more fines, for something I was told was taken care of a year prior

I wish I would have caught their names...but I called civil on a whim for very important court docs I have been devastatingly trying to find.....this person went above and beyond with love and empathy and so much kindness, to find the correct department and offer any further assistance had we not found what we were looking for. I needed that today. We need more of that care toward everyone that this outstanding person demonstrated to me and my daughter. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate your kindness.

I have had excellent service when ever I have had business at the court house. From going to court (adopting my grandchildren) to tagging my vehicles, to paying my property taxes. The employee are very professional and helpful.

Recieved a speeding ticket exceeding the speed limit by 5 miles. I didn't appear in Court nor did I contest the charges. My fine was sent to a collect agency located in Topeka. Once I found out the where to send my payment I did; however, once the Trego County Courthouse received noticed that the Fine was paid in full they didn't respond back to the Georgia DMV indicating that the Fine was paid and that I was clear to operate a vehicle in Kansas. It has been over 30 days and Trego County Court hasn't sent a confirmation letter to Georgia DMV or myself.