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Calling a court house is never pleasant to begin with. Not only with trying to maintain a sense of composure but also trying to gather documents to streamline the conversation as much as you can. Aubrey, Just because it is 30 minutes before lunch and you misread a charge does not give you any kind of right to hang up on me. I was not yelling or using profanities; however, incase you haven't noticed (mostly because you are generously employed) it is hard to work right now. I hope you have a lovely lunch and are nicer to the next person who has to do business today. Everything is taken care of, thank you Jen.

Service is fine once you're in (just barely ample - government employees), security is OBSCENE! Took me 3 trips to make it in. Had to leave my coat, belt, watch, keys, and wallet in the car to get through security. Just walk in with the paperwork you need, an ID and a cell phone. Get in, get out and avoid that place.

This is the most unprofessional, rude staff specifically Dana and Crystal. I have ever had to deal with. They withhold information that they are require to tell you so that they can get more money out of you. I was given a ticket for "going too slow around curves" on the backroads. Well sorry for trying to be safe. The clerk Dana, said that I can appeal with a higher court, I asked her where I can find their information or if she had a number and she simply told me to research it on my own online because she doesn't have the information? Very rude people. I hope I NEVER have to deal with them ever again!

Court. What else can you say? At least I left through the front door, this time...

They used my service to the country against me in court, they didn’t even care that my wife lied to get a restraining order. They say they honor veterans but its just a lie and something they say without actually doing anything to prove it.

Land of the incompetent, and home of the crooks. The whole town is crooked, with the courts and police being worst of all.

I'm a little disappointed you can't walk in to see a judge for a traffic violation hearing and that my friends needs to be changed to better serve our community. Otherwise everyone is very nice in the clerks office and they deserve a raise..

Front desk lady has no clue what she’s talking about or the papers that need to be filed for certain legal actions and completely hinders you from continuing your legal process.

Beautiful building. Not much to say about the staff. Everytime I call for advice/answers the staff is unhelpful and rude. I went in for a name change and was unaware a marriage license counted as the only document needed for such a procedure. I was never told this or asked if I had been married when I had all my documents with me. If they had just taken that extra step to help me, they would have saved me a letter to the judge and an eventual denial of my $120 return. Really disappointed- and now, unnecessarily broke.

We visited today on our SW Oregon road trip visiting county courthouses. We loved all the architectural features of the Classical style. The building is stately and welcoming, not pretentious. Seems very fitting for this no-nonsense county that honors its veterans, our country and US traditions. Loved seeing county veterans honored for the wars they served in at the memorial garden and large semi circle bench. Especially endearing is the 120 year old elm which was likely planted at the dedication of the current courthouse after the last burnt down. This mammoth tree has at least 8 steel posts that support 1-3 branches each. Additional cables pull together these weighty arms that are covered with moss and ferns. It's a beautiful sight to behold. I feel it represents the county's intentions to honor noble people and ideas, as well as the show of resources to provide support as appropriate.

I've called for 8 straight hours just to make payments on my citation, and they never picked up, how are people supposed to make payments when you arent picking the damn phone up

Only crooks in town. Living the Fantasy life. Really they are jerks. I will never come into that town ever again. 2 block 10 mph over the speed limit 400 dollar ticket. just jerks.

Isn't life great? I'm spending so much time here that I've decided to become a pro bono attorney.

Horrible service. Paid my ticket off and 1 year later they still never cleared my ticket with the Washington Department of Licensing. I'm in trouble again now because of this.

The most beautiful marble stairs and handrails I've ever seen. Not to mention the floors and walls also marble. Simply gorgeous. I was there after 4pm, and it was closed; but the security guard was very nice and helped me.

I just called to ask what traffic diversion class to take online, the lady was so incredibly rude to me that I had to hang up on her. There's no need to talk to anyone like that. I wasn't rude to her whatsoever.

The receptionist's at this location were very helpful and nice when I had to call in with questions about court filings.

The court clerk Christine is extremely rude and unprofessional. How she is still employed is beyond my understanding. I understand that this job is probably not easy, however giving rude answers and being disrespectful is not the way to work. There is a difference between telling someone something and being rude and she most definitely is rude. This is not the first time I had the pleasure of interacting with this individual so my review is not based off of one encounter. Although you probably have some questionable people come in to file papers that doesn't mean you have to be so unprofessional. I csn not emphasize enough on giving her some training on how to be professional without an attitude and rudeness. If she doesn't want the job anymore ill be happy to take it and leave my job.

It doesn't get much worse then this. You don't even have a right not one. Your accusor does not have to face you. Its a sham.

This truly is best experience in the judiciary. Persons are very nice and helpful. The judges are terrific as well as the lawyers.

I'm always met with kind and courteous people when I go to the Sheriff's office at the courthouse, always very helpful and always answer all my questions that I have for them👍👍

They have done a great job at running a smooth court process. Every time we have called in they have been very polite and do great work.

I lost custody of my baby while breastfeeding and caring for him in a safe environment.... didn’t see him for 5 months due to one person’s accusation without proof. I have gone through the process of the court using me to provide jobs for victims assistance, supervisors for visitations, mental health system, as well as just court fees. This court requires no proof or time put into cases. Greed and corruption feeding off pain of others.

Way different than downtown with all their people and lines around the court house. This place was easy and easy out. Easy free parking alone was worth the trip for me. There was one person to wait behind in the line for the clerk. Even the police were nice. 🤯🤷🏻‍♂️🍫

Court was scheduled at 1, showed up and they told me it was rescheduled til 230 and a notice was sent last week. Neither my ex or I got that letter. Then i show up at 230 and doors are still locked... with a note saying they are behind schedule... yet if i dont show up on time my rights as a father are taken. Its now 245... i am missing work and money because of you guys. Are you going to pay my rent???


When to appeal the decision on my ticket they told me I need to pay $281 plus $9 court fee but that not guaranteed that they will take my case and I ask ok what's going to happen with my money lady said they keep it. Whata joke not just the town stinks the public servers too

I was treated mostly fairly by the staff but the Sheriff was rude and unprofessional. Despite me paying off all my debts to Union county in 2018 and I made sure to ask if there was anything else that needed to be payed for and I was told no, two years later they are saying that i owe them an extraordinary amount. I know their computers were hacked but it is not excusable to try to make me pay money a fine that I have already taken care of, plus interest that accrued in these two years. Anyhow I will get my bank to bring up the proof that i paid Union County with my credit card. A unnecessary stressful situation that i hope to be done with soon enough.

The county courthouse is set in the middle of a classic town square. There are gardens, memorials, and old military hardware of which was a hit with my grandson. Stop on your way through and wander thru it.

While doing a city walk while staying in The Dalles, I happened upon this classic small county courthouse building. I noticed the pronghorn antelope bronze in front. How appropriate. There was a time when great herds roamed the grassy hills freely.

All other Oregon counties have started holding hearings electronically because of COVID. Only Washington County doesn't do this. Instead they cash your check and then let the case sit there for a year with no action. What are they doing with their tax payer provided funds if not this? All other OR counties have the funding and recourses to continue electronically yet ONLY Washington County cannot? Where is their funding going then? Why is this court the only court that doesn't seem to function properly? Is it being severely mismanaged? It would certainly seem that way.

Security is friendly and helpful. Desk clerk at 128, not so much. Not the person who should be greeting vulnerable individuals seeking assistance. I am so thankful to have been there for my niece, this woman alone would have discouraged her from seeking legal protection.