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South Dakota

In my profession as a virtual Trust & Estate paralegal, I communicate with New York State Surrogate's Courts nearly daily. The clerks at this court are very pleasant and helpful and are goal oriented in moving files forward. Backlog happens, vacancies happen but I believe that the Clerks at this court (in particular Ms. Thompson and Robert in the Administration Department) are exceptional.

Not very impressed. Got a title transfer and was told that it was $140 for new license plate and than for the personalized customed license plates it was another $50. I got charged $850. Also when I called I got nothing but peer rudeness, not very happy. Be more specific and detailed when customers ask about the cost and stop being rude to customers.

Unbelievably poor service! I am not sure why some governmental employees are so abrasive to people who call the court division with a simple question. On 01/14/2021 I talked with woman in court administration scheduling in relation to a simple question about scheduling changes due to poor weather. Unfortunately I was met with a snide, unhelpful answer to my question. I have been in an administrative role at my department for over 20 years & I have 31 years of total law enforcement service and I would never treat someone in this manner. This type of employee does a disservice to the rest of us trying to do a great job for the public. Seriously please try to do a better job or find something else to do, I find this embarrassing for Minnehaha County Court Administration.

Don’t expect any help from the Records Room staff. I came all the way from Rhode Island to search for records and the woman wouldn’t take a few minutes to help me. I had made an appointment due to COVID and I was the only one in the room and she was mean and nasty. I guess she expected that I somehow knew the procedure already. Truly a disgusting woman and a bad experience.

As an attorney I have had the opportunity to work with the Roberts County Clerk of Court's Office for several years. My experience nothing short of wonderful. Responsive and friendly describe this office well. They are a five star office!!