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Very good for the people who have settled down here in this town that I find reminds me of Andy Griffith's Mayberry when it comes to being able to have mercy and justice for the offending people. My experience with my son being found there in court was very blessed with such a great officiating group of law enforcement who still have hearts that show true love for all who show anything that will resemble effort to make a change.

Extremely nice and helpful clerks and office staff!! I think treating these extremely knowledgeable ladies with respect and self-humility, you’ll see how far they will go to take care of you. Here is a rundown of the last two days of interactions with the Logan Justice Court. The first person I interacted with was a ‘new employee’ she was super sweet and was eager to make sure I got help. She went and got “the expert,” Heather, whom was confidently-knowledgeable of the process of expungement and other viable options that I wasn’t aware of. Heather was my favorite person to deal with throughout several trips to two different courts, prosecutors’ offices, and my personal attorney’s office. I left the justice court happy after she handled my paperwork and fees. I drove back to the prosecutors’ office to deliver the filed documents, whom gave me additional paperwork to be filed back at the Justice Court, to which I returned. I then got the pleasure of meeting Kristen. Heather and Kristen went out of her way to make sure The paperwork was filed, even though they were literally walking out the back door at 5:05 PM. They recognized me by name and volunteered to help! THANK YOU LADIES, SERIOUSLY!! They informed me I needed to fill out an order for the judge and to bring it back the next morning and talk to Alison. I followed their instructions and met Alison this morning. The ladies from the day before must had informed her of my situation and filings, because Alison was on the ball and ready for me at 8:20 AM. She also had that confidence and knowledge to finish everything up quickly. She too was amazing, kind, and extremely helpful. I’m ecstatic to call her next week to finish the process. I had a great experience at the Logan Justice Court, because of these 4 women. I walked into the two courts extremely nervous and ignorant. I left the Logan Justice Court feeling like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and these random strangers truly cared about me. Obviously, there are a few bad reviews on here; I think a lot of people show up frustrated to handle tickets/fees and end up disrespecting the clerks and office staff. These ladies are probably just doing their jobs and from my experience over the past two days, they do a damn good one.

You can never get ahold of anyone personally to solve any problems their automated system sucks

5 dollars credit/debit credit fee plus interest on top of the fine. They really know how to bleed money out of people dont they

This court is an absolute joke!!! The cop and town are running some sort of scam to fund this pathetic town. I hope I never have to pass through this desolate excuse for a town again!

The Message When You Call At This Time, Tells You Call This Same Number You're Already On.... You Can't Fast Forward. Expect A Long, Dry Message, Before The Phone Starts To Ring On Their End. At Least The Hold Music Isn't Offensive, But That Is Only After You Make Human Contact With The Court.

I've learned that calling between 9-10 works best, took a few tries but it wasn't bad or anything. The Clerk was wonderful and super sweet, she was very helpful and answered all my questions, helping me take care of my citation. Even officer Barker who gave me the citation was still super chill and nice. Ya'll are great, keep up the good work!

So this is the horrible place to ever have a fine cause they don't contact you when they say the will and they never answer there phone when you try to call to pay for your fine and then I ask if they r by the library and which they are not far from the library i will never ever live in Nephi for as long as I live

Fillmore, Utah. I never went inside the courthouse. I stumbled upon this beauty while searching for the Territorial Statehouse State Park Museum. I thought this actual courthouse was the museum. The state park museum is behind this courthouse and the exterior has murals galore. The mural connected to Millard Courthouse is for Millard County's veterans. Technically this review could have been for the veteran's monument only but i figured the actual courthouse is easier to see from the street. Hearings are by appoitment only! And the hours are 8-5am. Small town courthouses arent crowded or busy so its ok to walk around and do touristy stuff. Safe travels y'll. IG @cigarcpa

Worst court/county to deal with! Called numerous times over various days, and either got a busy signal or no one bothered to answer. Oh and if your going to East Canyon and get there at dark take a flashlight with you because finding their box to pay to park is ridiculous!

This house was just north of the Piute County Courthouse on Main Street.This was the cute small town of Junction Utah. There were several older homes that were interesting and the town was very nice. This home in particular caught my eye and I really liked the architecture. I would love to see inside of it.

In my experience both as an attorney and as a defendant (moving violation) the court works really well considering the enormous volume of stuff it has to deal with on a constant basis. The justice court judges ironically are the most in touch, and sharpest judges in the state. Much more so than the district or appellate judges. It's counterintuitive but I think the reason for it is that these judges have to be able to deal with people directly more, and have huge amounts of cases constantly coming through.

Tiffany was especially helpful, but everyone we worked with, from the Judges to Officer Greenwell were wonderful. The nicest people seem to work for Sanpete County.

I would give these people zero stars if possible. They were extremely rude and did not want to help me in any way. They only want your money here. Stay out of Sevier county if you know whats best for you.

Clerks have been quite courteous, handled all my questions/ handled payments with no issues, and I really appreciate their help, assisting me with paying for my speeding ticket

Not only is there the free museum in the basement of this courthouse to visit should you have the desire but this place is actually fast and efficient which is saying something when it comes to most government run places. If you need to register your vehicle you can be in and out in less than 5 minutes. They care about the community too from helping high school students ask/answer for dances to helping with the parades/fairs every year. Small town means they actually care and are interested in taking great care of you.

Called, no answer, voicemail full so can’t leave a message. Just want to pay a simple late registration ticket. If they never answer, and I can’t leave a message, I’ll either need to drive all the way to the courthouse or hope somehow to pay it when they finally answer someday

I have court at 1:30PM and I have been trying to reach the court to no avail. No one answers the phone!!! I have no way of getting to Tooele until tomorrow and need to reschedule my court hearing!

Honorable Richards you are a good dude. You actually try to help people. You lead by example and hopefully other judges retire to be replaced with people like you.

I’ve loved all the commissioners and judges that I’ve been in front of (family law matters). Very friendly helpful staff and officers to answers questions about directions. Regardless of “winning” or “losing” in court, I feel like the people here care about the best interest of everyone in involved in a case.

Why are the ratings so low? I haven't had a negative anectodal experience but so far everything here works. The people work and they seem to be nice

The woman I talked to was very pleasant and helpful in resolving my speeding ticket. Be aware that they charge an extra small fee f you pay with your credit card.

They have extraordinary costumer service. It’s usually not the best situation going into a court house and for reasons we can all agree, but there was a clerk there that went by the name Janet. I was really anxious about my situation and she went above and beyond to help me. In fact she was very thorough. Not only that, she managed to make me smile even in these hard times. Thank you Janet!

The court clerks and security are so kind. I went in last week to start my divorce paperwork. I came back today with my second set. I completely forgot I had pepper spray on my keychain, and security was so nice about it. Apparently, I was feeling a little panic-y, because I could not get myself to stop talking 100 miles per minute! I was just stress rambling like crazy. I spoke with two different clerks (I'd forgotten a paper with the first one), and they were so incredibly kind, understanding, patient, and helpful! I imagine that would be a difficult job, I'm just so grateful that there were knowledge and patient clerks to help me through this process.