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The probate court with controlling jurisdiction is generally within the state and county where one primarily lives.

Sent in request for name change for a relative in July of 2019 with all the paperwork completed and a check for the required fee.. Has been sitting in clerk's office since never processed. Call several times and was told had no record. Finally found last week, never processed.. Still waiting for action. Very inefficient.

This court is messed up, I had a ticket for a accident, it was dismissed, and they lied and said it was off my driver's record, but it is not. My insurance rate is over 380.00 a month. Because the clerk lied to me

Where is the parking for the Safe Exchange? Is parking nearby for disabled who wish to enter the courthouse?

Literally only getting 2 stars instead of the 1 they barely deserve because of the few people there that aren't complete garbage at their job and should not work with the public. more specifically the women (or most of them) who work in the office for juvenile and domestic all think or know different things and make sure you get a name when one says something because by the time you talk to another one they will have no idea what you are talking about and insist no one will tell you what they told you. avoid the entire place or any government related anything in this town at all cost for your own sake 👌🏻

Love this OLD place- i felt at home & the ladies working there went above & BEYOND my expectations in helping me find the answers to my off the wall inquires about my family tree, plots, land etc. Thanks!😌

Its Friday and ive been calling various numbers to try to get someone to answer a phone . Finally i decided to call the sheriff's office not knowing if there was an issue at the courthouse. I was told all offices are ckosed friday and monday, im guessing because of the holiday. It would have been nice for someone to have updated the website/office hours posted on the internet. i guess they forgot. Is this anyway to run a county?

Does anyone ever answer the phone there? In the dozens of times I've called I've managed only once to speak with a live person, and they were unable to help me.

They were trying to make all of us sit in a very small room with the chairs touching each other. I refused due to not being able to social distance, but they still insisted, telling me I had a mask on. I told them the GUIDELINES were a mask AND 6ft apart. They then agreed to allow us to spread out at the end of the hall, which still wasn't very large. Very disappointed in the way they are scheduling so many cases, all at 9am, during this time.

I needed to process some paperwork at the courts, and was delighted that everyone was helpful and kind.

If the inspector knows the person they will set you up, when you get to court they didn't give your lawyer the discovery he requested so your lawyer will tell you we can continue but I will charge you another 1500. But just plead guilty and they agree to give you no jail time. Caroline county is corrupt

Lots of unfriendly staff, really dirty floor. Slipped and fell at entrance, needs some carpet at entrance floor

The grounds are always kept clean, and the building protected and well kept. Good job to the officers and janitors.

Very nice typical Virginia courthouse, with brick, columns, and a memorial to those Confederate soldiers who have passed on the grounds. I cannot attest to the quality of justice inside the court, but the outside grounds were pretty enough. Cheers.

Conveniently located for Cumberland residents. People who work in the building are helpful, friendly, and will direct you where you need to go for the services you are searching for. The DMV office is also in there for convenience.

Terrible answering service. No one picks up the phone and you keep getting rerouted to the same place. The court house is an important institution and it should be easily accessible. Extremely unprofessional!!!!

Be careful when dealing with the court system, and court appointed attorneys. Mine had me do a guilty plea, without seeing exactly what evidence they had. It wasn't until immediately after, that I found out and luckily was able to retract the plea and was in fact found not guilty. Now I'm dealing with a judge signing a garnishment during a pandemic, on an essential worker no less, and only finding out when the paycheck reflected it. We finally got the papers 1 and 1/2 months after the judge signed it, but nothing prior . What happened to being served and due justice?

I cannot attest to the level of justice or fairness of the court, but the outside and grounds looked quite nice. It’s definitely an older courthouse, but that just adds to the history. There are several memorial obelisks in front memorializing the deceased Greene County soldiers in Korea, Viet Nam, The Great War, the Second World War, and the War Between the States. They aren’t the prettiest of memorials, but nevertheless serve to maintain the memory of those who have their lives in defence of their county, state, and country. Would recommend stopping by if in Stanardsville or nearby, cheers.

Henrico county must make it a hiring requirement to be as rude and as flippant as possible. Literally have never seen a more unprofessional and backwater court system in my life. No accountability from anyone in the court system and out right hostility towards the public. Also pro tip send everything to them in triplicate because the inept staff will lose your paper work intentionally. The times are changing and hopefully these people will be done away with and replaced by real humans that actually care to do their job and fulfill their duty to the public. Until then beware the lizard people at Henrico county they all have a collective IQ of 4 and the personality of a garden rake to match.

If you are coming here to fight a ticket, save the time and court costs. You will be guilty no matter what and be forced to pay court fees that will likely exceed your original ticket amount. If you have evidence, you are still guilty. Don't want points? They try to make a deal with everyone to sign up for the driver improvement classes. Total hussle.

Really nice looking court house, lots of cool statues around it, and many manorial to the fallen.

Nice little public space in downtown Madison. The statue to the Confederate dead is in fairly good shape, and a new historical marker nearby for the Medal of Honor recipient Corporal Clinton Greaves from 2018, so work is always in progress. Lastly, there’s a memorial to those who gave their lives in service during The Great War on the grounds as well. Cheers.

Lots of space! I mean 8 courtrooms for 4 judges. (Maybe they were running a special?) If there is a small country that needs space for its entire government, this place can certainly accommodate it. Leave your cell phone in the car.

This beautiful and historic courthouse is efficient, safe and well-run. Staff from all parts of the process - land records to tax office to court rooms - are knowledgeable and helpful.

Be advised the clocks are ten minutes fast here. Meaning if you are five minutes early, according to their clocks you are five minutes late and the courtroom doors are locked. When I left the court their clocks read quarter after 8, in my car and on my mobile time was 8:07. Also the minutes I was late were due to walking to the door realizing I had to go back to my car to put my purse away.

Wonder if the police training for this jurisdiction consists of sitting behind a simulator, eating, and picking out of state licenses of places that actually matter. These guys set speed traps and only ticket out of state drivers 24/7 365. Just get a radar detector before you drive through here it will save you with dealing with these bozos. Brave police work goes on here writing tickets 24/7. Stunning heroism

The website says they open at 8. Incorrect info. I couldn't get them to answer at 8. But when I called another department, I was told they open at 8:30. Please update your information on Google. No voicemail options.

I paid to have my name changed, and they literally never sent me any documentation on it, or proof that it was changed. So there's no way to get a new birth certificate or anything now. They also won't answer my phone calls and send me on an infinite loop. This was about a year ago and still nothing, I have now just moved to a new state and need this more than ever yet they refuse to help out at all. I honestly have no idea what to do at the moment, and completely screwed when it comes to living in this new state because of it.

Made the quick excursion off 29 to drive downtown and stopped at the courthouse. Of all the courthouses I’ve been to, this one had the most extravagant Confederate memorial. It had four pillars and a statue on top, quite something. The interpretive history sign gave a good idea of the history of the little courthouse, and the newly planted grass seed is sown where the old large tree used to be out in front. Chatham is a great little town, would highly recommend a visit, cheers.

Phone number "busy"...should be able to afford more lines with all the money they steal by "adjusting" fines