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Drove a half an hour to get here just to be told "we're full, We'll send you another subpoena." Not everyone has gas like that to drive from Aurora to Brighton. Not only the drive but it took forever to get through the security. In this part I can say, Arapahoe county is a little more organized.

There is a new judge in the municipal court house and I am happy about it. Not because I ever had a bad experience with judge Powell, but i have seen that man throw a woman in jail for being 10 mins late . Like come on REALLY. I think they need to be putting people in jail that deserve to be there not for being 10 mins late for court. Ridiculous and it seems to be noticed and delt with finally. Lets see how the new judge ,judges people who are not on the right path in Alamosa

Totally unsecure voting system. The envelope has no flap, so paper is just wasted. The ballots and the envelopes with no closure just loosely mix in the box. How many ballots are lost this way? How much paper waste is generated by these faux envelopes? Who paid for it? Why were the choices so limited that it warns on the computer that prints your ballot that you have empty slots, but not that you can continue safely? What if we don't want to vote for that person, but still want to vote for president? Are we being coerced and forced to vote for only what they decide? That's a shame. What has our country come to? Our democratic way of life is being squandered by faulty voting facilities like Baca courthouse.

When i arrived in colorado it took me a long time to find housing. Durring the search for property myself and some friends went to look at some land for sale. Property was fenced in gate open with a for sale sign we went to look at the property at which point the property owner locked the gate called the police and had us cited for trespassing. Now you think some petty little charges like this would be dropped by the courts rather quickly, how ever the courts here have offered me to drop the charges upon completling 6 months probation. they gave me 4 court dates to repeatedly offer this same deal over and over again. on the 4th court appearance i finally execpted under the terms that i would pay no money for anything involved and nothing would be scheduled for me to miss work. the first thing they do is schedule me a meetting with the crazy lady who called the cops during work hours, now the courts have revoked my probation for insisting upon staying within the terms reached. now the court wants to take it to trial. I just want you all to reflect on just how much tax payer money the courts have wasted pursing this petty trumped up charge against me. to take it a step further my co defendant in this charge has had her charges dropped FROM LACK OF EVIDENCE TO PROSECUTE!

Courts are for the people but not in this county. Only have free time during your lunch break. Don’t come here as they close the whole building down. I’m going to get with a local rights advocate group and see if we can’t get this changed for the betterment of the community.

The Lady judge always has an attitude,cant keep her own docket in order,isnt sympathetic to you even if the courts make an error. Glad to know the public defenders,d.a's and judges all speak with eachother,had a disagreement with my public defender and now it's clear the judge wants to give me a maximum punishment for defending myself against 3 grown men and a woman. Da and judge really need to learn self defense and stop presuiting case for conviction rate..I'm innocent and in the discovery it's extremely clear..Yet they pursuit it

What a joke. If you’re looking for justice look elsewhere. Jin ho D pack was laughing and joking with the officer who wrote me a ticket before after and during my case. When I asked if there was another judge who wasn’t so chummy with the officer she laughed at me, said no and moved on without considering the obvious conflict of interest. They had some inside joke they were laughing at. I knew the second i saw them bantering there was no way she was going to listen to me and I was correct. She repeatedly interrupted me throughout my hearing and prevented me from making my points. She was clearly uninterested and had decided to uphold the ticket without any consideration of the facts or details of the case. The law was seemingly on my side. I’ve since consulted with a lawyer friend who agreed the facts of the case were in my favor. I hope someone reviews my trial and her performance. She should be dismissed or recalled for being a corrupt shill for the police. Driving in delta county is an unofficial tax on the population. I’ve been ticketed for going 3 mph over in Hotchkiss. It really builds a lot of contempt towards the authorities and courts when the police fine you and the court upholds it for every minor infraction, regardless of the facts of the matter. If you go before judge peck, you should assume you will be deemed guilty of everything the police accused you of regardless of whatever evidence you produce to the contrary. Do not expect a fair trial, this is, for all intents and purposes, a kangaroo court.

I believe the people that were there today we prejudice against me for not knowing how to fill out paperwork . Because of that I was denied a fee wave for my court orders I could not pay for. My child father refused to bring our daughter to our drop off so I tried to file a contempt of court as his done many times and never get a section. This time I filed and was denied because I did not fill out the paperwork to the judges liking so for this my daughter father gets to keep her until I can take another day off work to go re file . Thank to the women who showed me what I was doing wrong. Shame on all the women in the files room who said they didn't know what to tell me. On top of that the women who I filed the modified odreds I need to revise our case did not stamp them so nothing was filed.

Got a DUI here about a year ago, and I'm thanking GOD himself it was here, and not in "Suburbia". It's been a "life changing" event with no excuses and fully aware of the mistake I made by driving under the influence. The whole process has been just and fair - from the Judge, and District Attorney, to my Probation Officer. I've had nothing but great support on my path to full sobriety. Makes me proud to say I was born and raised in Denver.

I thought the security staff were very polite and helpful. (Considering my bra was setting off the metal detectors, how embarrassing).I know most people don't enjoy going to court. But I was there as a paralegal for the day, and felt it was as clean and comfortable as can be during these times.

The judge invented his own facts, his own law, and his own testimony in order to contort himself into justifying a seatbelt ticket for someone who was wearing a seatbelt and was illegally stopped. He found, based on no testimony from anyone, that I have a magical brake light that only malfunctions when this one cop looks at it, and works just fine for me and all the other cops who pull me over twice a month. Even after he found the other two accusations to be false, suddenly one of the two stories this cop gave about my seatbelt is so credible that it merits having some gaps filled in by a helpful judge. I don't recall any expert testimony about the ideal technique for seatbelt use. I just remember a cop testifying that I was wearing one.

I want to give my FIVE start for a Clark, Ms. AJ. Ms. AJ helped me with her time and her dedication. I really and very appreciate Ms. AJ's help. If you, who read my Google review, have any questions about court systems that you need help, ask Ms. AJ. She will help you. Thank you, AJ, for your help and time for me.

The receptionist answering the phone ''Clerk'' is the most snobiest unhelpful arogant person there is. I would never reccomend calling this place for help. Small town life is supposed to be friendly. Thumbs down☹

Stay far away from dis here place as you can. Not good folks running this mess up here

I've been offered different information every time there. I even call before leaving to be sure I have EVERYTHING needed only to learn once there something else is needed. There is no accountability and it seems as if they make it up as they go along. Who is in charge and why aren't they held accountable? Tax payers deserve better.

I live in Denver, CO and have been dealing with an Estate case in Gunnison, CO. I am not always able to drive over to Gunnison to accomplish certain tasks related to the case. With the amazing assistance of the employees of the court, I have been able to attend to the necessary aspects of the case from Denver. I could not have done this without the assistance of the fantastic staff at the Gunnison County Combined Courts. I can not express my gratitude to the wonderful people who have helped me and guided me during the whole process. Every time I have called, I have been treated in a professional and friendly manner. Every single person has been very helpful including the Judge. The Judge explained the process clearly and made sure all of my questions were answered. To the ladies who answer the phone, I am sincerely and profoundly grateful for your guidance and assistance. I have learned a considerable amount from you all. Again, thank you to everyone I have dealt with at the Gunnison Combined Courts. I am forever indebted to you, and so happy I could jump for joy!

What a surprise to find this stately Courthouse in the tiny town of Walden CO in the middle of North Park. Worth stopping and walking around. Was there on a Sunday so building was closed.

As far as courts go . Pretty good. Professional / non biased prosecuting attorney . Judge was personable . Would not attend again willingly but it was definitely a better environment than Denver county courts. Michael in the clerks office specifically was a very nice and pleasant employee there . I'm saying all this from the stand point of having just plead guilty to criminal charges . There are FAR worse courts .

A woman at the clerk counter was not wearing a mask even though they are required. They are not enforcing covid safety measures.

Very unfair judgement by judges the judge feels that he has the right to help you if he feels that you need help. The judge never sticks to his word the DEA is nowhere near as educated as they should be and all in all is the worst Courthouse to ever have to go to court in and is very corrupt and really don't care about what people are going through they just want money

I called in regarding traveling to the courthouse for a court date because i live like 5 hours away. Kim was great she answered all my questions and did everything she could to help. this was my first ever interaction with any court and honestly it was pretty seamless. Thanks kim

Does not return calls or messages. A waste of time trying to contact this office. Have to be persistent if you need them. Perhaps one day someone will return my calls.

I have tried for 3 1/2 hours to get ahold of a live person but both numbers are in a loop. I select option 2 to talk to a customer service representative and all it does is transfer me back into the options menu. Neither 257-3625 or 257-3640 answer.

Did you know if your a father the court will make lies about you let your children be abused until you get a lawyer truly sexist and dishonest people

Absolute worst experience with any court system....... ever. Also, if you’re calling in because you live 60 miles away, make sure you’re not hearing impaired, this call in system is so low quality. I could not hear majority of my trial on the phone, like when I was supposed to pay my ticket. Thank you very much Montrose County Court, you’ve proved yourselves to be less and sub-par. Take my money and maybe solve some actual crimes.

I wish I could give this place negative five stars!!! If you ever have Douglas Manley as your judge, be forewarned, he embodies the definition of a tyrant and you are automatically guilty!!!!! Even with evidence that proves your innocence (which he won't even allow you to provide to the court) he will still throw you in jail, until you agree to his illegal, biased, malicious and predetermined judgement!! He refuses to uphold his oath and refuses to acknowledge the law!!

We went to visit the City of Ouray on July 10th 2020. We found the restaurants and store owners consistently unfriendly and often rude. Some of this was no doubt due to the general anxiety in the community due to the virus situation, but Durango for example faces the same virus and the difference is night and day. To be clear, we wear masks and follow all protocols. I’m not going back to Ouray. There are plenty of friendlier places to spend my tim.

The best ever and will not take no for an answer unless she is just can take her as someone who will not deal with her own home state and kills her own reputation as a cowgirl