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The probate court with controlling jurisdiction is generally within the state and county where one primarily lives.

S1E1 Justified. US Marshal Raylan Givens and Ava Crowder have a conversation on the 2nd floor balcony (view from behind down to the bridge) while Ava has a smoke and invites Raylon over for chicken. Rating is only for inclusion in tv show. Don't know anything about the courthouse.

Not too crowded was a holiday. Girls at Sheriff Office were pleasant. Guards at entrance were polite & helpful

This is one of the nicest courthouses I’ve seen around the country with a tall tower, cool architectural work, and the various statues on the grounds. I cannot attest to the fairness of the justice dealt here or the interior, but the outside looked quite good. There is a nice statue dedicated to the Union dead from Blair County, a pioneer family, and a law enforcement officer memorial all in front fittingly on Union Street as well as Allegheny. Lastly, a gold plated Lady Justice is above the front doors and looks very cool. I’d recommend a visit if in Hollidaysburg or passing by as I was, cheers.

Beautiful building, and easy to locate in the center of town. The front stairs can make it difficult to access for someone who may have physical disabilities. You're greeted by sheriff deputies upon entering, who walk you through a simple security scan. The deputies are always pleasant, and very willing to help you with any questions you may have. Most of the offices are located in a semi-circle on the first floor, with hearings being held on the second floor with a . There are large, visible signs above each office door and it definitely helps you find your destination with ease. The back of the building hosts an elevator, for those who cannot handle the stairs and the basement has more offices and two exits, that are exit only for safety reasons. The center of the building is open and bright, with very beautiful architectural detailing throughout. One of the most attractive county courthouses I've seen out of many.

Just want to write a review to explain mine and my fiancé’s experience today. Had a zoom meeting with Terry Lee today regarding our marriage license, he was AWESOME! So helpful and walked us through the process. Couldn’t have been any nicer! I wish there were more people like Terry in the world!

I went to the Bucks County Clerk of Courts Criminal Division unit and Ms. Aubrey Harris-DiSalvi was very helpful and very friendly. I didn't know how to deal with the issues that I had but Ms. Harris-DiSalvi helped me to figured out my issues. I am so glad that she was there. I want Ms. Harris to get recognized for her work.

The lady I spoke with about my divorce decree was really friendly and professional gave me all the details needed to obtain certified divorce decree thank you so much!

The website claims they're open until 4:30 with no mention of the fact that they stop working at 3:45 because "It takes 25 minutes to file" so if you get there at 4:00 because you work, save yourself a trip. Edit: I was able to get the license the following time (months later)I went and had a nice lady who was pretty quick

I felt like I was in another world, everyone in this courthouse was genuinely nice and pleasant and most important helpful.

I sent an email requesting assistance registering my pets on line on 9/23/2020. I have yet to get a response from that department! Yet I received a reminder from my Vet that I was Late and the Link to re-registering my dog for 2020? Maybe I can give them an excuse, as I requested to add a second dog which I recently purchased that I needed to register. I had through another ringer in the mix, my 8 year old dog was registered in Berks County , PA as a Lifetime Animal. I am a Senior Citizen and a Veteran! Typical Chester County that I left over 31 years only to return to the same cavalier and pretentious employees who are employed in this section of the County Seat. I decline to welcome any alibis regarding “Covid “ as no acknowledgment to my email request. Lucia Manetta

After calling the courthouse to get important information regarding my home, the woman that took my call couldn't find it in her heart to have the decency to show me any type of respect. It saddens my heart, knowing the difficult times people are going through and she couldn't speak to me with respect, I can imagine how she talks to people that have a hard time understanding legal documents. I thought if we had any questions it would be okay to call to get the right information so I wouldn't lose my home. She made it clear to me that I was interrupting her day and she didn't want to be bothered.

Before I moved here I fought for my benefits with little results. As a wounded warrior, I felt betrayed. Not only did they fight for my benefits but they helped me get better care. The advice they gave me helped me maneuver through a system that requires paperwork I just can't do now. They are knowledgeable, trustworthy and hospitable. You can talk to them about private medical issue and it's not even uncomfortable. These people just "get it"!

How is Judge Thomas Placey able to continue on the bench until the end of the year? I’ve known Placey for around 15 years and he has always acted out of control. The thing was no one ever reported him in the past for his reckless behaviors.

I lost my faith in the American Justice system after the Superior court issued a decision in my favor regarding pre-trial evidence admission, then under pressure from Philadelphia Democrats agreed to "Re-examine" the case (Double Jeopardy??), and took one year of my life to "reverse" their own decision("Right to a speedy trial?) . The charges were ultimately dropped and EXPUNGED in Philadelphia court, but after hiring a lawyer out of my own pocket to petition them to take down slanderous and baseless accusations against me (never went to trial), which are Google searchable to my name -- they outrageously denied to take down the post. "Innocent until proven guilty", just like "Speedy trial" and "double jeopardy", are concepts entirely unknown to these partisan, activist "Judges". Good luck if your Constitutional rights as an American fall before their bench.

I was surprised and delighted that my call was answered and handled professionally with soothing politeness. The government offices in Raleigh, NC do not answer the phones. This makes life so very difficult for an elderly person. Bravo to you!

Went for gun permit. Wasn’t told to bring anything. Got humiliated in front of everyone when they lady started yelling about needing proof of address bc my license isn’t enough and need an already filled out application when I was told I can do it in the office. Then she started asking other customers if they were told all this info on the phone- I wasn’t told any of this. Thanks for the embarrassment when YOU guys neglected to tell me what I needed.

I sent for doe licence I was rejected 3 times.I pay alot of taxes in Fayette county but because nonresident pays more for license they get license I will start complaining to pa game commission about the corruption in uniontown courthouse

These people are very rude. I'm sure they probably deal with a lot of people who are not the best but its defiantly a lot of unpleasantness experience when dealing with their staff.

You guys are the best you guys always help me with my problems when I need help So i rate you guys as a five star

Very annoying.... Judges trying to consider problems and pressure of having tickets And the Evil Police Officers keep laying on their Follow citizens.... What a stupid world Such a Marcy less.... It’s very unfair and unjustified!

They lock the doors 10-15 minutes early and leave 5-10 minutes early every day despite having their hours posted as 8am to 4pm.

Wow, this is one good looking courthouse! Never been inside but the outside from a tourist perspective it is absolutely beautiful.

I was here a while back for jury duty. Baliff was very polite and helpful. Place is neat and orderly and, although not picked for a trial, it was an overall good life experience. Needs more parking though ... or some kind of parking pass.

The only reason that I am giving the courthouse this many stars is because I attended a candlelight vigil at the bust of Jason Miller. And it was awesome. It was in honor of one of the coolest people to have ever lived Michael Draper .

I have little personal experiences with the Courthouse other than the Sheriffs dept for concealed carry and have had no other issues up till today...I have a Lancaster County Courthouse Employee post an extremely rude Review of my local business , that appears to hold no proof or truth .Kane Chhetri.You would try to hold these employees to a higher standard.Chris Woelfle , owner Manor Automotive LLC.

Oh, I love this place on the East Side, and only few truly know why...heterosexually speaking. The best part about that facility is I can freely express my transgressions in the multiple positive departments.

The lady I spoke to was rude and had such an attitude as if I was bothering her with questions I was asking. Horrible customer service

Needed to file paperwork in the Register of Wills / Orphans Court today. The person who helped me was utterly delightful -- warm, personable, professional and kind. The PA turnpike was backed up so my trip to Lebanon from West Chester took triple the time. I was a tad frazzled from the traffic jams when I reached the Courthouse. Luckily, I arrived exactly on time for my appointment (without a minute to spare). It's time for bed now and I am still feeling thankful. Today's experience makes me want to take more cases in Lebanon County. 😊

Family court department ladies have been nothing but rude, never received my documents I needed and refused to send another. and when I asked, they gave a disrespectful attitude and said “ oh well I don’t know what to tell you, it’s not my problem “ then just hung up on me. And these are the people that are in charge of documentation that impact people? What a disgrace

Constantly violate the Constitution. Same Constitution I was swore to uphold and defend against all enemies, foreign and Domestic.

Been trying to call for an hour, all I want is info regarding jury duty because we're out of the country on military orders and I dont want to come home with an arrest warrant because I didn't show for jury duty


Came to the courthouse to file an appeal on a traffic citation. Upon arrival I was told to call the clerk of courts, which I did, no one ever answered the phone called over 15 times still no luck (mind you states you must file an appeal in person). I go back into the courthouse the sheriff's dont have any information, all they do is give you a number to call and cant help you in any other way. After filling out the paperwork outside and trying to contact the clerk of courts to come down and assist me from my cell phone after a hour and a half a sheriff offered to call up and have someone come down.( he must have seen the frustration in my eyes) Finally someone comes down takes my paperwork and money order and dosen't return for over 2 HOURS! Now I'm standing in the lobby by the door twiddling my thumbs wondering what's going on, again none of the sheriff's could help me when I asked if they could see what the issue is. Now I'm highly frustrated I understand COVID19 has changed a lot but, to open up to provide services in the manner that they are is just absolutely horrible. Many citizens that came onto the courthouse during the 3 1/2 Hour period I was standing in the lobby were turned away with no help, what a shame! Finally at 3:49 PM another woman came out after another sheriff realized how long I was standing in the lobby and went back to check what was talking so long. I asked the woman how long does it usually take to file paper work she said and I quote "not long pretty quick" I mentioned to her I've been standing here for over 2 hours waiting on my receipts and paperwork she blames her boss and says " oh my boss thought she said have a good day and thought you left". I guess you can imagine how my insides were burning up. No apology, a sorry excuse and horrible management/customer service during these unprecedented times. Why would you think I left when you told me you were going to get my copies? Why would I leave without any documentation stating I was there! This experience for me was the absolute worst. Citizens shouldn't feel as though they cant get any help or their issues are not important when they come to the courthouse. At least have someone in position with the proper information to point people in the right direction not just "call this number" (when people already stated they can't get through). I would like at also add when I called a week before and asked how much it would cost to file an appeal I was told $297 when it actually cost $87. Do you know how hearing that number to a lot of people would cause them to not continue with an appeal. All I'm asking for is the proper information be given to the people.

I received a ticket on Saturday, July 6th, 2019, made payment and mailed on Tuesday, July 9, 2019. Today, the envelope was returned by the USPS with a yellow sticker saying "Return to Sender, No such address, Unable to Forward." The ticket said to mail to Magisterial District No. 26-3-04, the envelope was addressed correctly. 15 days and the ticket will double and a bench warrant issued for your arrest. Something is very wrong with either the Justice in this county or the postal service. Now I must research to find out where it is located and drive there to make the payment in person. Very upsetting and frustrating as a minority woman who knows to well how a minor traffic stop could end me in jail, vehicle towed and stored for a hefty price, if you cant afford, you lose your means of transportation. I intend on writing my state Representative and senator as well as county solicitor, General Post Master, and post office to find out why this was not delivered. I am upset and angry because how will I be compensated for my time and expenses to protect myself from going to jail and being treated like a criminal, fingerprinted, photographed and work history in jeopardy because of this incident?!

Very troubled with the custody master I had. Didnt document anything we agreed upon in the court order which has made my holidays extremely difficult. He didn't like that I talked with my hands even to the point of making fun of me very insulting. He automatically believed my ex without any proof to a blatant lie. Didnt want to see anything I had or hear what I had to say. No experience with trauma or abuse or NPD. I'm worried about my future and sorry I ever involved them for help with my broken family.

I went to recorder of deeds office and my experience was wonderful! I experienced great customer service. They were very professional and knowledgeable and I didnt wait very long. Not sure if all those bad reviews are from other offices of the courthouse.

No matter what you might be going in there for, guards, judges, and all other court employees for the most part are very respectful and willing to help.

I was appointed as my aunt's legal guardian this past July. I just wanted to say that each and every time I contacted the orphan's court staff, they were exceptionally kind and helpful. They answered my questions completely. When I hung up the phone I knew exactly what action I needed to take regarding my question. Becoming a guardian was a very long and stressful process so I really appreciate the help that the Orphan's Court Clerks provided. Thank you very much!

From what I have seen. The employs do not know there own Court order about recording, photos and video. Part c: Court room, Hearing room, or Judicial room are the ONLY RESTRICTED AREAS.

Super nice, helpful when they can be. Realize they're not permitted to give legal advice so they can't answer every question, but they try.

Well after waiting 7 years to get to a simple master court hearing in 2018... We finally receive results in 2020 In August. Well turns out the results don't mean anything due to the master attorney making a decision without the documents which the courthouse lost all court documents in 2018. So she commits a felony... Of course you can't get them on anything Because they are the great corrupt court. Now they want us to go back infront of the same people to redo everything and also pay for everything again. Enjoy paying your taxes I don't care what political side your on these people should be rotting In jail

Only saw the outside, but very nice for a small town and the surrounding yard was decorated very nicely.