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The probate court with controlling jurisdiction is generally within the state and county where one primarily lives.
South Carolina

Unfortunately, they make it so you have to get a lawyer. And the lawyers drag it out so they get whatever money is left. I think it is sad. And dealing with grief and probate is awful

Something was a little off on what I wanted. I left. Made me uncomfortable and had no reason to be uncomfortable.

Employees are rude. Actually plain mean. Took 4 days to find out my bail wouldn’t be paid for a month. Thanked the lady I spoke to and she hung up in my face. The whole Beaufort County police, county jail, and court employees are redneck leftovers in an up and coming progressive city. The Judge was amazing / the shining star in a desert desolate of intelligence

I was blessed to have Sheena in probate help me with my marriage license 💖💖💍💍 she went beyond her duties to make sure I had all paperwork right and explained so much to me... Bless you Sheena

They are awesome. They helped me when no one else would and are always so courteous and helpful.

This government building has one of the best free displays of art I've seen. On the third floor are life size original paintings of George Washington, Andrew Jackson and many other famous Americans. A guide will explain the history of each item. Non-flash photography is allowed.

They are super nice and super helpful, willing to answer all your questions as soon as they can. I was in desperate need of my license after it was sent out and they were able to help me and get me what i needed for my husband going into the army! Would recommend anyone getting married to go through them for their application and documents! Thank you a ton Regina D. LeBlanc and Megan R. Arnett!!

Super nice staff. They made getting our marriage license super simple and made sure everything was completed as quick as possible. Thank you for helping us out during this time!

My husband, Brett Calcutt, has been trying to get in to do a mini estate for his father. These people are careless. The first available we're told is late January. He's been as patient as he can be but after 2 women have been slyly rude over the phone his patience has worn thin understandably.

The customer service at this office is by far the absolute worse. They're very rude, unprofessional disrespectful and non compassionate to people whose lost a loved one. They make such a simple paperwork task so complicated I pray God has mercy on them.

I need to get to court the judge ordered something never heard.... they have violated my constitutional rights and the judge can’t even get what he asked for. What about the laws and fundamental rights I was asked to be heard perjury happened and all the money that has been spent and all I want to be heard and the law be upheld. You can commit perjury shoot up heroine and as long as lawyers keep you out of court laws and rules don’t stand even pending a rule to show cause

My father unexpectedly passed away almost two years ago. My lawyer has sent probate all documents they have asked for and we have literally been waiting on probate to close our case for almost two years. One employee of the probate court told me that the COVID deaths were more important for them to get to. How is any death more important that another? This place has not been helpful or timely at all. Very disappointed.

The "little guy" should expect to appeal every single case you take to this kangaroo court no matter what. And they rubber stamp "denied" on all applications to proceed "in Forma Pauperis".

You have to go in person to get ahold of anyone. You will be on the phone for days if you try to call. Only giving three stars because the officers in the courthouse are all super nice and try their best to help you in the right direction.

I have had to come here twice, to Probate Court to deal with my parents estates. Once with an appointment and once without. Both experiences were wonderful. Everyone was compassionate, knowledgeable, and helpful. Despite the fact the place was packed and the phone ringing off the hook, everyone was hustling and patient. Maria was especially kind!!! I so appreciated these people!

Although helpful with providing some information, otherwise was extremely rude and hurried me off the phone.

The atmosphere of this office is great!! Considering what one may go to the Probate Court for, other than marriage licenses, all staff members are beyond gracious and kind. A rarity to find these days in the public service sector but this office is going places.

Though are system sucks in the USA , will say employees are very helpful and informative.

I called and left a message with one of the numbers provided on the website because I didn't know which department I needed. My call was returned within a matter of minutes and the pleasant lady transferred my call to the correct department. The young lady who answered was very thorough, informing me of what I needed to bring when visiting her office. When I visited the next day, I knew exactly where to go and what I needed. Demetrice Williams was professional and friendly, shaking my hand when I complimented the ease of my experience; I was out in 5 minutes!

I visited the Saluda County Court House on August 21, 2017. The day of the Eclipse Totality 2017. The court house was created in 1896. When you walk through, you can smell the old age of the building, the history of this small town. It's so amazing. I had a tour of the building from one of the officers that works there during the day. He was great. He showed me the court which was amazing. The whole place was built of wood and you can almost hear the judges gavel throughout its history. We were able to set up our chairs on the lawn to watch the eclipse. There were a lot of people here on this day. So many people from out of town. I met people from Massachusetts, Connecticut, Texas, Georgia, Florida and more. Everyone was so so nice. We were all excited to be there and to witness the eclipse. It was the most spectacular event I have ever witnessed in my life. I want to thank the town of Saluda for their hospitality. Every single person was pleasant, helpful, nice, courteous, and down right southern hospitable. By all means, if you have the chance to drive through town, do it. Stop by for a visit, have a burger at Bryan's Cafe and enjoy the museum, and donate to the Saluda theatre. They'll appreciate it and you'll definitely enjoy it.

We went to get our marriage licenses and my fiancé tried to explain about his situation and his identification. No one would listen besides one amazing lady. No one would let us explain. We were turned away until one lady came back from lunch.

A scam this courthouse just wants your money they keep deleting my comment the staff is unprofessional this county don’t care about you or your family just money I have a case that was pending two years the victim told them that stuff didn’t happen and not I’m still waiting two years for a charge I didn’t do the real criminals get away somebody like me waiting two years over a charge I did not commit this is a waste of the so called justice system another black man they trying trap in the system I’m not surprised