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Beautiful & historic building that is very well maintained! The custodial staff does a wonderful job!

Ex: Repeat violent offender(Jason Rush) let out on $1500 bail for beating someone, he goes and beats her again until she's blind. Sheriffs Dept says on WEAUTV that people need to report violent domestic abuse, however, the court system doesn't see that it's much of an issue. Maybe it's a weak DA, or maybe we need different judges. Either way, they don't have societies best interest in mind.

Disappointed in Bayfield County courts, sheriff's and law enforcement for using those who attended rainbow gathering as fundraiser for town. Visitors should not have to pay tickets, fines and court costs for petty things. Lady I met at court fined $163.80 for rolling papers SMH not weed or drugs, but papers. I have a $143.80 fine/court cost for a empty vape pen. Day I went to court, almost $4,000 in fines and court costs. That's just one day. The gathering already boosting town business, guess law enforcement wanted some funds too!

Unfortunately anybody tries to get a hold of you and you guys are on lunch break there’s people that are going through some serious things and you guys don’t return phone calls and or do not answer them and I do not believe that is right

If I could give a negative review I would. This is all for the same court case, which was my divorce. First, the family court commissioner will offer "free legal advice" during certain hrs. I specifically remember Fridays before 11am, that's when I went wit my mom. In court, When I told the judge it was the family court commissioner who told me what to do n gave me the advice, I got implicated for what she told me and the family court commissioner just sat there n watched me get put thru the ringer. Then, there were screen shots of texts I submitted for another court date, the judge didn't even consider them Cuz "he couldn't read them". When I offered to let him read the screen shots right off my phone, he didn't even acknowledge my offer. Finally, my final court date was cancelled n the court house never bothered to let me know till 30 mins after my scheduled court time, when I asked the same family court commissioner myself what was going on wit my case. I asked her if they let anyone know about the cancellation n she just said "No." That was it. Incredibly unprofessional staff.

Honestly most unfair unforgiving courthouse. I genuinely feel bad for people who live in that county and deal with them.

We helped picked up the fallen flag about a year or two ago, was happy to do that good dead 😁

Customer service is disappointingly under par. The clerk of court’s employees are very discourteous and rude. Most of the officers are nice and helpful but a select few are harassing, rude and ghastly overpowered in the fact that they believe they are never wrong and feel it acceptable to swear at you and call you names if you ask simple questions.

Simple courthouse, has all them proper department needed to achieve whatever legal goals you have. A little confusing and take it around but once you get the hang of itit's pretty cool. Also connected to the police department and the jailhouse.

My Ex-Wife Tienne Heino used the court system injusticely and curruptively and my daughter Serenity Rose as weapons and pawns on a chess board to violate my Constitutional Civil and Parental rights to father my child based on parental alienation and false alogation tactics the truth shall be spoken and me and my daughter shall have justice.

Worst Courthouse in America! They have 1 Judge that handles everything. Family, Civil, Criminal Cases and she's very sexist!

Had to take myself and my dog Bongo here for something. They let Bongo in because he had his service vest on. Pizza was great and Bongo even managed to steal a slice! Haha wondering why Jonah wasn't there tho... Hahahah jkjk

I had to drive from Indiana all the way to the courthouse. I was 35 min late and lost custody of my daughter. Got back to my car and had no gas! I went back in and the clerks, who felt bad for me, gave me gas money to drive back home. Good people!

I was yelled at and hung up on multiple times and also told to look up the information I was asking for. If you reach the office of Victoria Sarzin(?) I wish you good luck and infinite patience, you'll need it.

This court and some of their judges are simply another example of our problematic legal system where judges (Schroeder) seem not to rule on law, but on their personal bias and the color of one's skin.

Its all about how much money they can get. You're just a case number. "Most" staff there are not helpful and they're quick to transfer you over the phone to a voicemail or direct you to their website.

Let that man and his mentally slow nephew go! What the actual neck is wrong with this place?!

-- ₩p The staff is very friendly, patient, helpful. They are willing to go out of their way to help you, getting a passport can be difficult, and they are now than willing to be super helpful through it all. They even offered my little girl a cookie 🍪 wonderful service, couldn't of asked for better women to help my mother and I get done what we needed to do!

This is a very historic building! We are all fortunate that it is still in use and well maintained.

Customer service is good however fax is the only way they can get any documents without mail. Desperately needs to be updated.

So today 02/06/20 around 1:10pm I went into through the basic entrance with metal detectors just to pick up someone from therapy, all I asked for was for some directions to the mental health center and I was told 3rd floor, i began to walk away as I thought the conversation was over and received a sarcastic comment from the officer to the left when you enter, I really didn't care and I apologized and continued. Then after that heard some random guy say "I'm a trump supporter and that's why I'm a better listener"and the random man and the officers continued to talk about how "liberals dont listen to anything", it really just appalled me that they just amused I was a liberal (and I am) but I said nothing about being a liberal nor did my appearance say I was liberal. I just think it's kinda gross that I saw two officers and some random guy profile me like that, especially the two officers, truly dont understand how a police officer can be so unprofessional as I'm suppose to trust them with my safety.

The Pierce County Courthouse: could be described as a dungeon. A local officer described the accommodations as such in conversation.

Honestly people are not nice and I believe they pick and choose who they wanna be nice too. The court house and the police there abuse their attorney. I think they have their jobs way over there head...

I live in illinois, going on deployment soon. I tried many times to call no answer what so ever. wisconsin by far the worst state I have ever been to. I have no clue what to do at this moment, I get deployed before my court date. cop gave me a ticket for going 85 in a 70 when I had just bought a new car. freaking ridiculous!!!!

I spoke with Renee in clerk of courts several times. She was always polite and very helpful. Thank you for your patience with me.

Horrible experience without even being truly listened to. Horrible to the highest ever!!

Don’t expect any help here.... you’d have better time asking a chimpanzee. Awful service awful place

I recently totalled my car hitting a deer on a bad stretch of 54. The deputy was quick getting to me, stayed with me until my daughter arrived then stayed until my vehicle was secured on a flatbed. The officer also arranged towing for me. As an elderly woman alone, I was not only treated with concern for my safety, but also total respect. Thank you for your service Deputy Daniel Wieczorek.

Looks like I got jury duty guys I don't know what it's for or who is for but I'll find out

Information Technology - Land Information Department is not providing reliable access to the GIS property maps. March 14, 2021 the maps and tools are working great, the next day the tools are not available. Very inconvenient for me someone that depends upon the reliability of government service providers. I attempted to report this via email using the staff directory, but that was not functioning correctly either. So, here I am left writing this Google review.

So at first I was impatient with how things were getting done, kinda completely overlooking that court staffs are light. This is all traumatic, but not to the authorities, they have protocols to follow, and are short-staffed. I apologize for my previous rant. IF YOU ARE A VICTIM, DON'T GIVE UP! The process is complicated and takes some foot work then patience. Get safe and wait. Friends Inc is your lifeline!

Watch the movie ..A Fall from Grace That's what my X - sister in law and her pathetic crew did to me.

I actually give Waukesha county -5 stars. The police department is shady.Their courts are biased. And the child support division is truly worthless.

Very nice place... Everyone here is very respectful... There's such a lack of that in a lot of places nowadays... I think there is a lot to do here...The people that work here are doing an awesome job...