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New Jersey

Well it's shutdown so you cant give an honest opinion. I have called and the staff is extremely helpful and kind on the phone.

Visited this morning to take care of my father's will. The entire process probably took 10 minutes. This might be the single most efficient government agency on the planet. In addition, their website fully explained the process. I could not be happier.

I have been dealing with a civil case for over a year now. There have been multiple reschedulings, and I have taken 4 days off for these proceedings but so far there has been 0 progress on my case. Each time I have showed up for a proceeding, I am told the staff cannot locate my documents so the whole case needs to be rescheduled. These documents were sent to a court staff member by e-mail, so I'm not sure why they can't just be reprinted but when I suggest such an option I am almost yelled at by someone so I just do as I'm told (last thing I want to do is jeopardize the status of my case that's been going on for so long). In addition, every time someone is supposed to give me a call back, I never get one back. Same thing with e-mails. When I call to follow up days later, someone different answers and I am given different instructions/information each time. It makes me wonder which instruction/information is or was correct. Given the pandemic, I understand that courts are closed to the public and may not run as smoothly, but the incompetence of court staff and their unwillingness to help are unexplained. There doesn't seem to be a set system or a method of communication between offices and the Judge's chambers, and the court staff is very rude to anyone that calls with a question. This is unfair to every self represented litigant out there who may not be familiar with the court's procedures (also not made very clear on their website, which is rarely updated). Sadly, this review will not make a difference, but I really wish the court would set up a better system and kindly remind the court staff to respond or get back to self represented litigants who may be waiting for days to get a call or e-mail back.

very grateful to the ombudsman who has responded to my multiple questions and subsequent follow up questions. They have been available on the weekends and very helpful! Thank you!!!!!!!!

Two steps above trailer trash is a reasonable description of who works at the county courthouse. I came to court today, it was my opportunity to give a victim impact statement only to learn that the manifest disrespect I have had to endure would continue at the hands of a 50 something portly red head. I needed directions, nothing more and found her attitude and overly inflated sense of entitlement akin to a smack in the face. I would suggest that she and everyone at the courthouse remember who they work for and who they are beholden to for their salaries.

I had a very rude man answer and then hang up on me! Great people in this world. All I did was call the wrong Camden county!

How are people supposed to call when it is a fax number? I have called for 2days in a row to ask if there is a drop off box out front. Does anyone know if there is a drop off box to put your paperwork in ? I was told yes but dont want to drive there and find out no. #confused

So I live in North Jersey my parents live down here in Rio Grande they passed away so I had to deal with their Affairs I went to the Surrogate Court and I think her name was Danielle she was amazing she took care of me answered all my questions and it was super efficient couldn't believe it thank you so much really help me out and taught me a lot

Christy Lee Peck gave me anxiety all the time in her courtroom. Instead of trying to help me she did as she pleased. I have mental health issues and she didn’t want to hear about it and sentenced me accordingly without treatment.

Just called this morning the receptionist is very nasty and very ride hung up the phone while I was inquiring information. She need to be fired in sure I'm not the only who she has hung up on. If that's the case why work for a form or agency of the county you're suppose to represent.

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Great place and great people. Especially Sue Ryan. She helped my family out so much when my family member passed in Sept. Thanks again for all the help and support.

Place is nice but the judge Kramer has no remorse or understand nothing about family and there morals he is Al about his self he is hurting families

This is an excellent court for attorneys, employees, jurors and parties because it provides free parking and access to persons with disabilities. The staff is courteous and provides information accurate to the public.

What nice people. I had questions after my cousin pasted and Diane was so pleasant and answered all of my questions. Very easy to work with.

Understandably, things will be a little slower because of the pandemic. However, I completed everything related to a name change in March and here I am in December still having difficulties obtaining proper copies. The online system does not work and tech help disappear when help is requested. Phone rings without an answer and mailboxes are full. I was so excited to change my name and now I just want this whole damn thing to be done before the end of the year. I won’t hold my breath though with the way things are going at the moment.

Absolutely Love ❤ dealin/workin W/HaNa("HannaH")!!... She is So friendly,informative,professional & easy-goin(All @ The Same TIME)... Would give Her(Ms HANA),11 outta 10 🌟's,hands dwn!!

I was supposed to have a court appearance. I tried calling for over a week to find out how the meeting would be viewed and no one returned my call. The only help I received was from the judicial clerk Alison Johnson. She put forth the effort and saw that the matter was properly resolved.

They don’t respond to emails or voicemails. When you do reach someone, they play pass the buck and are abrupt. Pathetic way to run a court system

The phone numbers listed are either not in service or busy signal. How are you supposed to contact them regarding court matters if you can’t get through to them?

I simply cannot say enough good things about my experience with this court. Judge Bernice Toledo and the group of compassionate and professional individuals on the surrogate court staff—particularly Ms. Valerie Carter—are stellar. I had a time sensitive, urgent matter that was truly life or death and I was treated with tremendous empathy, kindness, and urgency. I felt heard and seen, and most importantly—safe. Though I don’t know much about the inner workings of the law, I realized I could trust this court to help my family in our time of need. Perhaps the most glowing review I can offer is this: one year after my experience with Judge Toledo, I continue to hold her in my prayers. Her Honor and Ms. Carter moved mountains for me in ways I was sure were impossible, and yet she tirelessly pressed on until my family was able to get the matter at hand resolved. As a cancer patient, time is of the essence to me and she respected my situation and turned things from bleak to beautiful. Not a week goes by that I am not grateful and think of her graciousness and the gift of her expertise and remarkable care. I only wish I could give a ten star review, or for that matter, infinite stars!

If they stopped the endless Musical Chairs of Judges that's been going on for like 3 years, maybe they could actually schedule and resolve some of our cases that have been going stagnant for years? Before our clients go bankrupt? That would be nice. Not to mention there's a good chance you'll get shot on your way walking to the courthouse.

Sue Hoffman is a excellent surrogate , dedicated public servant. Is a wealth of knowledge, I am very proud of her.

Very pretty and historic square. I spent a fair amount of time looking at the architecture, looking at the 9/11 monument and reading the plaques in various places around the square. There is a lot of history here as well as a meridian marker. If you come to central New Jersey a stop in Somerville’s historic center is recommended.

James LaCorte, Judge of the Surrogate's Court, is seasoned and knowledgable. He knows the law from memory. If your loved one passes, his surrogate's court will treat you with compassion.

It’s an absolute grueling process to try to get a person on the phone. Once you do get one of the people on the phone it’s apparent that no one there has any pride in what they do. Miserable people in that place

The phone system is horrible. You can’t get threw to speak to a human person. The phone prompts don’t even recognize the numbers you are pressing to get in contact with a certain department. So frustrating 😡

Everytime... it doesnt fail. I never get through to handling my issue. I just want to call once and actually get somewhere...smh and not sent to voicemail all the time. HORRIBLE Hopefully someone actually calls me back this time... But the secretary will always pick up, and then someone voicemail. 3rd time this happens to me, so i felt the need to write this review.