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Needs to be more organized. They never call back, nobody knows anything about the paperwork that comes thru. Expect to be transferred around a lot. On the other hand they are very friendly.

I had to get copies from the property deeds and county clerk offices. The employees at both offices were kind and helpful. Great customer service!

At the center of the "Shelbyville Plan" Town Square, this 1935 Courthouse hasn't changed much in 80 years. The architecture and atmosphere will take you back to a simpler time. As it hasn't kept up with growth and a changing culture, it lacks the size and security of newer courthouses. Walk in and enjoy the ambiance while you can. The courts and several offices will be leaving in the latter part of 2019. Maybe it will become an events center or museum. But with no firm plans in place, I recommend you tour this facility as soon as possible and see history while it's still being made.

The ladies in the office were I had to do my business was extremely nice as well as helpful.

Good for a courthouse but who wants to go to court lol but all jokes aside it's a nice place..

The number on their website is disconnected and there is no way to reach them otherwise. I'm sure that's all you need to know about how they run their court

Clerks office gives the best service you can expect. However, Detective Jason Ramsey of The Newport Police Department is the architect of the September, 13th, 2010 Murder, and Kidnapping and Arson of our home just across the Sevier County Lines off of Rocky Flats Road. He is still harassing my family by another recent Kidnapping of myself and Blackmail of two members of this family. He is big time now that he has cross Federal Lines of Decency. Keep this man away from your children. There is a private reward for the prosecution of Jason Ramsey for the crimes mentioned above. Mr Ramsey, " Big Time Mountain Tracker" should know where her remains are because he placed them there. Jason Ramsey seems to have a video tape he wants to show people. What he has is a death sentence for not only him but the The women in the video and her husband. Awesome. This means that The Great State of Tennessee could give all three of these scumbags the death penalty and leave the incompetence of florida out of it, and bring Justice to it's survivors. Good news for these folks is that The great State of Tennessee will allow them to have their choice of either the electric chair or lethal injection. It saddens me to have to write a review like this pertaining to The Newport Police department, especially because they have been an outstanding bunch of people during my 25 years of tincture living, working and building my home in Cocke County area. I was never pulled over once during this time. I encountered them twice six years apart when I ran out of gas on The Cosby Highway. Each time they brought me five gallons of gas when I became stranded. Always pleasant and would not accept money for the gas. A very pleasant exchange. They were both fast and respectful and gracious. There is major corruption here. They need a major overhaul to weed out the corruption and bring the cops higher pay and all the specialize new technology. The Mayor should think about this and many other issues, or The People need to think long and hard when they select a Mayor. Remember, God doesn't forgive murderers. God burns them.

Arcitiure is great beautiful town square great place to live and just visit people are great and friendly

Money-grubbing operation. We had someone trying to get employment, but said information on their background had been updated. No problem right? I'll just call the court to confirm what they are saying...I call and the clerk says because it relates to an employment screening, I would have to mail $6. Are you serious? How is that ethical? I am calling like anyone else, but because I have a purpose that really needs the information, I am extorted monies?

Online it says they open at 8 but it's really 8:30 they should update that information. Trying to call while at work makes it difficult already when you work at a factory and have to be at work before 8 wish I would have known 8:30 so I wouldn't have to wait even longer to get to work...

I went to this website for a specific purpose but was given an option of two phone #s. I left a message with the first one by was highly agitated that the second sent me to the Mayors answering machine🤷🏼‍♀️ Was I not on the right web site? It took long enough to find this site, I’m not tech savvy at all

The area has a serious education deficit. I have a special needs child we are having to move just so she can have a chance. There are very few opportunities are when the factories ext. Do hire sparse. The people who live here, are hardened by poverty. The law and justice systems are unlike anything I have ever seen. I went to court with a family member and the judge came in overalls. The entire county is different. It is a nice place to visit. Many littel hidden gems. All in the way to some other place. I have lived in most of the southern states. I have even lived I thought deep in the country. You have heard bad jokes about this area that stem from reason. I was lucky my husbands family moved young so we know it through other family. Great places to see, I would not recommend living here. As with many cut off southern counties, the biggest influx of money is from the systems of justice. This is just a fact of people especially in Appalachia. Lost culture, this area was at one time a great farming center. The sad truth living in areas made sick from drugs and poverty scar everything. The scar has yet to form here it is still scattered and scabby.

Unprofessional and downright RUDE! The building is a confusing mess. The judge did not listen and was unnecessarily harsh for a simple speeding ticket.

As far as I know, this place is fine. I've never been there, but I'm adding this review since I accidentally rated it.

As long as u go in front of judge Ross. He is a very fair man. Will work with u just dont lie to him seen ppl do that an it dont end well for them.

In and out quick on a Tuesday morning so that's good, but the judge was late so minus a star. Also they say it's cheaper if you come to court, but they only knock off 5 bucks, -half a star. Individual cashiers have little or no change, - a half (get them girls some change!). But hey the general sessions judge was nice and very lenient to most people even though they are highway robbing people like pirates.

What a bunch of mindlessness! I received email notification about my car tags expiring in June 2020. I had the option to pay & order this next year’s decal. The office took my money and sent me the same year 2020 to stick on my tags. It expires at the end of this June!! What is going on??

My son received a traffic ticket leaving the drive in. The officer who pulled him over didn’t actually pull him over. He went speeding by him to pull over another car . My son did look at his speedometer because he had lights behind him. He was going 45 mph. He kept driving and 2 miles later he came to the intersection where the trooper had the other car pulled over. The trooper motioned him to pull over. My son was in a black truck . The trooper wrote white truck on his ticket. The judge said because he had the make and model correct the she sided with the trooper. The judge didnt think about it at all. She made a spontaneous decision. The trooper got the make and model from his registration so of course that was correct. The whole hearing lasted about 3 minutes. My son was naive thinking there would be time and thought put into it. He learned a valuable lesson. The court just wants you in and out. I believe the trooper while trying to multi task and some how clock two cars was confused but gave my son a ticket for doing 57 in a 45. The trooper said by eyeballing him he thought he was doing 58 in court. It all seemed very unprofessional

I needed some info in regards to filing a petition and getting some certified documents from the clerks office. As you probably know, it can take days and sometimes weeks to ever hear anything back from someone. Not in this case, I emailed the Circuit Court Clerk Kevin Poe and not only did he answer my question immediately, he also checked on and researched the information I was needing in regards to the petition I was filing to make sure that I was going the right direction in the matter I was pursuing. Top notch service from top notch people! What more could you ask for!

I called the office regarding the need to set up probate to settle my mom's estate and my questions were answered courteously and promptly. The clerk to which I spoke was very kind and considerate and very professional.

8 years ago before I moved here to Daytona Beach, Fl , I got a ticket that I DID pay for before I moved. Well here 8 years later my license needs to be re newed. So i went to the DMV here in Fl only to find out that TN has suspend my license. You can only imagine how confused I was at this point. So after a few phone calls, I got ahold of someone at the court house, I was told that I did pay for my ticket but that the person that took the payment never processed the rest of the paperwork. So i had to pay a reinstatement fee to get back my license because of someones messes up. Also it takes a few days for it process in the system and my birthday is on the 18th. I guess all i can say is im so extremely disappointed.

It's a kangaroo court where da and pd and judges especially judge Myers work to squeeze and collect the most money guilty or not I was verbally bullied bu DCs court liaison danessa heard in front of my oldest was told pleading guilty to false accusations and charged was the only way I would see my youngest or bring her home

Cause my attorney dod not know that tim guider had a brother who was a pedestrian and drug tested many of the juvenile people on probation now their adults

Worst jail and court I have ever been to was there for driving stayed in the court house for 7 hours just to pled guilty after in told the DA I'm guilty already

Longest recess. Happens right after docket is called. Pretty stupid. Tells everyone to stay in the court room then doesn’t come back for an hour.

My wife and I just got our passports from the circuit court. The ladies were super kind and patient and gave us new forms when we found out one of the ones we printed out online was incorrect. The passports arrived in less than two weeks! The last time I did this was in Altlanta and it took 3 months! 5 stars! Thanks so much for your help!

Not high on the to-do list while travelling, but should you find yourself with an 'appointment', come well dressed and well represented, arrive early, and be polite. It's a courthouse, get it? The courthouse ia a quaint, old historic building like something out of a movie... Footsteps echo down the polished halls. Spotless and efficient. Parking is easy and cheap and daytime eats are across the street.

the DA asks for information for bail and a week passes and does not give an answer ... what happened he went on vacation? it is unfair someone has to look at this state they are breaking many laws

Thank you Judge Scarlett for fighting against legal corruption to reunite my family. God bless justice reform in 2020.