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The court house says it has disabled entrances. No. The double doors are very hard to open. The most people who work there just let you struggle. There needs to be a door pad or a door bell alerting the workers that someone needs in.

This is the hardest organization to get in the phone that I have ever experienced. It is really infuriating. That said, when you do get a hold of someone their service is top notch and kind. Please get these great people some reinforcements, and maybe at least a general mail box in the phone tree. The lady at extension or option 7 deserves a raise. She’s a total gem!

This is the hardest organization to get in the phone that I have ever experienced. It is really infuriating. That said, when you do get a hold of someone their service is top notch and kind. Please get these great people some reinforcements, and maybe at least a general mail box in the phone tree. The lady at extension or option 7 deserves a raise. She’s a total gem!

The help I received was above and beyond. She cares and is very knowledgeable. I recommend trying to go through her over going to a layer, paralegal, or attorney.

Dishonest judges in family court. Took us to court for over 18 months with no jurisdiction. Then find me $16,000 because the attorney on the other side said they had jurisdiction when in fact they never had it. We live in alaska and the other party is in texas. Just about took my kids away..

Not able to see my case number or zoom id to connect to my 8:30 court case.. I keep refreshing the page and nothing. I am doing it correct, but they are not updating.

In keeping with this well-kept town, the county courthouse reflects the tidiness. It is a photo op for those willing to get out and look. Even the stately evergreens reflect the forests of the nearby Blue Mountains.

Your phone service doesn't work and while the lady is telling you what departments is what numbers she keeps pushing buttons that go beep beep beep all the while she's talking and then when you do push the corresponding number you want for the department it does not go through so then they hang up. Thanks for nothing

I attempted to pay a traffic ticket online, which they constantly try to get you to do on their automated phone recordings as well as their notices by mail. The payment was made in full and I got a confirmation. Five days later, I receive another notice of suspension, warning me to pay. They will not answer their phone and offer no way of reaching them at the East Wenatchee Branch so that I can learn why. I got desperate and called the Bridgeport office. The person at that office guessed that I would probably have to pay another $52 to N-court (a third party payment company) even though there is no fee isn't posted anywhere and N-court says they don't know anything about it. So, fine. I guess I will pay more money and hope that there isn't any other hidden charges or else I will lose my license. If only they were as efficient at making their demands as they are at accepting our money, we would be able to better serve them.

As usual, have to go through security so don't wear metal or have your pockets full due to having to empty them. It's always nice to see your tax dollars going to such a beautiful building, and to be helped by polite people.

I have noted this well preserved rural county courthouse many times driving thru. I only recently looked at the small war memorial in front. It struck me that people from this place died in all the last century's wars.

Easily accessible free parking and directions to different departments are on signs and very helpful staff.

The court house itself no qualms. Involved in a case, been listening to others from the same commissioner. Something isn't right... Will be taking matters above. #yourfavortismisshowing

Scammers purely out for your money. Very unwilling to work with you. Act like they represent the law well but can't even do their job correctly or respectfully (Lauren with the civil court) We had to reach out to them for a ticket just to get it and then when they didn't send us a payment plan schedule they sold it to a debt collector for 3 times what the ticket was for. HOW CONVENIENT FOR THEM IT WAS "MAILING ISSUES" We even called to check on the status. While calling to see what went wrong and what we can do I got hung up on. Just goes to show!

Most of the clerks are great but every time I have to deal with this lady named Dierdre She is just the rudest person ever. I was trying to explain what I was looking for and before I could finish what I needed or how to get what I needed she kept cutting me off. So finally out of frustration I finally told her “let me talk and let me finish” It’s already a stressful situation really doesn’t help when lack of just knowing to speak to people is an issue at the counter. I wasn’t even speaking to that lady she just put herself in my conversation with the other 2 ladies that where polite and trying to help. Humans are humans no need to be rude because you work in the court house.

It was fine exactly what being at court should be just sitting and waiting for them to be called nothing special

Process for Name Change as of 07/2018: $197 in cash for same day meeting with judge. $197 credit, debit or check for judge approval within 30 days of application. You will not get a same day meeting. ATM in the lobby. Application is 1 page and can be found online or at the cashier office. Applications MUST be turned in & paid for before 11am. If requesting a same day judge appointment, you will come back @ 1:30 to meet them. The process was pretty painless. But, plan to spend about 4-5 hours of your day.

Called around four to get some info and I’m aware that they close at 4:30pm and no one ever bothered to pick up and this isn’t the first time. What a joke.

Judge was very helpful and nice in helping me and my safety and the clerks are wonderful to very very nice thank u for you're help

DO NOT HAVE YOUR TRAFFIC TICKETS GO TO COLLECTIONS! Here's why, if you have your traffic ticket goes to collections they will suspend your license the moment you don't make a payment. The court WILL NOT pull ANY traffic ticket/violation out of collections to make the full payment, but they will ONLY pull out MAJOR fines out of collections to deepen their own pockets like the scumbags they are. So good luck getting your license back if it's in the Dynamic Collections Agency they go through. By the way the minimum payment that Dynamic takes every two weeks is $200, so good luck on making payments on those bills because if you're like me and you're a dislocated worker because your license was suspended then you might as say goodbye to your license, because you won't get any help from this court house or Dynamic.

Completely dishonest and corrupt court and officers in this area! I’ve always had respect for officers for keeping people safe but I’m really starting to lose that now as I find out how dishonest so many of them can be. I was pulled over by Michael Hauser July 2020 for going 83 in a 70 on I-90 E. He claimed in the police report that we were the only car approaching although that is completely false! There were several cars passing me left and right. I was traveling with my mother and she agreed that there was no way we were speeding. Believe me, she would be the first to be on the officers side had I actually been speeding. My car has trouble even getting up to 80. A lot of other people have reported they were pulled over and cited for the same exact speed which is oddly suspicious. I have a completely clean driving record, have not ever been pulled over before this. With everything I do in life, I keep safety as a top priority. I decided to go through with a contested hearing because I felt I had a lot to say about the fact there was no way I was speeding. This was all during the statewide mask mandate due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The officer also did NOT wear a mask as he was within less than 6 feet of my mother and myself and leaned into our car. Whether you believe in the seriousness of this pandemic or not, It’s still a requirement. Many people look up to officers for following all laws and keeping people safe. Him not wearing a mask shows complete lack of respect for his job, the city council, the government, and our health and safety. This specific officer has also been awarded several times over the past couple years for leading in his detachment’s speeding infractions. All of this makes it seems as though this officer is all about meeting/going above his quota even if that means being dishonest. But of course nothing ever happens to them for being dishonest. The judges just have to believe that their reports are 100% true.

Everyone is always so very nice and professional. Always willing to help and assist anyone who needs it.

Got arrested for a missed court date, which is totally my bad. They had me in and out in 18 hours. I got 3 hots, a decent cot and a warm 🚿 shower. They washed my laundry and damn their detergent is amazing. My neon pink shorts glowed. The workers were polite and I was processed in a timely manner. My suite had HD cable TV 📺 so that was pretty fancy. Over all a great experience. I hope not to come back, but if I do I hope to recieve the same level of service

What an amazing building! I never even knew this was out here despite living in the Northwest for 25 years. I do love it when I find historical places like this even if it is by accident. We had to deal with some paperwork and every department we went to was VERY nice and helpful. I only wish I would have brought along my good camera instead of just my phone.

Why can't yall answer? I can't get ahold of your court system if your website was given up on halfway through making it, and your clerk's dont feel the need to answer when people call.

I've heard pierce county can be a real hard case but they've been super cool throughout my case even though I was difficult

I paid $10 for a contempt of court motion from this courtroom for a temporary order they have in place in contempt of two court full orders including one from they're own court. Yesterday I went to this court to get the motion signed and the lady judge didn't even care that someone was grandstanding they're court and blatently going against signatures signed in court. To be in contempt of court you must be going against a full order, not temporary... I told her that I wanted Justice because the other party was going against full orders from WA state and she said to go somewhere else... No Justice here? Because of this injustice every night I have to go through attempts at my life, people stealing my car when I'm sleeping, high pitch noise that is trying to give me an anyurism, and identity theft and stolen mail, because instead of looking up my cases and hearing the outcomes they helped a man who was blatently commiting libel on court documents. No Justice still. During the pandemic this court stole my home from me that I have the only right to after Feb 11 2020, signed pre pandemic. Contradicting itself with no appeal. And going against General and chief did remove me from my home contradicting they're own prior case judgement because a criminal lied to a cop who than lied to everyone else. PS this courthouse does not do identity checks so any person can walk in here and file a suit against anybody even if your not that person and just a look a like.

beautiful building. Maybe one of the most amazing county courthouses I've seen. I enjoy looking at it from the outside. Not sure I would be giving it a 5-star review if I had a court date here.

One of the clerk lady's where very rude and short with me when I was asking about paying a fine...i felt like that was very unprofessional..traffic judge seems very understanding..very nice facility been looking at the mineral wall since I was a kid..i hope they never change this building

I have had to go here several times for guardianship hearing and other matters. It is pretty campus but confusing to find where to go. Comprehensive signage and maps at the front would be great. The metal detectors are set more sensitive than airports. I have a metal rod in my leg. It doesn’t set off airport detectors but sets off detectors in every building here. If you have even a small amount of metal, even in your shoe, it will set them off. All staff are pleasant and professional in everywhere I have been here.

The county clerks office I understand is fast paced and diligent about their work/polices. But when you work for the county clerk's office you represent the county and the court. Having a rude demeanor, a disrespectful attitude and a condescending tone with an individual only seeking information to ensure being prepared and law abiding is in NO way acceptable. I urge that the clerks office understand that they are to represent not only the county but the court as well. It is for the people. To remember that when interacting with the counties citizens they need to be just as respectable as they would expect a citizen to act appropriately in the court house. The experience I received there was less then professional and quite frankly an embarrassment. The person obviously had no people skills, was very unprofessional, rude, and condescending. If there was a line to report such behavior from that office clerk since I would file a formal compliant so the behavior of that employee is corrected.

The Guardianship Facilitator is 100% professional and so very helpful for a walkin! The other clerk, however was a little chatty and flirty with a guy that came in. While I was sitting filling out paperwork I got to hear this guy's entire life and divorce/custody story...although, in all the clerks are far more friendly than at the King county District courthouses! Maybe I'm just not used to hearing them listen and Care lol 😊

It's the courthouse, any time I have to go here my life starts going downhill. Glad I'm gone from Colfax.

Having to deal with the district court isn’t always fun, but if you do the crime you do the time right? But I had a wonderful PO. She was a harda** on me? But she was rooting for me and I feel like she really does want her clients to do well!! She’s strict, but cares about her clients. I also had an extremely helpful person Rebeca V who walked me though how to pay online Which I have never done so needed extra help. Lol. She talked me though the whole thing and was so extremely kind and helpful. Thank you all for your hard work that you don’t get enough credit for. Thank you❤️