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The probate court with controlling jurisdiction is generally within the state and county where one primarily lives.

Great old building. Lots of history here. Check inside the main lobby door to see the two millionith vacuum from Kirby. In front of the building is neat history about the billions of barrels of oil the area has produced.

Helpful, efficient, and friendly – starting with a phone call to the Aransas County Courthouse to determine open status and hours of operation. The call was answered by friendly and helpful real person. My visit to the Clerk’s office resulted in my transaction being handled very efficiently – with no waiting, no unnecessary red tape, and no excuses. I learned that the Aransas County Clerk’s office had recently been awarded a Five-Star rating by the State of Texas for excellence in managing vital records. I would endorse that, along with my 5-star Google rating, per my visit and experience on 12/9/20.

Never been here, and don't ever want to be in there unless I come out of retirement from the police department. Enjoy the holiday lights every year. LoL.....

Beautiful, old building with super helpful people. Be nice to the employees there & they will be nice to you ;)

The people "helping" on the phones at the front desk could use alot more customer service and courtesy when dealing with people. Ridiculous the way the lady was obnoxious just now over the phone. Reevaluate yourselves...Are you in the right employment or are you there just for a check??

Great ladies working in the Vitals department, I had an issue with my daughter’s birth certificate, I live in Illinois and they were so helpful when I requested a new one. Very very professional.

If you have children this is a MUST! It was a great way to learn about the history of San Antonio and Bexar County. This exhibit has interactive video to tell about the different important people and what they did here in Bexar County. Juliette Moke is the best museum tour guide ever! She's very sweet, kind, and extremely knowledgeable!!

I had no business at this place. But I was in downtown San Antonio for the first time in my life and seen the beautiful architecture of the building and the beautiful water features and statues outside of it. It was very nice and I enjoyed myself a lot.

It's a beautiful place to stop and have a break from the traffic on the road. You also have some restaurants in walking distance that might be interesting to check out when I am back next time.

Absolutely nobody answers the phone. There’s no point in calling. You’ll be better off waiting for someone to give you a winning lottery ticket.

JP Davis' Court Clerks are indeed helpful and efficient. I have a large fine for a traffic ticket and I'm on a limited budget. With just a phone call and a short visit they got me an extension and told me how to initiate a payment plan starting next month. And I didn't even have to go to court. Get Justice of the Peace office is on the first floor in the old building, or the south east corner at the courthouse.

This courthouse is being preserved and restored to its original beauty. We just happened to bump into the county buildings director Johnny Valencia and he offered us a personal behind the scenes tour of the courtroom and judge's chambers! He pointed out all the original details like the stamped metal ceiling tiles and long leaf pine flooring. Awesome historic preservation by the county!

The Brooks County Courthouse was constructed in 1914, just 3 years after Brooks County was founded in 1911. The courthouse is on the US National Register of Historic Places and was named a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark in 1977 and was extensively renovated in 2006

Beautiful courthouse! Nice downtown area to visit. Some places are closed because of virus.

The staff at this office outstanding. Whomever hired, designed and paid their "IT" department should be fired along with the "IT" department. There is zero excuse to have a server down in this day and time. Online hosting, redundancy and instant replication are the norm. Apparently, the "IT" department turns off their pager during off hours and only learns of issues when reported by the staff or taxpayer.

Coleman, TX, hometown of that Dunn guy from Brooks & Dunn. Maybe he can buy them a prettier courthouse.

came in february 3rd 2021 at 8am and at 12:30 i’m still waiting to be seen. this is ridiculous. make sure to plan on spending your ENTIRE day here. they don’t care if you have work, children or family that need you. they’ll make you sit here for hours on end with no idea when you’ll leave. this courthouse is extremely unprofessional and slow.

Tina Thompson at the passport office is so sweet and patient. I had a very difficult morning with a newborn baby and getting to my appointment. I was a few minutes late to the appointment and even forgot to fill something out for my baby’s passport application. She definitely turned my super stressful day around and for a brand new mom that really helps so much

Didn’t like the fact that I had to drive over an hour to take care of a $10 citation but it is what it is. After I finally arrived, I went directly to the courthouse which has a very “old school” feel to it, very vintage and I like that! BUT there’s no signs to direct you to where you need to go so I went to two different offices only to be I directed ACROSS the street to the Annex building where the actual courtroom are which seems a little backwards to me! Also the courthouse building with mostly offices didn’t seem to be very handicap friendly. I may have missed the ramp and elevators since this was my first time there but they weren’t obvious either.

Texas⭐️Historical Landmark •Coryell County Courthouse• An outstanding example of second empire Victorian style, often seen in Texas courthouse design. Erected in 1887 on land donated by early settler R.G. Grant. Architect for this third Coryell County Courthouse was W.D. Dodson; builder Tom Lovell. Limestone and red sandstone blocks were precut were precut to the exact size at quarry, then hauled here by horse-drawn wagons. At each entrance are columns in Roman Corinthian style; and over east entrance is builders mark of an owl. Statues on the roof represent “Justice” noted trials have been held in this building. (1969)

All sorts of numbers associated with the courthouse and not a single answer. Crazy how that works.

Not as pretty as some, but beats the daylights out of Austin County's.

IF AT ALL POSSIBLE STAY OUT OF DALLAS PROBATE COURT 2. Probate court 2 is a cesspool of thievery. I was Administrator of my Dad's estate and because of no will the firm I hired did everything they could to bill imaginary fees and a bunch of bogus fake fighting with another lawyer so that they could plunder the entire estate. The firm also unlawfully instructed me of which I have evidence. Went to Judge Warren about the three years of predatory lawyering, she protects the lawyers in their thieving efforts and makes sure they get the fake fees they claim even though there is evidence of multiple counts of lawyer gross malpractice, lies and thievery. Judge Warren would rather unlawfully get rid of the Admin (me) with all the evidence against the attorneys, even though there is evidence to disprove her claims against me. She held unlawful hearings with the lawyers, made sure I was without one as they ambushed me in one of those hearings she claimed to be one thing and since I had evidence to disprove her accusations she made it about something else I hadn't brought my evidence for. She published an order that she can't back with evidence. I have filed a complaint against her. I DO NOT, under any circumstances, recommend Burdette and Rice, PLLC, Jeff Yates, Donna Yarborough or Nona Walker as attorneys.

This place looked more like a castle to me at first. However, as I entered the place, I was fascinated with the history it has. The files and exhibits were really amazing.

Very friendly and helpful personnel at this particular courthouse. Finding things in the County Clerk's office is very easy but space constraints make it a challenge to move around especially with presence of others.

So far we only use the clerk's office for one specific function, but each time they have been very prompt and helpful.

The judge I had was beyond unprofessional!! And no justice was served for me or my child she viewed my case as another black family in the system. She put my child in harm's way and didnt care anything about it. Dont waste your time filing a case in Denton county if you are African American!!!!! Wish 0 stars was a option.