Aaron Schnoor

Trust & Estates Domain Expert

An interview with Aaron Schnoor

Tell us about yourself:

I grew up in Apex, North Carolina and am currently in Buies Creek, NC finishing up my MBA studies at Campbell University, where I also hold a BBA in Trust & Wealth Management, BS in Economics and served as former President of the study body.

When I'm not studying or writing for industry publications, I'm likely working on my full time job as a Philanthropic Fiduciary Administrator for one of the top four Trust & Wealth Management companies in the United States.

I've been fortunate to work with many terrific teams and been published multiple times for national publishers like The Wall Street Journal.

Why did you join Atticus?

I love writing and breaking down difficult concepts into understandable and easy-to-read terms.

When I learned about Atticus' mission of making the probate & estate settlement process accessible to everyone, I saw an exciting opportunity to combine my passion for writing with my knowledge of the fiduciary industry.

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