Ashwin Khurana

Head of Design

An Interview with Ashwin Khurana

Tell us about yourself

I was born and raised in Silicon Valley and grew up as a 90’s kid, proudly a part of the last generation to fall out of trees, own a swanky Walkman, or to get lost using Mapquest.

After studying Cognitive Science and Human Computer Interaction at UC San Diego, I spent my first two years at Intuit in a rotational program working across many different teams and products like Quickbooks and TurboTax. Along the way, I fell in love with personal finance and became really passionate about improving others’ financial lives, eventually helping lead the Mint Product team over the next four years.

Outside of work I enjoy camping, surfing, alpine climbing, video games, and chucking the occasional triathlon with my buddies.

Why did you join Atticus?

My father passed away when I was 20, so I had seen firsthand how much stress and frustration my mother experienced in settling my dad’s affairs—ten years later, she’s still dealing with lingering parts of the process.

No one talks about probate and estate settlement. No one knows what to do, and even the folks who you’re told to go to for help turn you away or can’t help. Or it’s just too expensive! It’s an area ripe for innovation and severely lacking in solutions that our team is uniquely positioned to create, both for families and the professionals that assist them.

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