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The probate court with controlling jurisdiction is generally within the state and county where one primarily lives.

Today I was there checking on Jury duty for January 13 I walked in to talk to someone on the second floor a black lady walked up to me gave me a few details she was rude she needs to watch her attitude because next time I want be so nice image is everything and she was rude

I needed to transfer and renew a licenss from another county and it was seemless. I called ahead and arrived at my appointment in Probate Court with everything I needed. In and out in 12 minutes.

As efficient as I've seen a government building be, and very clean and orderly. Everyone was very nice and the wait times weren't *too* bad. Lots of space.

The officers that check your belongings for weapons are very kind and helpful. Walked outside to point out directions to the coroners office. Nice to come across ppl that just give extra. A small kindness in a day means a lot now that it’s so infrequent.

Hands down the best experience with any Probate court around. Recently moved to Cochran and got my marriage license the same day as compared to Laurens county who was backed up for over a week and needed an appointment. Also had my carry permit 11 days after I applied when Johnson County (where I moved from) wouldn't let me schedule an appointment "due to COVID." Amazing ladies at the Probate Court!!!

I was in the courtroom this morning with my mother because she was divorcing my dad. My 3 month old daughter got hungry and I stadted to breastfeed her and this woman sho had brown hair with blondish highlights and pointy nose came up to me And said "you're going to have to cover up or something" it was obvious that the lady worked there, she was dressed up and was sitting by the doors. But what if I didn't have something to cover up with? Why should I have to cover up in the first place? Isn't a screaming, hungry baby more of a distraction than a breastfeeding mother? Isn't it LEGAL to breastfeed in public in Georgia??

On Yesterday Ms.sheila in 102 helped me with my problems and was so understanding and nice 👍🏾!!shes for the people

Why y'all got to be so nasty?? Like really lady that answers the phone after staying on the line IF YOU HATE YOUR JOB, PLEASE QUIT. YOUR RUDE AND NOT HELPFUL.

I was impressed how helpful and friendly the staff was. The lady whom helped me was patient and care for our needs. One of the best public service staff I have crashed into.

Judge was friendly to everyone in front of me, but suddenly couldn't care less about my case . I dressed nice, spoke friendly, answered his questions, and he just started acting like I was a waste of time. I truly was friendly and apologized for anything he seemed displeased with. He wasn't helpful and I felt guilted into making a false plea the second I left the room.

All I can say is thank God I no longer live in Carroll County and have to deal with this office ever again. I have had to deal with document retrieval and printing in other county offices, but none so inefficient and even rude as this one. One operational computer out of four; I knew what to do, but ran into ridiculous roadblocks so that an eight or ten minute task took more like an hour and ten minutes to complete. The staff appears lax, slow, looks like they couldn't smile if their lives depended on it. Once I was finally allowed to print my own documents, they all seemed to avoid the sixty second or so job of getting my eight pages off the printer tray and taking my money, so that took forever also, even though there was only one person (an apparent attorney) being waited on in front of me. No one could stop what they were doing for sixty seconds? Although they could all see me and two or three walked by me. I printed the pages myself, which should have been fifty cents per page, but they charged me a dollar per page. I'm so thankful my tax dollars no longer go toward paying their salary. They certainly seem to have no respect for it.

I went September 23, 2019 to the Clerk of Superior Court Chatham County, Ga’s office to get a new passport because mine had been lost or stolen. The young lady that helped me was so nice and kind. It only took about 10 minutes. I was extremely impressed at how professional the office is run. I think Clerk Tammy Mosley and staff are doing a superb job. Thank you

I live in Florida I got a parking ticket in Savannah when I was 18 I'm now 44 and they put a suspension on my license in Florida for that failure to appear even though I received no notifications because I had moved back to Florida. A 26 year old parking ticket...I remember my bumper was barely in the yellow paint by a fire hydrant... Like an inch.

Appearing for a minor traffic violation was made pleasant and efficient! Super helpful gentleman, think he was the manager, who patiently walked me through the online citation payment portal. Thank you so much - great customer service!

My fiance and I tried to get our marriage license here with no avail. We went online, carefully read all requirements, pre filled out the paperwork and had cash ready. When we arrive they have signs posted that it is appointment only even when the website did not and still does not say appointment is needed. We tried talking to the lady and her response for everything was "its on the website". She had no intention on trying to help us out and could care less. The police officers at the front were great though, I give them 5 stars.

I went to apply for a license. The lady at the desk was on her cell phone the entire time she entered my information. When she called me back, she handed me a paper and told me to sign it. I did as I was asked, and when the license arrived, some of the information was incorrect. I now have to go pay more money to correct a mistake that was made, because she was on her phone rather than focusing on her job.

Congratulations Deborah Gonzalez! I wish you well in your new role and I hope you clean house of some of the old staff and attitudes that should’ve left with Mauldin.

I went to the courthouse to drop off my Marriage License for filing and the gentleman the opened the door asked where I was headed and stated “the Probate office was currently closed for lunch but would reopen at 1 pm and we don’t allow children in the courthouse, that’s a baby under there ain’t it?” I replied yes. So when I ask at 1 when they reopen how am I supposed to give them my paperwork he looked me in my face and said “I don’t know that’s your problem”. I would have sworn I was getting punked in that moment. The security guard who overheard the conversation, walked up and offered me a solution upon return. I can’t believe what y’all allow for customer service out here.

My experience was excellent because of the customer service I received. Alytia Simpson was very responsive and in my opinion went above and beyond to help solve my matter. I'm appreciative of her efforts and all who were involved in the process. Salute.

I went in for a marriage license and the security team was rude and unfriendly. One guard was on her cell phone and got snappy with me for not following “procedure”- when she was just barking orders at me instead of politely telling me what I was supposed to do. The license department was also rude and very short with me.

My wife and I been trying to get an appointment with a judge in the superior court for the past year with no avail . What does a person needs to do for the court to give us a ruling and finalize our case ? Witch by the way it's been going on for 10 years next month .

Mary, the lady that works there, was such a blessing to our family! She truly went the extra mile to help us when people at the other courts could not.

Typically the courthouses are littered with People who are grumpy and don’t want to help. That’s NOT the case here! Everyone was very polite, From police officers at the front door to the women in clerk and the probate office. They walked me through my processes and were patient and kind. They answered my questions and ensured I understood the process. Prior to coming I was having a heck of a day. This trip to the court house changed my day for the better. Thank you.

I'm going to be quick and straight to the point because my story can be very long but I want to give a shorter version for the sake of those with short attention spans. I traveled almost 6 hours to Adele Georgia from my home state and I mean when I tell you I was scared when I pulled up to this courthouse my mind only saw two options pay or stay.Come to find out never judge a building from the outside because truly it's what lays in the inside of the heart of those employees that work there. Everyone was nice from the front desk all the way to the court staff it was a quick and painless process. But what made my Day was a man by the name of Judge may I add your HONOR Chase Daughtrey he treated me like a human and not an inmate ou r criminal he took the time to listen to me instead of form his own conclusion I'm so glad to have met this Judge what ab outstanding person Thank you your Honor Thank you may Gods blessing and peace cover your entire life forever . THANKS

Great customer service, very nice, friendly workers and extra is taken due to Covid and that is appreciated

Don’t really have a chance to debate a ticket from an accident. All I did was wait 3 hours to be told that same amount was still being charged. They couldn’t direct to anyone that could help me and here me out.

The ladies in this office lack professional maturity and common courtesy. I called to get information on a ticket, they were rude, wasn’t interested in my questions, kept saying you can just pay the ticket and even hung up on me. Someone really needs to do some hard core training or fire the entire staff

Hopefully you never have to go here for a case. Nothing but cereal box law and the bad guys win.

CAREFULL! They like to extort travelers passing through. Such a shame and waste of everyone’s time and money.

So I paid for my weapons permit Mar 16 and it's May 17 and yet when I call to check on it they can't give me the info I'm looking for. It's always I'll have someone call u back AND NEVER DO

So proud of the new judge. She is well qualified and deserves her pay. Good for you. I can’t believe the previous Judge, Hal didn’t even need to be an attorney. If you don’t need to know the law to adjudicate the law I might run too. Here I come Douglas county.

The man that did security check today around 10am is VERY RUDE & PICKS constantly even if your nice and polite . He tried to accuse my keychain of being some type of weapon . If it’s not a must , I will not go back up there .

Birth certificate request was handled very professionally. Friendly staff. Actual mailing was over and beyond requirement. A+++.