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The probate court with controlling jurisdiction is generally within the state and county where one primarily lives.

Why post my review? It won't let me. A very corrupt Hustling county. Racquet in a cirrupt COURT

I just want to thank the clerk's here who helped us. You have been amazing in helping my son Bradley. I appreciate how helpful and understanding you all are. Thank you again!

Soooo someone wanna tell me How they expect me to pay my ticket if no one answers the damn phone??

I was issued over $200 in parking tickets, while sailing Gull lake. I paid the launch fee and my vehicle/boat trailer was parked at launch. I was issued two tickets $120 each because I was parked after hours (no signage stating “no overnight parking). The two other people who I was sailing with were both parked there also, only I received tickets. I Tried multiple times to contact the township that issued the tickets, they keep odd hours and have been closed due to covid. I’ve contacted the court they informed me, due to the township being closed I missed my opportunity to contest the two different tickets I received... How can anyone think charging $120 TWICE for parking at a boat launch that I paid for is reasonable let alone even legal!?! Now I can’t even contact anyone at the Barry county courthouse! But they sent notification that they are suspending my drivers license, in which I will lose my CDL and be unable to work... all because I participated in a sailboat race on Gull lake and was unaware I could NOT be on Gull lake after 9pm... I would understand a $50 parking ticket, but $240 plus fees is insane and should be illegal!! Or I should at least have the right to contest!!

Very horrible when you are colored please don’t try to get help they will not help protect you against no white ppl which is not fair at all trial was not fair so it is ok to be stalked and not feel safe at your own home that makes no since so what should I do just feel scared while I go to sleep at night the judge was very horrible didn’t allow me to tell my part but just kept interrupting me I wish there was fairness in this world

Please watch "Trials of Gabriel Fernandez" and ask yourself if you are doing the right thing for children. Placing a child in an environment where CPS has to create a child safety plan and the partial guardian has multiple court cases for domestic violence is NOT a safe place for a child. At least consider supervised visitation. Do something, anything for these kids. It's not the childs responsibility to be subjected to mental/physical trauma while you are focusing on the well-being of the adult.

Been visiting here for years as it is located in my hometown. Right now you do have to be let in. They check temps, you need a mask and have to fill out a questionnaire. But you can go anywhere you need to inside.

Facilitation to obtain records is fast and simple: call, request documents, provide credit card. Documents are mailed the same day!

I've been here a few times (over several years) because a friend was attending court. Neither of us were from the area. The free and close parking was great. The stairs leading up are ubsurd, about 2 inches high (-1). Guards upon entrance have always been nice and friendly. The clothing attire and often loud offensive language in the hallways outside the courtrooms is insane (-1). If you are not from the area dress like how you dress to go grocery shopping. Because that way you will be more properly dressed than most with half the effort.

I work at a law firm and call courts all day, every day. Most people are helpful, but Darnetta is something special. She's friendly and positive and one of the most helpful court employees that I've ever worked with in my 25 years in law. She's a gem and they're lucky to have her!

Incompetent always make mistakes with any paperwork so be prepared to redo anything you send them

This is an excellent court to apply a growth mindset with the prosecutor and judge. My clients come to this court charged with crimes, but we work to expand the case from the 4 corners of the ticket and police report. It's more equitable for a client to be judged on who they were before the incident and what they are doing in the present to learn and grow. The right approach is what is key to a fair and just outcome in this court.

I was transported and held in the clare county jail system for the 35th district court in plymouth michigan. The nurse diagnosed me with tonsillitis but i was refused any form of treatment other then the occasional Tylenol until my release 16 days after my diagnoses resulting in hospitalization. I asked correctional officer after correctional officer for medical kites. When that failed i asked for grievances (they reach higher up then tge CO's) only to be told i had no legal right to ask for one. To add to the correctional officers lists or neglectful behaviors a young man came in with some drugs like you see very often only this young man would spend his last days on earth in jail. He overdosed on his cell and when the CO came in we were told it wasnt his business that the next shift could handle it. Not but minutes after the kid quit breathing and his body was left in the cell for 4 hours. Its common for guards not to do hourly rounds but to pass threw at meals and end of the day count then a 5th time at lights out. Drugs plague the jail and are more common then envelopes. Over all this is has got to be the most ignorantly run county jail in the state. One last honorable mention to the fact that they served a raw potatoe to everyone in the jail for a meal one day and "made it up" by giving people double portions of powder milk.

I called to get something cleared up today to help my boyfriend and I had the best help possible! I didn't have all the information and was trying hard to get the mess fixed and she went above and beyond to help me. I appreciate this kind of help so much. I understand people are not always easy to deal with under stress and that made a world of difference. Thank you for the amazing customer service!

This place is the absolute worst. First off I had to drive 40 minutes just to pay a traffic ticket. Their recording said they were open till 5 but once I got there on time they said they closed down an couldn't take my money. Next day I had Allstate send the court a fax of my proof or insurance so I didn't have to deal with the court anymore. Next week I got a bill for 155 dollars! A $25 ticket turned into $155! So, I called down to the court and they claim I never had my insurance faxed. Anyways, Allstate told me that they sent it to the courthouse. Feel bad for everyone else in my shoes because I'm sure this happens all the time

About to go again tomorrow to pay stuff off but last time i went the judge was very nice and fair. Hopefully tomorrow goes as well. Thanks for treating me like a human being when other systems have treated me as just another case.

front desk clerk was very polite and offered good service. they had nice security and i felt safe in the building knowing they were professional. however, probably some of the most unjust judges i have ever come across

First of all, I have little / no legal experience and was so THANKFUL for the help provided by the staff while navigating the guardianship process. It was a daunting task and very high stakes getting a family member the help they desperately needed. Everyone was patient and helpful throughout the process and, while I intend to write a formal letter highlighting in more detail, felt compelled to share my personal experience online.

Don’t know what your talking about. The most respectable judge I met to date. You don’t need to hate on a judge that’s doing their job correctly and to the law, you must be the criminal in such a case.

Sometimes we don''t know what we don't know!! However, when we ask the right questions, we can get immediate help or advice! That was my experience this afternoon with the probate court. Thanks to the Probate Registrar for her kind help today after I finally asked the right question. Advice before making inquiries---: do your homework first, folks, so you know which questions to ask! There you have it!

Older dated building- Was there for a traffic violation fall 2017 There's only a couple of ppl that was nice to me in there. Dislike how much I felt judged, when I only had minor traffic issue. Deff not a criminal.

My recent experience with the customer service at the Grand Traverse Clerk's office was wonderful. I had inquired about getting copies of my son's birth certificate which we haven't been able to get all spring due to the closing of governmental centers, and they were incredibly helpful in offering assistance for filling out our application and making our payment digitally, and within 48 hours we had the copies of the birth certificate mailed to us. Thank you for the speedy and helpful service!

My own experience at this place has never happenedbut a person that has been to that court is trying to hurt me and he has already been in a bad car accidentand killed someone with zero remorse