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Cps is all one sided , they distroy family's to get there numbers up ,they dived family's up

This is for my experience with The Clerk, Melissa at the Brooke County Family Court Office. She is an Angel. So kind and patient. She has a very soothing and calming voice. She is incredibly professional and explains things In a simple fashion( how I understand) I wanted to take some time to let everyone know that this woman has helped me in more ways than one! Melissa is absolutely amazing! She is a wonderful first face to see when you walk in.

Leeann at the DMV was very kind and courteous and took care of all our needs. There was another woman there who was very bossy and got upset at her for taking care of us beyond 15 min although we needed enhanced drivers licenses for 2 people AND new car plates. She blasted her in front of us - super unprofessional and savage. Manners anyone? Thank you Leeann for your amazing service!

Don’t bother if your a father. Traumatic place that will tear your fatherhood apart and grant it all to the step father despite child’s best interest.

The officers working the entrance/metal detector were five-star friendly and upbeat to the point I almost forgot I was going to court. The officers at the different check in stations were also friendly and helpful. Judge Foley (though I have a small sample size to judge him as a judge from....I have previous experiences with seeing him in action as a DA and even as a private attorney) from what I seen is better than good at what he does. He's very well spoken and explains stuff well making sure the defendant understands what is going on. It's no question it's his courtroom as he's confident and in control well on the bench. I'm sure I won't agree with him all the time but he runs the court room rather impressively and is one of if not the best judge I've seen at being a judge in the many I've seen thru out my life in person and on TV.

My daughter sent me these mess the other day about her foster parents i asked her how was her day this is what she said awful i hate my foster parents they dont love me though.i sleep all day because i dont want to talk to them yet they say i "treat them badly" when i dont talk to them at all.because whenever i do im doing something wrong or they are yelling at me.they said they dont care if i eat or not, one of them gets mad and annoyed whenever they have to do simple tasks for me like driving me to the bus stop, they ignore my messages, they never put food in the house that i actually eat, and nothing i do is ever good enough.the sleeping all day is very concerning that's a sign of depressing. Something happens to my daughter.under these half witt's care.

I filed for full custody of my two children, and I had requested my abusive ex did not get any visitation. I told the judge on the first appearance, the other party never showed to any court dates prior. He adjourned it by 3 weeks and said if he didnt show, that it would be settled. Next court date settled in my favor. I had fought in another county for years and had 9+ rescheduled dates before I stopped showing up. Thanks to the judge here I was finally able to safely and legally leave the state with my kids! I am so thankful for this man!

The office employees at the desk where you call in are HOSTILE and unhelpful, I think the prerequisite for the position was to be employed by motor vehicles in NYC or LI ‼️ NASTY.. .🙃

In the past I have had decent interaction with the surrogates court. When my fiancé passed away from a traumatic brain injury 2 months before our son was born, and right before we to be married, all proceeds from his estate were put into a guardianship account which I could withdraw from to provide clothing for our son. I have always mailed in the clothing receipts with my request for withdrawal as I was instructed to do from the very start 2 and a half years ago. Now the court is working remotely due to the pandemic to be safe. However this arrangement has caused issues. When I mailed in my clothing reimbursement request in September 2020 the court misplaced the receipts I mailed in with my withdrawal request. The caveat is they approved the request for withdrawal which is dated 10/13/2020. I mailed back the proof of withdrawal per the court instructions. They told me at the end October they do not have the clothing receipts and need me to send. I have told the court that I cannot give them what they already have. I am being bullied by Kaitlin Reinhard, Bernadette, Alessi and Rebecca Dina LaCivita. I have ALWAYS mailed in my receipts with my petition for withdrawal. I have told them to check my record. They refuse. I have repeatedly said I mailed them with my withdrawal request and they all believe I am lying. This is the final email I sent today to the court because I have had enough of being bullied by this court. “As I have always done, I mailed the clothing receipts with my request for withdrawal in September 2020. Check all previous mailed in requests which I have submitted, including receipts, with my requests for withdrawal. I cannot give you something I already mailed to the court in September with my initial request for withdrawal. I cannot be more clear with you. I clearly see the court refuses to admit the mistake and accidentally misplaced my mailed in receipts for clothing reimbursement request sent in for September 2020, which happened given the court working remotely during a pandemic. It is sad the court chooses to bully and treat innocent people like criminals and adamantly refuses to be accountable and take responsibility for an honest mistake on the courts part, misplacing receipts I mailed in with the request for withdrawal. I mailed it all in the same package. I have been through enough heartbreak with the loss of my fiancé, our family and future together. Travis and I had been together since we were 12. Most importantly, my son not having his father, my panther and best friend. Remember the people the court treats so poorly are human beings with feelings. Merry Christmas to you and happy new year. Regards,”

Really not much to it..This building has alot of things going on, that I am not aware about. Came for moral support for a friend, that was getting a petition filed. The people that we were directed to for guidance, was great and very helpful.

The miserable lady at the counter needs to be fired. Inexcusable rude behavior.

Judge is super respectful a lot of judges dont care but this guy really shows he cares and listens and explains and all out I was respected and treated very well

All experiences I've had with them have been smooth and positive. Some things just can't be done and have to be filed a certain way and they worked with me to get that done.

Very unhelpful team. Not knowledgeable of own system and cannot provide accurate dates. Worst part is that 1 star is the lowest you can go.

They think they own everything when it's given to them free. & the land is not actually theres

The court staff are so nice to me. Considering some of the areas that I have posted bail, I consider this one of my fav!!

Very helpful, got all the paperwork in and reviewed the same day I sent it in. Thank you so much for helping me!

Corrupt judge unfair hearing the judge is racist, and doesn't give a chance to explain your side he also should be removed from bench he don't think about the kids he just wants to move to the next case I have two children that are mentally handicapped and won't even give temp custody to us to get meds and put them into school while other parent sits in jail for not supporting his children how unfair is that. The judge don't care about the children at all or even there education. The judge needs to be removed from the bench as soon as possible.

Not pleased that aside from all the details the judges still refuse to hear from those that represent themselves and no matter how much is stacked against the other party the judges (court system) still only sees women as a better cargiver for children in most cases. Men do not get a fair say in court! We as women complain when men won't take care of their children but you turn away the men that fight to raise their daughters. You make them fight for their right to their place in their childrens' lives.... Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame on you

Have practiced law in a lot of NY County Courts I can give Onondaga County my highest rating. Not only are the judges super knowledgeable, fair, and polite, but those same traits filter down through every staff member who keeps the wheels of justice turning.

Not really for a tourist visit, but the securit allowed us to enter as I am a lawyer based in Malaysia. Nice exterior and interior with lots of of history about Canandaigua blood war.

I had to get papers for estate admin. And don’t live in NY. They had my paperwork done before I had to leave to return home and they were very polite and helpful.

Worest county for custody court never want see or hear about problem of the other parent but yet fast to give 50/50. Maybe the court system needs get some Onondaga county court workers In to show them how it's done!!! Wake up oswego county!!!!!!!!!!

Dealing with the government paperwork after a loved one passes is more than a little confusing. The wonderful ladies in this office go above and beyond to guide you through the process. They deserve more than high praise. I couldn't have waded through the process without their help.

Need to get in touch with a clerk to ask a question about filing for a voluntary administrator and there's no service what so ever. You call and it goes to voice mail. What am I to do?

They took my taxes and my stimulus check, mind you I’ve been paying child support for years. My case is a unilateral case handled by both NY/VA. Virginia has been garnishing the child support directly out of my military check from DFAS for years, however NY legally owns the case because it was opened in their state. NY gave no guidance to the state of Virginia on how the funds should be transferred to my son’s mother. Meanwhile VA was sending the money directly to her after they were collecting it from me. It took NY 3 years to say that this was the wrong procedure. They told my son’s mother that the state of VA shouldn’t be sending her money directly, and that they should be sending it to them first before it was given to her. All this time the state of NY stayed silent while arrears were piling up in my name. They didn’t take the initiative nor did they have the common sense to contact my case worker in Virginia to see where I was at on my payments, and to ask them for financial documentation so they could cross reference with their records. The state of Virginia has found me within good standings with my CS payments. However I still have to deal with NY because they have jurisdiction over the case. It's unfortunate because they are very unorganized, unaware, unprofessional, and rude. I reached out to my congressman and State Senator for help. If that doesn’t work I am going to seek legal consultation from a competent CS lawyer. It is sad that I have result to these types of measures but the state of NY CS agency will leave a person with no choice. NY agreed to have the state of VA handle enforcing the payments for the case so why wouldn't they go to the source to find out where the money is and where I am at with my payments?