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The probate court with controlling jurisdiction is generally within the state and county where one primarily lives.

I thought the people that worked here were on the up and up so to speak. But now l am displeased with the way they still have good ol boy ways of helping friends.

I got my marriage license here. The ladies who issued it were very helpful and pleasant. Really appreciate there help.

Fines based on looks/story. If you have court here I’d get a lawer or they’re gonna screw you over. Had court lots in my life never anything like this.

Had to go to the Assessor's office. Very pleasant lady who was quick & efficient. Knew exactly what I needed and got everything I needed quickly.

I had court scheduled for a certain time on a certain day. My family was so excited and were on pins and needles waiting for our court day to finally arrive. It finally came and we even arrived early. We sat in the courtroom and listened to other peoples court cases and our turn never came. We found out, after a hour of sitting and waiting, that our court was canceled. Nobody from the courthouse contacted us to inform us that they canceled our court even though they had my information on 7 different packets. We recieved no email, phone call, or letter to let us know. We took time off of work, time from our day, and prepared for this day just to have it pulled from under our feet. If there was a different courthouse I could go to for what I need to get done I would definitely take my business there. Now we get the pleasure of doing this all over again next month. Hopefully the clerks do not mess up yet again and hopefully we can actually be seen.

Strange that during this pandemic no one required to wear a mask inside this public building, no even the sheriff deputies at the entrance. They were quick to jump on the no smoking in government buildings but nothing about this?

They refuse to help women in our community who need protection! I've tried getting two restraining orders and wasnt granted a emergency one either time! They wont give u emergency anything until someone already harms you and that is just sad why not try to prevent it before it happens?

They have cops that lie. Judges that convict with no evidence. If your word is against their word, they find you guilty.. Corrupt af. They will intentionally change your court date to an earlier date to have a warrant put out on you to collect bail money. Then make you wait an entire year or more to have a traffic ticket hearing.

The courthouse staff were very professional and knowledgeable. I always suggest calling ahead to ask questions, so your experience can be quicker!

Very nice people, lovely courthouse with an elevator and restrooms on each floor.

The Judge my son went before to get a restraining order against his soon to be narcissistic ex-husband was truly one of the hardest things as a mother to sit in and not be allowed to protect my son who has already endured two years of emotional and physical abuse. But that was at the hands of a narcissistic person. But for him to be belittled, made to feel unworthy because he’s gay and of all people a judge who is supposed to by law stay unbiased and not allow his Catholic beliefs to cloud his decision. Well was more than any human ever should have to go through. I am truly disappointed in Clay County and the circuit court Judge in court room 9. He should not be allowed to be a judge.

Old small building could use some much needed renovation but I would definitely suggest taking the driving test there

Mandatory masks. Need to have patience bc everything takes a few minutes to do. There is help around every corner. If you need assistance, there's plenty of it!🙂

They lie about their hours of operation on their website and don't have their phones working. It just says "we cannot transfer your call" CALL BEFORE WASTING TIME!

I've been booked and charged in soo many places. But the quaint courthouse in maysville, holds a special spot in my heart. Nicest police/sheriiffs west of the Mississippi. God bless um :)

Didygo in it was closed but walked around it still a cool building we sat around back for a snack and the view

Great court house, has 3 floors, must take elevator to get to 3rd floor as stairs only get up to the 2nd floor. Kinda chilly when it's cold out...decent amount of seating for the halls...

Beautifully historic design with a dazzling marble makeup inside and a foyér that I couldnt help but admire the echo with such an amazing open rotunda extending up a few floors to the gorgeous glass dome above and great lighting to match. Went in for the recorder of deeds department, had a nicely concise Floorplan map on where to go and clear depictions to follow to get there without hassle. Outstandingly friendly staff that were knowledgeable and helpful. Basically no wait whatsoever and was in and out within 20 or so minutes (expecting to be over an hour for the services needed as has been many other times at other various locations in Missouri)Never had such an easy experience as they made thus one! Outstanding job, Thank You!!!

Well maintained property with many offices (including the 4-H office) inside. Everyone inside is typically very friendly and helpful if you need assistance finding someone.

VERY VERY RUD when someone is trying to actually trying to pay thier ticket. I have never had a ticket before, I didn't know how the system works.

Interesting historical building still in use today. Well-kept grounds, benches beneath shade trees, and a gazebo.

I got commission Tiffany D. Gregg she use cuss words in her court room and she rude and I don't agree with her views or how she does her job as a judge I have trued to put a complaint in on her but I have not found any one who over see her I have called the gov office and attorney general office but I keep get in road blocks and it's time for her to go this is not a place for her at all and I have called and put complain abort her and no one can tell me who is over her

My name is Austin Obert I was wandering if I can live with my bio. Mom Since I have been doing good by the way I live at Joplin mo. Isl at Arc of the Ozarks.

Totally bias court. Didnt receive a fair trial. Didn't get fair process. Opposing attorne . Tina Longnecker lie . Made false statements. made misleading statements to deceive the court. Opposing party lied on the stand ,used fraudulent claims. Judge wouldn't allow me to counter the lies with evidenc . Awarded the liars who showed no evidence . Every motion was granted while all of my motions were denie . Judge didnt uphold the law. next stop for me is the Mo.Bar. to complain of ethics violations and then the state for the judges failure and lack of will to enforce the law . Craz . Be truthful and honest and expect the one place to fair judgement and get screwed by a bias court

Anytime I call up here the workers are extremely rude and unprofessional even when you have something as simple as a question. They always act so inconvenienced and always have an attitude. With that said when I went last month for traffic court the DA was very nice and professional and worked with me when I explained my situation.

If you need to come here keep your head down, be respectful, don't raise your voice, and leave as soon as possible.

Div 2 Courtroom B (Judge Cruse) Main Entrance Level Courtroom C (Judge Cruse) Down Stairs from Entrance Level County Prosecutor Office (Kristen Hilbrenner) Second Floor from Entrance Level Div 3 Courtroom A (Judge Rose) Top Floor West Side Court Clerk's Office, Top Floor across from Div 3 Div 1(Judge Rolf) is located in the old White Courthouse up the block on 10th/11th Street and Main / 224 Hwy

If history isn’t enough to get you here, you don’t have much curiosity. There is a cannonball lodged into one of the columns. I don’t where else you can see Civil War history like this anywhere. It is so cool.