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Called in to request a certified copy of my marriage license. Very friendly, efficient and had exactly what I needed in no time! Thank you!

What a racket.... had a case when Freddy was a lawyer in private practice... couldn’t make it so he put on a robe... got a ticket from an airplane with the wrong color and wrong make of car.... he found me guilty.... he’s as crooked as they come...

Very shady corrupt and unconcered about anybodys well being pretty bad when youcannot count on law enforcement i think it might be an idea to call the attorney general

The clerks at the Athens Municipal Court are professional, friendly and very courteous.

I visited this court, I think everyone is very friendly and the Judge is very nice and understanding 👍

This small building from years ago still houses some clerk offices and courts. The hallways are small. The parking in front is very difficult to pull out. When going into town from the east on 125 turn left at the UDF and it is approximately 2 blocks down. Cellphones and recording devices are prohibited.

I spoke to someone on the phone about how to go about requesting a court date for my recently deceased mother whom left no will...I was told to COME IN to fill out "forms" and bring 3 documents. I mailed all my documents to my father in law and requested that he go and fill out the forms in my place as I live in Cleveland. After all of this, when he arrived at the office he was turned away and told that the forms were to be filled out online. He wasted his time taking a day off work and traveling downtown. The lady I spoke to the first time had also stopped mid-conversation to laugh with another person. Extremely rude, considering I had just told her my mother died...it was a simple question and all she had to tell me was to look online and save everyone's time. Intelligent people at work here ...

This place is crowded. What happened to social distancing? They do not check temperatures at the door. They do not enforce face covering on deputies. I have no doubt that the Butler county sheriff is responsible for their lack of enforcement, as he does not believe in the science behind protective measures. The same man that forbids deputies to carry narcan, as he would prefer people that overdose just die.

Carrollton county juvenile court is a joke . No real punishment is ever given to offenders. What a JOKE .....

I’ve spoken to them several times in dealing with my father’s estate proceedings and they are always very helpful and knowledgeable.

Bayliff does not speak up when it comes to proceedings. The staff had paperwork wrong. Watch your court papers cause they do not proof read. Bayliff was more concerned about an ink pen when I made an honest mistake and thought it was mine. Technically it was after a 200.00 fine/ correct costs .The judge is another issue Youll figure it out when your there

Debra Yowler was so kind and helpful. She helped make a difficult situation in settling my mother's estate easier.

Even though the building is closed they are very nice and helpful. You can call and get all the info you need.

I don't mind paying a ticket for a mistake but when your only options are to pay by money order or check your still living in the stone age the year is 2021 if you don't have a way to accept credit card or have a website where you can pay online your not doing something right Limiting the way that people can pay their tickets citations or anything else is asinine someone needs to review this and correct this outdated process.

Rude, unprofessional, and very unpleasant clerks. I asked for the amount of my ticket, and the clerk groaned before asking me my name. The end of the call went something like “I hope you have a won....“ *click*

I requested official copies of Marriage Licenses and Angela was very helpful and a delight to deal with. The process took five minutes over the phone. Thank you so much!

I must say that i give the court house and domestic relations a 10. The whole staff was great to me. I thank God for the judge, help desk. And Judge assistant for all they do. Smooches to u all. Stay safe.. from jalilah fair tate❤️❤️

I came here to pay a ticket and they didn't even have my information. They had to call the police officer who wrote me the ticket to get the information so I could pay the ticket. Was there for a long time and the whole time I was wondering if I didn't show up to pay the ticket would they have even known? Was I even in their system? 5 star experience.

The court appointed attorney didn't do a very good job being a guardian over my mom and her estate. He gave my greedy sister a key to my mom's house and she went to work removing my mom and dads property. After my mom died we couldn't even get pictures from my moms house for her funeral because my sister took them all. My sister even said she took all of my dads guns meanwhile she wouldn't even let any of us have the key to feed my moms cat but she would regularly let her boyfriend do it. After my mom died the attorney put in his request to be compensated for basically doing nothing. Just pitiful. What I learned is don't leave anything for your loved ones because it just causes fighting. Donate the money to a worthwhile cause. And if your parent gets sick don't get the courts involved like my sister did.Be an adult and do the right thing for them.

As a victim of assault you guys released my social security number my address and my phone number. The address is changed my number now is changing but y'all messed up by releaseing my social security numbe, that's a hippa violation and I plan on doing something about it. I asked for my info to be protected, you didn't do a great job protection me, I hope the defendent or his family get ahold of it because that's on you guys if they do. Do better protecting victims please.

Wonderful, caring staff! As an officiant I have seen how they have been very helpful and polite to couples, in addition to answering my questions in a timely professional manner. They have even adjusted their hours and changed their procedures in a way that benefits couples getting married.

I don't know about the rest of the employees and answer the phone but a woman named Sally was extremely rude.It started out with her saying that they can do whatever they want to do,so I asked her how do"they"sleep at night charging court cost and fees to a person that lives off of $256 disability every month, she said I sleep just fine. This woman was rude acted like she just has no conscious or empathy.How do people like this work for the state that have so much power over our lives?How do we change this?

I can't even begin to describe how messed up this town is, nor would anyone believe me unless they either lived there, or had the delightful experience of having to deal with people here. No one is helpful, no one wants to do their job, or knows how to. It's all in who you know, or how much money you have that will dictate how your experience goes.

mixed experiences. some judges like Carolyn Paschke are totally clueless and unfair but other judges and magistrates here have been a voice of reason in an otherwise lawless and geauga county.

A wonderful example of what I think is Neo Gothic architecture. Spared from the Great Tornado.

Judge favors his old school buddies giving them too much slack and does so over and over. When someone appears before him every month on the same type charge and he merely taps the person's fingers they will laugh and keep doing the same thing. I know this to be a fact. Smh. This is why our system is failing and community is going to hell in a hand basket.

Lights weren't working half of them out very disappointed after driving 2 hours to watch the lights display :(

Judge Kristen Johnson ordered visitation in 2016. I seen my daughter ten minutes in 2017. 3 months into 2018 and I haven't seen my daughter this year. I go to the visitation like I was told to. I also notify the court that I don't get to see my daughter, just like they told me to. This Court IS NOT for the best interest of the children!!!

I lost both the kids and 3/4 of everything own. Lost my job had nowhere to live and faught a homeless man across the street at eddy js. Beautiful place tho.

I have been calling every hour on the hour for 4 days now and have yet to get anyone on the phone. The system automatically hangs up on you after 60 seconds. Unfortunately, the courthouse itself is closed as well, so getting in touch with anyone is impossible. Would love an alternate way to get in touch, as I just have a simple, but very time-sensitive question. Edited to add: I got ahold of them at 10am the morning after I posted this review, and they resolved my issue immediately and professionally, so I’ve added a couple stars!

I hope everyone has a fruitful and Happy New Year and peace and normalcy stays in and all around us this next year , prosperity and wisdom follow all out ways in the decisions made and fair and just so each person has a fair voice in our government