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😅 i cant believe people are concerned about cell reception at the courthouse. No complaints. Good service for what I went in for.

Tried going to Duval county court house to get our marriage license and we was not aloud inside. We was turned away because the officer said it was a long wait for the license. We went to Macclenny court house and it was amazing! The officers were so friendly and the ladies in the marriage office was super nice. And we received our license in less than 15 minutes. Amazing court house and staff!!!

My family and I came here for traffic court. Although they were processing many people, It was a quick and easy process. There are metal detectors that you have to go through. The officers and the staff are very friendly and helpful with any questions you may have. They are also helpful to direct you to any department you need to speak to. There's plenty of parking. There are plenty of Bail Bonds companies that are right next to the courthouse.

Older & small, but very efficient courthouse providing full Clerk of Court services. Judge Kelly Ingram handles most of the cases venued there, and does an EXCELLENT job!

Horrible customer service at the passport renewal desk. I got awful looks of hatred for being simply 5 minutes late even though there was no one else waiting behind me. How can people be so full of hate from the very start of the day?

Pleasant and accommodating staff! David G. at the front entrance was very polite and helpful. He assisted in directing us to exactly where we needed to go, and wished us well when we left. Also, Ms. Rhona Chalmers in the Marriage License division, who normally works in the Plantation office, was helping out at this location and she was the best! She was so informative, knowledgeable, professional, and friendly! She made the whole process so easy. Thank you!

Great information and hours are from 8am to 4pm I believe and open MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY.

Dated Facility, can easily see how the building was designed for when Charlotte county didn’t have as many residents. Most people inside the center have little to no knowledge of the proceedings of the system and did not have the best attitude. Sarasota’s system is much more advanced and this county should follow!

I really want to send a big shout out to the probate staff for finding my marriage certificate with minimal info because it was urgent that I had a copy!! I called but I wanted to acknowledge them on the website. Thanx again😍

This place looks for any reason to be inconvenient, nobody is helpful, people are never at their post, always out to do something or at lunch. I swear these people can't be working a 40 hour week because nobody is ever there. Closed before I go into work, closed at lunch, and closed before I get off work. Basically if you want anything done you have a small 1 hour window in the morning between 10-11am and 2-3pm. Any other time these people are out screwing off while our tax dollars pay for it.

Transported here for court. Released and stranded. Clearly a prejudice city, county and jurisdiction. Charged $2 per sheet for my disposition paperwork and not treated as a US Citizen.

We are American Barn Busters here in Old Town, Florida, the people in this court house are amazing, judges included. Very helpful.

After being pulled over 13 times in a30 to 60 day period.... My hand does not work correctly& I look like a stick...went to pay the fine in full320 it was 420 100% Thanks for taking food out me and my son's mouth, I guess I'll sleep behind a dumpster since nothing is being done for the homeless. Major emotional distress. Are you'll catering to working citizens or paranoid schizophrenics??

Oh my Lord worst court house. They make their own laws up. Not allowed near a judge. Request are sent up to judge and who knows what goes on thereafter. Only sheriff's and attorneys are allowed near the judge. Jaded orders given out by judge.

Service is fast and always friendly! They always give me the right advice, I couldn’t be happier. Well one thing could make me happier. That would be the ability to renew drivers licenses there as well. Going to Apalachicola can be trying at times, especially if it’s just renewing the one you already have.

Very helpful, but not able to do what I wanted to. I am Lee County so I had to go to Lee Blvd., in Lehigh to the Lee Tax Collector, so busy going to have to wait for my Florida licence. Wow people standing outside to get in then you get a ticket to wait more.

Civil Court it ok for a landlord to send unlicensed contractor to our home. Under a Code inforcement Order. And mess up our Electric and plumbing and and now have no Electric through the houes which we pay $1,30.00 a mouth for and never been late. So landlord filer first Eviction for non payment of rent? So he was getting rent when he filed. First case. He lost. Second time Judge said florida law states he has a right to throw us out on the streets. But he can BRAKE THE LAW. Buy sending unlicensed people in our home and mess more of our electric under code inforcement order. And lie and steel money.so now it ok for him to break the law but we did not break any laws. Now i know why all the people come here. Thay are not crooks till thay come down here?

Had to get paperwork from the clerk if circuit court. Was easy to check in and had no waiting time. The person helping me was very nice and knowledgeable. CDC guidelines definitely in place here from mask requirements to social distancing

I had a traffic ticket - went to traffic court where the judge looked through my history ( nothing prior) said he wouldn’t do point on my liscense and waiving the ticket that it would just be court fee which I believe was $130. I’ve never received any confirmation documentation then or since, have tried paying it but it kept popping up as the original $287, finally got hold of someone and they say the judge marked off that there’s no points for my liscense but marked that I do have to pay the original fine and my only recourse since the courthouse doesn’t keep recordings is to hire legal counsel and try to fight it which I know would just be a he said/she said. Really disappointed with how this was handled. Very dirty!!!!

Overall, I’d say the complex is above average in comparison to other courthouses. I think one has to take in account the reasons people have to visit here which can dictate a bit of how the employees treat customers. I’ve read some of the reviews about the security personnel and have to admit they’ve never really been cozy with me either but that’s part of what they are there for. They have to be at high alert all the time. That’s gotta take a toll on someone’s emotions over time. I’ve found many of the employees throughout the building to be very kind and helpful. I recommend this place.

God help you if you try to pay a ticket over the phone. You might get one answer if you call right at opening 10 times and are on hold for 5 minutes at a time until they hang up on you. Rinse and repeat.

i'd give 0 stars if possible. Judge Mary Evans of the 20th Circuit Court in Florida is a Tyrant. Refuses to see evidence and has little time for anyone who isn't part of her social or economic class.

and only cause i have give them some sort of star, i had to take a day off work, to only give the clerks office money, that i don't have to give away, i had to file a contempt of court against my ex-husband, specifically asked questions because i've never had to do this before, the paper specifically stated his address (not in levy) and never one word about the hassle i have to go thru, to get him served, & low and behold the county that he lives in, the sheriffs office no longer serves these papers. None of which was explained while i was asking questions. Any only after i gave the clerk my money, did she say that i have to take the papers to the county that he lives in. What bull-

They are great, and when you go to jail from Court. You don't sit very long. Wear white socks, so your feet don't get cold in the holding cell. It's the only color allowed. But thank God I quit drinking. Few officers remember me.

The ladies that work there always greet me with a big smile. They always treat me and mostly my elderly dad with the upmost respect. I even brought 1 of my kids there and they treated her with the same kindness. I never left without ALL my questions answered and received everything I went in there for. They’ve been there for a while, I hope they never leave. Great job LADIES😁

DO NOT GO DURING LUNCH HOURS! I had to go 3 times in order to resolve my parking ticket problem. The first time, it was very fast and the person was very helpful on what I had to bring in order to make my request. The second time, they took too long so I left because I had to return to work. The last time I had to stay no matter what because it was about to be a month since my ticket. When I got there, I only had 2 people in front of me. BUT, since it was 11:55 they all left for lunch and only one (very slow) person was left working. It took him 1 hour and 15 minutes to get to me because he decided to call everyone from traffic first, disregarding the time of arrival of everyone else. He even let someone behind me skip because he had some "paper with a seal". He took very long with each person and in between persons as well. He didn't seem to care that in an 1 hour time spam we went from 3 people to 20 in the waiting room. Nobody else there seemed to care either, since it wasn't their department they didn't care about helping anybody else. The only reason I'm giving 2 stars instead of one is because, the first time they were actually helpful and efficient. I think that during lunch time they should either put an efficient person there, or leave 2 people working, because one slow person just won't do. If you go on a Monday or during lunchtime be ready to be late for work or school.

The guy in the front desk is really nice and patient! He is so helpful and he deserves 10 stars

The self help floor is great. Very organized. And the staff is on time. They even open 5 minutes early. I’ve enjoyed doing business with them . I’m grateful and thank you. 🙂

Whats wrong with the probate courts in Dade County? Over a year and straight forward case 1 Heir and nothing?????

Been coming to the Keys from out of state for 29 years spending a lot of money supporting this community. Now twice I have been issued parking tickets for ridiculous amounts by parking where other FLORIDA cars were parked, and only l was ticketed !!! NOT VERY HAPPY and letting people know about it!

The knowledgeable and respectful Monroe County Courthouse employees and elected officials are what makes it exceptional. Construction of a new and larger courthouse is presently underway.

Judge foster may be hard on you but he just wants to see you succeed in life and break your old habits

I recently went to help my dad pay off something with in the clerks office and I have never been so disappointed. The woman Beverly Hill within the cashier department must of had a bad day because she sure needed someone to take it out on. I am so polite, but today she really tried to bring the fire out of me. I know the court house has all types of people coming in and out of there but there is no reason for the staff to be treating people the way they do. I had to talk to someone else because Beverly was so harsh on the subject instead of trying to help the confusion. The woman who came out fixed the problem within two seconds. If Beverly would of had that professionalism I wouldn’t be making this post. The reason that place is almost unbearable to go in to is because of the staff. It would be nice to hire people out of the community who have a little compassion.

Me and my fiance were trying to get our marriage license ONLINE. First off, the website gives no explanation of the process, which would have been nice to know that you have to set up a scheduled Webcam meeting. After filling out the application and getting the transaction number, we received no instruction on what to do next. We waited for about 30 minutes with no reply so I called and a nice lady got us in the system, shortly after I received a text that you reply with your transaction number, so I did. Waited another 30 minutes with no further instruction, by this time it was close to closing so I called back and got another employee that was a little less than nice. She for the life of her couldn't figure out that we were both waiting to do an ONLINE meeting, mainly because everytime she asked a question, she would interrupt my answer with another question. She did try to fit us in last minute to get our license, which would have been nice.... had we been there in person. All in all there needs to be more instruction one the process of things.

Called in search of a will with little information to go on. Person on the line was very willing to help and very sympathetic.

Thank you for proving efficient work when we file documents. It’s appreciated.🙂👍💁❤️

I hate this county they are very very quick to take your money with no problem whatsoever but they do NOTHING to help the people that live here. I cannot move out of here fast enough. I still can't figure out when it should be okay to blame the covid on incompetent work.