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The probate court with controlling jurisdiction is generally within the state and county where one primarily lives.

Im from philippines kindly pls help me to have a copy of devorce file my ex wife file a divorce case januray 11 2008 maria theresa caraan and glenn caraan case file if kindly help mento have a copy of the file and the entry of judgement i really need a copy for my annulment process here in the philippines anybody there pls to help me god bless and many thaks

The Alpine County Courthouse was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2004. Ir was built entirely of native quarried stone in 1928. When it was built, Alpine County was still relatively young, having been established in 1864 as part of the famous Comstock Lode discovery in nearby Virginia City. Being isolated from most of California by the Sierra Nevada, especially during the winter months, Alpine County residents were more familiar with Nevada than California. When it came time to replace their existing 1875 wood frame courthouse, they turned to Reno architect Frederick J. DeLongchamps, who had already designed courthouses for seven Nevada counties as well as Modoc County in California. DeLongchamps favored the classical revival styles in his courthouse designs, and the Alpine County Courthouse design reflects his regionally adapted style. The original architectural plans called for a two-story courthouse, but financial considerations resulted in the revision of the plans to a one-story building.

The courthouse is nice outside and the interior is looks very modern and new. The courtrooms & restrooms are very clean and the security at the door are always very friendly & helpful. Beware of taking on a public defender at the Amador County Courthouse though - multiple ones will not show up for appointments you make with them and I've seen one not even show up for court!!

Had an actually pleasant trip there today. Able to accomplish what I set out to do. I cannot complain, just isnt one of my favorite places to visit and I believe that when you're turning in a restraining order you should be able to do it here and not in Chico so that's irritating.

The saddest part of my experience is that there are still old people who will treat you with disrespect because of your age, the way you look, or both.... The older women that has been helping out the new women at the clerk assistance office has been super disrespectful every time I had questions the last two times I’ve been here. The first time I went in she was agitated about the questions I asked and was rude for no reason. I came in today with the things I needed to fix for my court date. She tells me that I first have to get on the list for today so I tell her that I already am. I show her my temporary operating permit given to me by the DMV and a paper receipt saying I paid my reg. (Because they have to send it through the mail since I started it online) She told me that they don’t take these and that this was not my registration without even asking any questions. Instead of talking with me she proceeded to just tell me I’m wrong. The amount of attitude and disrespect shows how this place is really ran. I hope the things that are bothering her don’t continue to affect her work life.

The most friendliest people I have had meeting here in Colusa. A special shout out to Rich for his king help. Lisa.

Beautiful/Awesome historical building built in the 1870’s. Had court today for a speeding violation of 98 in a 55. The traffic judge heard me out and reduced my violation from 98 to 70 in a 55 with option of traffic school. Very nice judge and helped to save a point on my record. If you’re gonna get a ticket make sure it’s in Colusa. Lol

I called the jury services division today (10/6/20) to ask to be excused from jury duty because I just did jury duty less than a month ago. The clerk I spoke with was really nice and professional and took less than 5 minutes to get me excused. I was really impressed!

Three stars for the ladies who work in the office that greet you and those who answer the phone. Very kind workers who are very knowledgeable in their job and can direct those who come in to the proper paperwork to fill out for the courts to information on your cases you need.

If you have legal issues of course any reviews are bound to be negative. If you must visit any of the county offices located here in the winter months, Sheriffs Dept., Police station, Court Clerk, DA, Etc. Wear water proof rubber boots. It floods bad and a large portion of the parking lot is under at least 4 inches of water as well as part of the walkway leading to the building. They need to install a drainage system.

Liar and theives and also don't know the legal system. They mis convicted me and I called to inform and they tried to say I was wrong... We'll see what a real attorney says... They will squash a crooked system. Quick like too... Watch.

I found the clerks very helpful. you need 3 copies of everything. they don't make copies

Think there would be a more efficient way to pay tickets and take traffic school by now. But no, system is designed to suck your energy and money from you, have an unreasonable ticket? Tough luck costs more to fight it so just accept it.

Send them my 85 dollar money order to file my court paperwork, and they send me back the paperwork asking me for an 85 filling guess what they lost it and didnt care so i have to pay another 85 dollars...they said they never received it!!!

Rude and helpful about any need you may have tried getting intouch with someone about the county's zoom for court and was nearly mad feel like a fool , tell I remembered just who I was speaking with and let it go . You may have a different experience with your call or help but as far as I can say they need help in lots of areas .

Don’t even bother! The lady on the civil (2) line is a complete joke. Talks over you and acts like we all work there and know what to do. She need to get off that high horse and understand that she answers the phone to answer questions/ give info. Not being rude and all that attitude.

FBI should look hard at this Instatution. $1800 for 8 mph over the limit, not even a construction zone. Bishop Court House, dark place. Awesome town and people but these are stains. Tell me they aren't on the take.

Cool building, this is the place that had the Charlie Manson gang locked up first!

Jury selection takes three times as long (three separate days with different groups) so they can social distance. Everyone is to remove or pull down your mask when speaking so the court reporter can hear and see the movement of your lips. (So why wear them?)

Don't bother calling the traffic division. They don't even bother answering the phone any more. I've called four times and no one answers. Does anybody actually do any work there? I mean, i know asking someone to actually do work at a government job is doing a lot, but not answering the phone? That's a new level of laziness.

Shonda Harry has nothing honorable about her and not out to help and protect and do what is right for anyone unless you have legal representation and know how to work the system. This place is a disappointment to everything that is good in this world and any hope to make it anything right. It’s a sad world in the legal world of Lake County and hope something changes soon for the sake of humanity!

Lake County is a very poor area in terms of the rule of law. County supervisors ignore absolutely everything but their own careers. Judges are right out of the 19th century. Not one lawyer friendly or helpful to the poor. This building encloses a fetid swamp.

Can't seem to get valid information from any of the staff excluding Andrew from the free self help. Apparently the supervisor Kim Gallagher is just as incompetent and can't manage to simply process information. Forms continuously disappear, and clearly is a common issue from what other stated during my court hearing. You would think considering they have been closed to the public that the office would be more organized but Kim seems to have slipped her job duties and needs adequate training in regards to professionalism.

Not my favorite place but the way they have it set up now is a lot better than before .Make sure you have your phone fully charged because that's the new way of checking in

no place to make appointment. The only place to make appointeng online, it directs us to traffic tickets. so dumb. It creates a huge barrier to clients.

I'm thankful everyday for the opportunity to be here specially with my newborn son I love life today I still have a few questions statements actually for those who in my honest opinion would like to hear reform is in order and it's up to the judges the ones appointed by God to be forward and honest and true the DA's office the police are getting away with more than they should it is the judge of the Court who is supposed to charge us with any charge we violate in our community and our life against our neighbors ourself our families the police today go through the academy so fast some of them young and don't understand every law rule and in their opinion they decide what charge we should get in the judges go along with it accordingly that is not right who am I not a lawyer who am I but a product of my environment and with a disability not understanding and addiction I once had and letting the system do whatever they want as well as letting lawyers be our public defender who have the time don't even have a bar license yet but are practicing under the license of a law firm that is not equal representation that's not even representation at all we've lost families jobs places in our community we can't get back because of the way people think it's defamation of character but above all its Injustice I pledge allegiance to my flag every day because I believe there should be justice for all like I said it's just my opinion but it is the truth and if anybody takes the time to read this God bless them bless their families I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands one nation under God individual with liberty and justice for every single American who deserves it Steven Michael Searcy II is my saving Grace and I'm so glad to have him in my life today amen,& b-men, and talk to your recruiter about being a real man that started tradition be back up to the one that was put in order from the beginning God bless America

Some guy literally rates this bad because he thinks it is confederate? Wow... Staff are all extremely nice and willing to help you with any questions or help you may need. 5/5

I have had the worst Cases caused by over reactive Sheriff's Deputy & I was treated with respect from The retired Judge Jonathan Leahan ,The New Judge Brennan is fair albeit tuff when dealing with a heavy workload. I don't presume to know how he does a great job on every Cases.I know because I lived with My Brother in Law who was in Beverly Hills Superior Municipal Courts ,now working Mediation! Tricia The Court Clerk will treat you with respect if you do same first . I no longer living in the area & was able to find a great place to call home. I know most people don't like Policeman or Sheriff or Judges ....? I had a few Bad ones ,but if your able to not resent them & not overeating to everyone & concerns, you will stay out of jail ! Attitude is the first chip off the shoulder! Stay Safe & Blessed to all Law enforcement. Anonymous

Time waste, haven't received phone call. Court date 8/12/2020 request William vansaint to be preaseant, as per it's his job

Absolute worst experiences in a California Small Claims court is in poor rural Sanctuary city Merced, CA.

Had a court scheduled today. The court building was open but my case got cancelled. It would have been nice if I got a call regarding this cancellation. The employee there said that a letter was sent regarding the canceled court date. I told him “that because of the covid 19 the postal service has been a bit behind with its deliveries”. Keep in mind that I live in Los Banos and not in Merced. They also screwed up on a restraining order, so now there are two people with the same case number and the restraining order is on a person who has nothing to do with the actual case. They need to do a better job since it is smaller than other cities. Such a waste of time and mileage. I even asked for the day off.

Been trying to get a hold of anyone in this office and after calling for months and several voicemails have not heard back at all.

We were just a little over the speed limit, sometimes just following the traffic flow and it’s completely safe when we keeping good distances during a good road condition during the day. I’ve been driving since I was 16, now I’m 26 and finally got my first ticket today, I’ve alway been a good driver and Respectful to cops when they stop me and they just have to give you ticket and ruin your holiday. 3 times in a roll seriously, first time my dad, 2nd time was my friend and it’s my turn now lmao. I guess I’ll find place to snowboard elsewhere.

What a beautiful old historic building! Didn’t get to go inside because it was the weekend but everything is well-maintained with a lot of historic plaques and items outside to look at. The grass is very green it’s nice to just walk around and enjoy the architecture. Outside is a large monument that points out all the historic markers in mono county.

The rooms are constantly changing times without notifying people. We came in at our set time of 8 am and were pushed back to 10 am. I expect our civil servants to be more punctual and clear with directions.

Located in a nice area surrounded by oak trees. Large parking lot. This is mostly utilized for family court matters.

I learned very early in the game that you must do 2 things when it comes to the clerks. Watch and keep records of everything u file with them. They will cheat, for you or against you. Local attorney's have them (clerks) as trial expenses. They work for the county not the courts. High-school diploma is all that's required.

What can you really say in a review about a courthous?? Despite the fact it is a place where criminals are sent.away to also is a place where innocent people get accused and prosecuted for crimes they didn't commit. But I do give it 5 stars bacuse they do their best with information given.

Typical small town court house. The place has character. Usual security routine getting into the building. Staff is friendly and helpful. Not many good reasons to be in the courthouse, but this location is more comfortable than most I've been to.

What a disservice this court is to many people....abusive fees and lack of resources to process. Disgraceful that they actually ticket people when they can't service the operation that is needed. Of course the response might be...then don't get a those that offer that up....I offer you a big F' Off.

I have a citation to appear. I go to the courthouse in Santa Ana and they can't make an appointment even though it specifically says you can. Worthless staff. I'd probably have got more done at the DMV. If you want to work in public service , maybe consider trying to actually serve the public.

Really interesting to see the historic site and what has happened around it! The site is super cool, but I guess the surrounding is mediocre! Hope they can keep this place lookin legit as always

Long line during Covid. I feel like I’m going to get Covid soon cause of this long line.

They did not even answer the phone. I was not able to access my case information online and their was a prompt to contact them instead so I tried to call them as I have twice before and also did Not reach a human being. I have been on hold now for 56 minutes and getting impatient. If they were on lunch they should indicate the times on their phone message announcing they will not be accepting any call during that specific hour. Absolutely tedious situation trying to get help from these people. Don’t they want me to pay my ticket so They can get their money ?!?!? It’s never been so hard to give someone my money! Too bad I can’t add a photo of my wait time.

Toni in the clerk's office was amazing. So helpful and knowledgeable and patient with all my mistakes. Could not have gotten my documents filed without her help and it was a very important issue Toni treated as if it were her own problem. Cannot recommend her highly enough.

I can honestly say that this county, court system, and CPS can care LESS about the best interest for a child. I underwent a custody hearing in this county, and I have never seen such negligence, and such a EXTREME case of a violation of rights as judge Douglas Proudy had portrayed. And no means whatsoever what is the custody hearing at all a fair and just hearing! Judge proudy completely ignored all evidence of methamphetamine use and possible child neglect along with photos of marks and bruises all over my child’s body due to the neglect and carelessness of the mother. He overruled all my objections during the hearing. On the court date before this hearing even began he informed the mother that she would need to file all proper paperwork before the next court date. She handed my attorney the filed paperwork herself five minutes prior to walking through that quart room door the following court date. Therefore that paperwork should not have been allowed. The mother provided the witness list and called up a friend of hers to the stand that was not on the witness list whatsoever. Judge proudy allowed him to testify right after stating that he himself back when he was a lawyer defended and represented the witness on the stand. HUGE CONFLICT OF INTEREST! Also, a part of all the filing fees that I had paid, should have paid for a court reporter in the room. In which there was absolutely no court reporter whatsoever! The mother also has numerous methamphetamine uses on her record as well as having her son removed from her custody by CPS. Judge proudy what is negligent and careless on all these matters and disregarded my concern for my daughter safety. She has also violated court orders. On top of fleeing the county with the child upon a welfare check and providing false addresses to an officer at the Greenville sheriffs department. I will be making this matter beyond public! I have already made several phone calls on this matter. If anything happens to my child while being in the care of her mother it will rest upon not only the judge but CPS in the entire county‘s sholders! This county is an absolute joke and I will be sure to first hand it is looked into. Now if the mother was a good mother and it was a fair hearing I would have nothing to say and except the ruling of the mother being granted full custody. However there were many things done by the judge that are very suspect and shows that he has absolutely no care in the world for the child’s best interest

Looks like a fifth grader made the website. Completely unprofessional. And how the heck do you look up a court case?!

Very unorganized and slow. Can have an appointment for 9:30 and will not be seen until after lunch break at 1. Will always prioritize other county employees and lawyers before the general population of people. Will also prolong everything so it takes forever to get stuff taken care of. Been trying to get stuff sorted since 2016 because they say their computers don't have records. Even though I have shown them my hard copies and I have no active cases.

My daughter was scheduled to be married on August 11 and received an email confirmation in July. When my daughter and her fiance got to courthouse, the courthouse was closed. Daughter called and yes, it was closed due to Covid. Daughter and fiance were all dressed up because they had paid for a ceremony too. Nobody at the courthouse had the decency to notify them of this closure. They were/are so upset, and they never even got an apology.

These people are awesome. They have to deal with some of the most high strung people I have ever met but keep calm and professional. That coming from a person going through a divorce and and child custody/support case,😒😣😥 These people are awesome. Take a deep breath, relax, put you questions on paper first then see them. They're really helpful and can save you time and money. God bless 😇 🙏❣️

Is it just me or does it seem like every employee is having a bad day...everyday? Every time I walk through that door I'm greeted with some attitude. Simply no compassion for anyone whatsoever as well. I'll gladly give them a free class for the whole building on basic customer service skills that they teach at McDonald's or Goodwill. I'm sure the next time I arrive in that building it will be a grand old time. And to you fellow employees that work there...chill out...its not that bad.

served on a jury last year. case + deliberation lasted about 3 weeks. all things considered, the facility itself is fine. By government standards, I would say they're pretty efficient and there are no egregiously bad problems, which is more than you can hope for considering how disruptive serving on a jury can be. (Not sure how things look now with covid though!) three protips: - do NOT eat anything at the cafeteria on the top floor. This includes anything their staff prepares (disgusting food) as well as pre-packaged food (often very close to expiration). Go to any other cafe during your recess if you aren't packing a lunch; there are plenty within walking distance. - Bring your own toilet paper or sanitary wipes. The restrooms use the lowest-grade toilet paper imaginable and you will quickly develop hemmorhoids with continued use. - The IT department is a bit underfunded and as a result, the multimedia equipment (laptops, monitors) available for use during deliberation is very old and completely incapable of decoding most modern video formats. In our circumstance, the laptop available had 1GB of RAM and an ancient single-core processor and failed to playback a single frame of video evidence originating from a modern smartphone. They were able to provide a laptop capable of this playback after asking. This did cause a bit of a delay during deliberation, but it wasn't significant enough to add days to the process. Good Luck!