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They helped me Out tremendously On help I needed about an eviction. She knew what she was talking about. I appreciated the help very much!

Court A has rude and aggressive toned staff. Oh. It Dosent deserve 1 star ;It wouldn't allow me to post with out clicking a star.

Very unprofessional and slow. The judge hears one case every 45 minute, which appeared to be about 5 minutes worth of work. Sat in court an hour and a half before just leaving. Judge and bailiff in and out of court room, and on their phones the whole time.

These highway robbers extorted me on the roadside for $360 for not having a seatbelt on, even though I meet a medical exemption. Be careful driving through Alleghany County, NC, particularly Sparta, the county seat. The road through town is riddled with highway robbers ("law enforcers") seeking to bring back money to the crown in their finely tuned extortion racket. The place is crawling with parasites out plundering the people they claim to protect.

It's just so old-fashioned, slow and outdated. Website needs updated with accurate information and better file keeping systems.

Absolutely horrible. Everything from the officers inside, Probation officers, Judges, etc. Its an absolute disgrace to see how far DOWNWARDS these local "officials" have sunk. They dont take care of their community, they could definitely use an attitude adjustment, and probably a couple of retraining courses on how to ACTUALLY uphold the law when dealing with the general public.

Omg court is awesome! So much fun I mean where else can you throw away a whole day and listen to real life drama!!! Hah

This is the most money grabbing town in North Carolina that I have ever seen. Scheduled HUNDREDS of people for traffic court today alone. No joke. We had to spend an hour and a half in line to pay off a "reduced" ticket that actually ended up costing more for us in the long run than the original speeding ticket. This is one of the most crooked counties we've ever had the displeasure of driving through. The officer that wrote the ticket pulled us because we had out of state tags instead of the person beside us who was going even faster than we were. Come to find out, speedometer was off on our truck. Doesn't explain the crooked handling of the situation though. I do not recommend doing any kind of business in this county, let alone driving through it. Take the long way around Windsor area, it will save you $275. Yes, they charge a $6 credit card fee for paying by card, as if they didn't steal enough money today from tax payers.

Since covid they even more ways to make you suffer. I mean luxury destination such as this they really Gotta work hard to get 1 start . 1star for a jail is a good rating they say it'll make you not wanna come back. For some odd reason though everybody always come back. Like motel 6 says "we'll leave the light on for you." See you guys soon!

I recently came here as a witness to my sister's hearing. The only other time I had been here was for a speeding ticket when I was 16. I work downtown, so naturally I had a push knife attached to my keys that I use for protection when walking to my car late at night, that I've had on there for two years and completely forgot I had it on there. It was an honest mistake. Well, the blonde female officer who was on duty that day was VERY rude about it as I explained to her that I forgot it was on there. As I'm taking it off my keychain, another woman approaches to check in and says, "Wow, do people not know the rules?" And the female officer replied, "Yeah I'd like to punch people in the face for not knowing them." I eventually got the knife off my keychain and was not allowed to bring it back to my car, so I was forced to throw it away. Then, as my bag was scanned through, I forgot I had a wine opener in my bag for work, as I work at a restaurant downtown and she was rude about that as well when I asked if I could just hand it to them to toss it out. Her reply was, "Trashcan right over there." I have NEVER been in trouble with the law and this was a less than desirable experience and officers wonder why the public dislikes them so much. Many of them have a God complex that needs about them that needs to get checked. Worst and most embarrassing experience I've EVER had with law enforcement. VERY disappointed.

Cannot attest to the level of corruption of the judges or how fair the court is, but the outside grounds were going under improvements which is a nice sign for the town. The memorial to the Confederate soldiers lost in the war stands as a sentinel on the grounds adorned with a wreath, and has no plans to be moved elsewhere. The courthouse itself looks pretty good for its age, since the first one was raided by the Union army in 1865 and remodelled in 1901. The August terms of the NC state Supreme Court were held here from 1847-1861 as the sign says. Worth a visit if in Morganton, especially post-improvements. Cheers.

Prejudice at it’s best! Everyone in this building has not a inch of religion or respect for anyone! Entire staff needs sociology, psychology and professional behavior classes and training!

I've had great experiences with the Caldwell county court house over the years I've live in Caldwell. They have very knowledgeable staff who have helped me with probation wills to back ground checks for renters and employment. 5 stars all the way!

I'm rating this solely for the Veterans Memorial sitting out in front of the courthouse as I've never been inside the building itself. The Veterans Memorial was really nice and a great tribute to the military.

Avoid this place. The host is very unpleasant and demanding. Never even saw our server. It smells funny and the bathrooms were disgusting. We wont be back.

A little disappointed. Not a single basketball, racquetball, or tennis court in sight. And metal detectors seemed slightly unnecessary for a quick pickup game

People are nasty and disrespectful no help or info and you seem to wait forever outside before you get told to come in

There are some of the rudest people from the Clerk's office to the DA's secretary! If you don't like working in the court system you should find another job. People are innocent until proven guily and they deserve a little respect!

From viewing the Small Claims website, Craven County actually prefers that you not hire an attorney and just represent yourself. I now know why. It's not a Judge reviewing the case but a Magistrate and boy did I draw the short straw. This magistrate was not interested in seeing my receipts or documentation for damages on my house. If I didn't know better, I would say this is how Craven County found out they could cut cost by having people pay court fees upfront, have a magistrate "review" (and I use that word loosely) your case and then dismiss the entire thing. I feel cheated not only by my tenants but by Craven County District Court. And yes, I wrote a formal complaint to Judge Walter Mills back in September 2020. Still waiting on his reply. What a joke!

Worst court to get the simplest of citations if out of state to get important information that can easily be answered and over in 5 mins taking over 3 mos just to get anyone to assist me in getting it over and done.

The policeman at the door where scanner is is absolutely horrible and the most rudest person ever. I am so sorry that I didn’t know where to go and that you had to answer my question.. he along with others there who think they are so much better than us .. excuse me but us tax payers pay your salary.

Want to give a big shout out to Jason L. He was by far the most kind and helpful person I’ve ever encountered in a court system. Thank you so much for your help! 10 stars for Jason L. @ the clerk of court in the court house!!!

The lady I spoke with at the clerk of court was rude. Your job is literally to direct us to what we need and inform us of the process to complete what we need done. Not give an attitude when it’s not like we can do it ourselves. Go get a job you’ll like so you won’t have to be so disrespectful to people who are annoyed at their speeding ticket just as you are with your job. At least I wasn’t having a baddy day.

Typical courthouse, had to go for a traffic ticket for my daughter. Court started at 930a, case wasn’t heard until after 1p but that was expected. Security is very strict. Vending area with drinks and snacks and public restrooms. No real parking lot or garage, free street parking around the actual courthouse. Wheelchair accessible. Ticket was dismissed after my kid took a 4 hour driving class, saved our insurance premiums & her a lesson in watch her lead foot!!

I had a bond set at $100,000 for 4 misdemeanors while people with felonies were gettting $20,000 to $50,000 bonds. I sat in jail for 5 months and the whole time my bond was not touched,only for all my charges to be dropped. They set a high bond and drag you for all the time and $ they can make off of you. This system is corrupt and needs to be investigated Judge Abernathy to be exact and how he sets such ridiculously large bonds for charges not that serious and such low bonds for charges that are. They hold you in there just long enough for you to lose everything. Then I had to bond out for probation violation when all the charges I got which violated my probation were dropped,how can that happen. Why should I have to bond out on a probation violation when the charges were dropped?

👮 Gaston County Court house officials took part in the 2013 Multi billion trust & inheritance received by Towery "Tyree" Maurice Burris nickname J.B Hunt Jr. He was recognized as the beneficiary of the estate Trust of billionaire Johnny B Hunt founder of J.B. Hunt Transportation.The Trust involves 100s of Properties in Gaston County. He purchased First National Bank at 106 S. Lafayette st. Mayor Reid County Commissioners & City Manager took part.

I have always had a enjoyable time and experience when I have had to come for the judicial process! Thank the good lord for the best clerk of courts in the state, T. Holloway! Very informative and through and especially kind!

Everyone in the clerks office is very nice! And the civil court judges are very respectful! I feel they truly want the best for you. And they give you the chance to take responsibility for yourself and to be the better person all around. I am thankful to have had the experience of seeing this and pray other courts follow Oxfords lead.

If I could give zero stars I would. This is the most unorganized place I have ever experienced in handling court cases. The judge was an hour late, the DA had no clue about the details of the cases and the attorneys are a waste of people’s money because they don’t even bother to show up on time and don’t communicate with their clients. This is ridiculous.

The staff is rude and incompetent. I filed charges against someone and the crime was a felony but they made a mistake on the paperwork and listed it as a misdemeanor! I get the run around, the district attorney handling the case said it would be handled, yet its over a month and still no change. If i could give a zero i would

The process for jurors is efficient from being outside, entering, security, COVID-19 procedures, to selection. Assembly line type deal. Parking validation and proof of service are provided. Courthouse staff is helpful and informative.

Absolutely no good. Refused to allow me and my fiancé to be married here even though I grew up about 2 minutes from the courthouse and that is where all of my family is at. These Covid restrictions are getting on my last nerve. I was told I was unable to be married since I am a Johnston County resident.. Although I live just outside of Angier now and I technically have a willow spring address. We are really sad we had to deal with this as we can not find anybody to marry us.

Poor, they assigned a client with an attorney which is the client's, now ex and made no effort to resolve the conflict of interest. The client has got their life together, yet the court system keeps lagging around and has made no real effort to get their stuff done. We have to travel 5 hours just to go to court to be appointed another lawyer, and to add to everything, court was canceled a few months ago and we, nor the bondsman were not informed, wasting time, money and missed work days. Highly disappointed in the judicial system right now.

Estate planning office was extremely helpful and so kind when we had numerous questions!! Audrey was patient with us! We appreciated her so much.

Due to Covid-19 you have to wait outside in Line. If your not early your late and the line will be very long. Once inside the process is quick and simple. Waited in line 45 minutes and once inside I was out the door in 5 minutes.

I will say I’ve never seen a judge ask for everyone to stand and yell, “Go Heels!” He was having a side conversation with a colleague. Also there was a Spanish speaking lady there and a translator was unavailable. THE D.A.suggested doing a “language line” and Faircloth resounded with, “I’m not doing all that! We will reschedule and get a translator!” He then asks if someone waiting can translate the continuance date smh. Why not use the “language line”. You’re on salary. Do your job.She’s a Citizen like all else and if there is an alternative to a human translator then provide it to her. He later says how he knew minimal Spanish while speaking to the blonde lady next to him and how he only knew enough to “piss them off.and not tell them anything important.” Some things are better left unsaid. Throughout court he also made little side bar comments that’s could be considered obnoxious without a doubt. As the things were being read for individuals, he would say “not looking good’, or “yea that’s probably a good idea.” Very fececious and unprofessional. You can tell a lot of things go on behind the scenes in that courthouse. I had an attorney say she could have my ticket done without me getting points but she’d need to speak to another DA bc the one that was there wouldn’t lenient. She said that I could pay her 200 and she would continue it and make sure it’s tossed out through the other DA and not the brown haired lady that was currently there. The justice system is about money and ppl like Faircloth who display discrimination and say “pay the costs” to all individuals. It’s how you say it...but with his other comments I can tell he’s used to power and just wants the day to finish. They definitely need more minorities bc some things are so clear. I went to pay a ticket which I haven’t had any in the past 5 years or so and they needed me to pull money from the atm bc their card reader wasn’t working. Messy.

We've had so many court dates canceled or changed by the court so many times, and each time this happenes they refuse to give anyone a call to make you aware that you are or are not supposed to be there, and they just seem super disorganized overall, which could mean people could end up in jail for missed couet date. This is the worst experience I've ever had with a court house. They really need to get it together.

People will give a courthouse negative reviews all day, because what else do you go to one for? Not typically anything good haha, so here's a 5 star review. And thank you for allowing us our marriage license! AH! there is something good!!

I just completed my first day of jury duty today. If I have to offer one suggestion, it would be to have some signs as people enter the lobby to let jurors know which floor to go to. The building is beautiful and it’s easy enough to see how to get through security first thing. But once you’re in there really isn’t any direction on where to go as a juror unless you just stop someone and ask. OK, maybe two suggestions: have some decent coffee available! Aside from that, there were probably at least another 200 people that had also been summoned for today. You get the feeling that this is a pretty regular amount of people, and they have the division of all parties into their assorted court rooms down to a science. I think the main reason I wanted to leave such a positive review isn’t just because the facilities are very nice, and for a day of public service the creature comfort’s are not bad (they even played a Kevin Hart movie while we waited!) but because the staff working in all areas of the process are very sympathetic and friendly. The front desk check in staff walk everyone through the parking validation process and where to sit when checked in with a friendly and even demeanor. Orientation is thorough and backed up with a video that helps participants understand a bit more about the process. My section wasn’t called until the end of the day, but the deputy and the judge we’re both very sympathetic to the fact that everyone had given up a valuable workday to come and perform their civic duty. The prosecutor and defense attorney on the trial were also very cordial and I was extremely impressed with how everyone still managed to keep an upbeat attitude even at the end of the day. I’m not sure if we all were just lucky, but each person in the process that was assisting us - from security checking bags upon entry to the judge presiding over the case- had a really good sense of humor. I actually had fun at jury duty, would highly recommend it! ;)