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The probate court with controlling jurisdiction is generally within the state and county where one primarily lives.

Sent in request for name change for a relative in July of 2019 with all the paperwork completed and a check for the required fee.. Has been sitting in clerk's office since never processed. Call several times and was told had no record. Finally found last week, never processed.. Still waiting for action. Very inefficient.

This court is messed up, I had a ticket for a accident, it was dismissed, and they lied and said it was off my driver's record, but it is not. My insurance rate is over 380.00 a month. Because the clerk lied to me

Where is the parking for the Safe Exchange? Is parking nearby for disabled who wish to enter the courthouse?

Literally only getting 2 stars instead of the 1 they barely deserve because of the few people there that aren't complete garbage at their job and should not work with the public. more specifically the women (or most of them) who work in the office for juvenile and domestic all think or know different things and make sure you get a name when one says something because by the time you talk to another one they will have no idea what you are talking about and insist no one will tell you what they told you. avoid the entire place or any government related anything in this town at all cost for your own sake 👌🏻

Beautiful facility, but it's not a place you want to be when your in trouble. Be good everyone!

Love this OLD place- i felt at home & the ladies working there went above & BEYOND my expectations in helping me find the answers to my off the wall inquires about my family tree, plots, land etc. Thanks!😌

After getting pulled over for an expired registration, I was given a ticket. This is the second time I’ve been pulled over and the first time I’ve been given a ticket. The officer was so nice and said, “I don’t want you to worry about this. Just renew your registration, take it to the courthouse, and this will be a “fix-it ticket”. He also said I was so polite and honest about the situation. Well, I go to the courthouse and when I ask them about my “fix it ticket” they say sorry we can’t do it. I HATE to be lied to. The officer made it sound like this would be a forgiven ticket and my record would still be clean. Well, he lied to me and now I’ve lost my faith in the police just like everyone else has.

Old court house in Natchez, Mississippi. Stately antebellum style with columns. Inside old but attractive in its own way. Not a modern court room but large and comfortable.

Drove a half an hour to get here just to be told "we're full, We'll send you another subpoena." Not everyone has gas like that to drive from Aurora to Brighton. Not only the drive but it took forever to get through the security. In this part I can say, Arapahoe county is a little more organized.

This is a great old building! I love the inside! The tall door says and spiral stair case give the building character!


Oh and they even found a way to hide the photos I took and upon looking in to more detail. Look how close and ready this lady was to grabbing her fire arm Instead of her taser pretty scary3 separate occasions I needed assistance i was told no several times, i can get marriage certificates and tons of other services at this court house. But with advance notice, I have been told numerous times they will not treat me and provide services equally. But this facility lacks clear competent officials. As well as per executive order of making a covid prevention and guidelines for re opening. But not a single option to receive service from dear old aitkin county court house. Go anywhere else but here

😅 i cant believe people are concerned about cell reception at the courthouse. No complaints. Good service for what I went in for.

They helped me Out tremendously On help I needed about an eviction. She knew what she was talking about. I appreciated the help very much!

Court A has rude and aggressive toned staff. Oh. It Dosent deserve 1 star ;It wouldn't allow me to post with out clicking a star.

Im from philippines kindly pls help me to have a copy of devorce file my ex wife file a divorce case januray 11 2008 maria theresa caraan and glenn caraan case file if kindly help mento have a copy of the file and the entry of judgement i really need a copy for my annulment process here in the philippines anybody there pls to help me god bless and many thaks

There is a new judge in the municipal court house and I am happy about it. Not because I ever had a bad experience with judge Powell, but i have seen that man throw a woman in jail for being 10 mins late . Like come on REALLY. I think they need to be putting people in jail that deserve to be there not for being 10 mins late for court. Ridiculous and it seems to be noticed and delt with finally. Lets see how the new judge ,judges people who are not on the right path in Alamosa

AWFUL - UNHELPFUL. If any of these people had REGULAR job none of them would be employed. Excuse after excuse. I always thought public offices were there to help. Well. Lesson for me. Anyone reading this, BEWARE.

Why post my review? It won't let me. A very corrupt Hustling county. Racquet in a cirrupt COURT

Very unprofessional and slow. The judge hears one case every 45 minute, which appeared to be about 5 minutes worth of work. Sat in court an hour and a half before just leaving. Judge and bailiff in and out of court room, and on their phones the whole time.

Would never advise entering this Courthouse if not required. Filled with discrimination and bad attitudes. Definitely one of the most unprofessional employees I have ever seen in a Courthouse.

I just want to thank the clerk's here who helped us. You have been amazing in helping my son Bradley. I appreciate how helpful and understanding you all are. Thank you again!

Cps is all one sided , they distroy family's to get there numbers up ,they dived family's up

These highway robbers extorted me on the roadside for $360 for not having a seatbelt on, even though I meet a medical exemption. Be careful driving through Alleghany County, NC, particularly Sparta, the county seat. The road through town is riddled with highway robbers ("law enforcers") seeking to bring back money to the crown in their finely tuned extortion racket. The place is crawling with parasites out plundering the people they claim to protect.

I would love to put 3 but you lost me with the non response to the public on your webpage. The public are asking questions. Whomever handles your webpage.